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Manley VOXBOX Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Manley VOXBOX?

Questions about the Manley VOXBOX?

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  • Simon Picazo

    A quality vocal mic pre, instrument DI, compressor, limiter, de-esser and 3-band parametric EQ in a minimalist purist's dream box. The Manley VoxBox will simplify your life as an engineer. The right knobs and switches are right there and the unnecessary ones aren't. Here's a no-compromise Navy Seal tough box that will not disappoint. You will enjoy making people sound good again. Don't worry, it's still legal to buy two!

  • Stuart Niven

    The VoxBox is an unparalleled front end for your DAW, end of story. Featuring Manley Labs 100% hand-built in the U.S. craftsmanship, the VoxBox will be your "go-to" desert island channel strip. Whether you own a large commercial facility or a home studio with ambitions to make records like the big boys... It starts here. The vacuum tube preamp on the Vox Box is of the highest quality providing pristine clarity and warmth while the compressor section provides silky smooth dynamic control. You have to hear this on vocals! A basic and effective De-esser, Pultec-style EQ... magic. And before you think that it stops in the studio... some of the world's biggest touring artists use the VoxBox live! It is built like a tank!

  • from East Hartford July 22, 2016Music Background:
    producer, artist,song writer, Musician Mixing and Mastering Engineer

    11:11 The Dream I Manifested (47)

    This is My Bently I plan to have more piece's of Manley in my studio from here on out. If you're serious about following your dreams and wanting to succeed in your endeavours , Then do yourself a huge favour and make this purchase today without hesitation trust me you won't be disappointed at all. Oh, yea did I also mention that you can run everything through this box?!!!

  • from Los Angeles August 24, 2015Music Background:
    Assistant Engineer, Vocal Engineer

    The Sound I Was Searching For

    I was looking for a solid mic pre to build my studio around, and I found it in the Manley VoxBox. That day I listened to a UA 6176 with the pre and compressor engaged. It did not complement my voice as I thought the whole take I did was drowned in "tube mud." Next up was the Manley Core Channel Strip which seemed to be a little harsh in the mid range. Then I tried the VoxBox and was astonished as to how different it sounded from the two previous pre amps. With the pre and compressor engaged my vocals sounded sharp, present, and I could tell they would sit perfectly in the mix. As for the price, I would advise all people who take their recording seriously to save up for this unit. It is all the great Manley pre's, compressors, and eq's bundled into one awesome strip. This is their showpiece in my opinion.

  • from Edgewood, WA August 12, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Worth every penny

    Since this preamp gets most of the work in my studio I'd say it has been the best value in my racks.

  • from Weldon Spring, MO March 10, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Publishing Company

    A Box that is Hard to Top.....

    Ryan said it would be an eye-opener and it is. Just compared tracks with the "tube" feel of the Vox Box to previous efforts and a stark difference. Great front end compression, EQ, and Desser for super quality tracks every time.

    Especially like the multiple gain settings where you can go from light to heavy color of the tubes. Great construction and features! Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from New York City October 27, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer / Producer


    The Manley VoxBox really is every bit as wonderful as its many, many fans testify. It has a big, rich sound with enough control that it can actually pretty much sound any way you want it to. I also own Neve 1073's and some great API 512c and 550a but I find more often than not the VoxBox will give me just the sound I am looking for. It is also built like a military machine and I have used my pair both in the studio and on the road for location recording and it takes both situations in its stride. Everything is thoughtfully laid out and makes recording a breeze and allows you to concentrate on making great music rather than fiddling around so much that you lose your inspiration. If you are looking for a top drawer front end for your recording system then you really need look no further. The VoxBox is a classic and still the King!

  • from Ponce PR April 17, 2011Music Background:
    G-SON'S Studio Owner, Working to become a good producer....

    Top Vocal Mic Pre!!!!

    Now that I had heard it I know why I was told this was the Top Vocal Mic Pre!!!!! It's sound so sweet!!! At least I have one of the sounds I was looking for!!! It's expensive but worth every penny. I already used it with a Mojave MA 200 and Miktek CV4 and I don't have words to describe what I got!!! At least my search for a vocal Pre had finished.... Thanks again to my sales engineer Andrew Stryffeler for his guidance and service....

  • from Colorado September 24, 2012Music Background:

    Blah Box

    Its a good preamp..... for tube. But its soooo "tube sound." After 6 years with this thing I feel I can make an accurate judgment. Its great, but its just too much tube loss and lots of frequency smearing. I way prefer clean signal going in. And that is that. If you really want to be sold on the hype go ahead. But this review is written with you in mind. The Vox Box is simply over priced. You'd be way better off spending your money making sure your A/D and D/A were up to snuff, and buying a Daking single channel, or some other nice single channel. The VoxBox looks great and feels great, but after a while you are going to be hating the way it Tubes up everything you do with vocals. I ran it so trustingly. Thinking yea this is the "voxbox" it ought to be rock and roll.... maybe back in the 60's not today though. Its just smeary on everything. API rules

Questions about the Manley VOXBOX?

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