Waves Vocal Plug-in Bundle

Vocal Processing Bundle with Pitch Correct, De-esser, Channel Strip, De-breath, Axx Compressor, and Vocal Doubler - Mac/PC AAX Native, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, AU
Waves Vocal Plug-in Bundle image 1
Waves Vocal Plug-in Bundle image 1
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Waves Vocal Plug-in Bundle
Delivered In Minutes!

Five Powerful Plug-ins for World-class Vocal Tracks

It's fairly obvious to all who record that the vocal track, being the primary focus of any song, requires the most attention. If you want to give your vocal tracks the "red carpet treatment" without hunting down and buying a ton of vintage gear, then the new Waves Vocal Bundle is what you're looking for. The Waves Vocal Bundle is a comprehensive vocal toolkit made up of some incredible Waves processing plug-ins: Tune, which delivers a new level of sound quality and ease in pitch correction and melody transformation; and DeBreath, a Waves exclusive which removes unwanted breath sounds automatically. In addition, Waves Vocal Bundle features Renaissance Channel, the acclaimed virtual channel strip that gives you EQ, compression, gating and limiting in one convenient plug-in; Renaissance DeEsser, perfect for removing excess sibilance; Doubler, for superior double-tracked effects; and Renaissance Axx, a streamlined compressor that's great for getting instant results.

Waves Vocal Bundle Native at a Glance:
  • Tune: Performs pitch correction of vocals and other instruments.
  • DeBreath: Automatically reduces or removes breath sounds on vocal tracks.
  • RenChannel: Channel strip with EQ, compression, gating and limiting.
  • Doubler: Specializes in the double tracking sound, mono and polyphonic.
  • RenDeEsser: Intelligent sibilance control.
  • RenAxx: Streamlined, effective compressor

Tune performs pitch correction of vocals and other instruments with a new level of transparency. In addition, Tune allows you to change individual notes or entire melodies as easily as manipulating MIDI notes, while Tune's formant correction provides completely natural-sounding results. Tune features a familiar "piano-roll" interface which displays the original pitch, the corrected pitch and individual notes, offering intuitive and flexible operation.

Waves Tune Features:
  • Work in perfect sync with your host and do all your editing from within the Tune interface without being bound to a specific section of your track.
  • ReWire lets you listen to your edits in real-time, together with the rest of your tracks, starting playback from any timeline position.
  • Formant corrected pitch processing results in natural sound, with an astonishing new level of transparency and no audible phase shift.
  • Tune features powerful yet extremely easy-to-use editing tools and a totally intuitive piano-roll screen.
  • The large, user-friendly display is easy to use and navigate and the superior Zoom Tool lets you know exactly where you are at all times.
  • Tweak Natural Vibrato for maximum realism or fine tune Synth Vibrato to transform your sound.
  • All edits are non-destructive and saved with your session.
  • Export MIDI files to double your vocal parts using your favorite synth or sampler, or to create note-for-note transcriptions.
  • Choose from dozens of standard and exotic scales, or set and save custom scales with amazing flexibility.
  • Tune is completely compatible with multiple hosts, so you don't need more than one version of Tune.

Breathing is something singers seem to insist on doing, even when it spoils a perfectly good take. DeBreath is a revolutionary new plug-in that lets you not only eliminate those breaths, but also lets you turn them in your favor, using them for new creative effects. DeBreath automatically reduces or removes breath sounds on vocal tracks. DeBreath employs a unique template-matching algorithm that detects breath segments and separates them from the main vocal, so breath sounds can be reduced or eliminated without affecting the rest of the signal. Room tone can also be added to compensate for its loss where breaths are removed or reduced.

Because DeBreath can be used to separate a vocal track into two elements, one containing only voice and the other only breaths, each can be processed differently, for the emotional effects of breathing to be enhanced with additional processing if desired. In addition to cleaning up singers' tracks, DeBreath is also an effective time-saving tool for engineers working with voice-over and spoken-word record

Renaissance Channel
For many top engineers and producers, there's nothing better than Waves Renaissance plug-ins for achieving the warm, smooth compression, limiting, gating, and equalization associated with classic audio gear. Renaissance Channel, with EQ, compression, gating and limiting. conveniently combines that sound into a single, intuitive channel strip.

Waves Renaissance Channel Features:
  • Vintage modeled EQ and Compressor, inherited from the acclaimed Renaissance Equalizer and Renaissance Compressor
  • EQ with consistent filter response over the whole frequency range
  • Selection of two compression curves, inherited from the renowned Renaissance Compressor and Renaissance VOX
  • True Double Precision - high internal processing bus
  • Overload Protection - no output clipping
  • Stereo Rotation control - Controlling level balance without affecting center channel sound
  • Independent setting of sidechain routing and filtering for gating and compression.
  • Full Channel Insert functions and more
  • Total Setting Flexibility
  • Add analog sound to your digital workstation
  • No Internal nor Output Clipping
  • Efficient usage of DSP Time Slots
  • Efficient use of inserts
  • Efficient automation control

Doubler is for any musician or audio engineer who wants a superior "Double Tracking" effect. The new Waves Doubler uses delay and pitch modulation to create a new class of sounds. Unlike other delay and pitch modulation processors Doubler specializes in the double tracking sound that is great on polyphonic instruments and full mixes.

Renaissance DeEsser
Based on technologies from the award-winning Waves C4 MultiBand processor and Renaissance Vox, Renaissance DeEsser's intelligent sibilance control uses adaptive threshold technology for smoother and more natural de-essing. And DeEsser's graphic display lets you see exactly what you're hearing for precise adjustment.

Waves Renaissance DeEsser Features:
  • Phase compensated crossover eliminates undesirable coloration to the sound and phase modulation that normally occurs as an artifact of the compressor. The same type of crossover is used in Waves award-winning C1 and C4 compressors.
  • Adaptive threshold allow the compressor to dynamically adapt to the input signal to provide a smoother DeEssing effect yielding more natural sounding results.
  • Attenuation range control allows the user to specify the maximum gain reduction for more accurate control.
  • Enhanced visual display incorporates a graph to allow the user to see what you hear.

Renaissance Axx
Renaissance Axx is the ideal compressor for musicians and engineers who need to dial in dynamic levels quickly. With its three efficient controls, Renaissance Axx features a fixed ratio curve, automatic release value, and an output limiter to prevent clipping.

Renaissance Axx Features:
  • Streamlined 3 parameter control
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution
  • Mono and Stereo components
  • Does not support Final Cut Pro X, Main Stage, Garage Band, Wave Burner, Soundtrack Pro, Media Composer, WaveLab, Sonar, Sound Forge, Vegas, Acid, Audition, Samplitude, Sequoia, Ableton Live, Studio One, or Media Composer.

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Tech Specs

Software Type Vocal Processor Bundle
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Bit Depth 64-bit
Format AAX Native, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, AU
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon or higher, 4 GB RAM minimum
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon or higher, 4 GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 SP1 or later
Manufacturer Part Number VCNA

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
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Don't Know Yet

I really have not jumped into this bundle even though I have some projects in the loop that could definitely use it's processing prowess. When I do get some time to put it to use. I will hopefully update my review.

This is steal

Get this today Debreather and Waves alone is worn the price
Music background: Producer, Musician and Engineer

Excellent and useful bundle

I bought this mainly because I wanted Doubler, and I sort of needed a dedicated De-esser. It was on sale, so I figured, why not take advantage of the pricing? I'd also get to try out Waves Tune, and I remember Axx being pretty simple and useful when I demo'd it years ago. Well, Waves Tune has now replaced Melodyne for me. I absolutely love it. It sounds just as good, and is easier to deal with. I love the playable keyboard on the left to reference the pitches. Waves Tune is great from a technical standpoint as well. I love that it always checks your waveforms to see if you've changed anything, and if so, it rescans that area but leaves the rest alone. This way even after I've done a some corrections, and I find a part needs to be re-tracked, it just simply scans in the new part and none of my other work is affected. Ren De-Esser is great. I've tried a bunch of De-Essers, and side-chain de-essing with regular compressors, and this is as good or better than any of them. Doubler is of course an incredibly flexible tool, and the more I use it, the more I find new creative and productive ways to apply it. RenChannel I have mixed feelings on. The user interface is really small for all the controls, and I've never been that into channel strips, I like to use different plugins for different tasks. I use it, but it's seldom the first thing I reach for. DeBreath I have not used, but I just haven't had a situation yet that called for it. Axx is such an incredibly simple compressor, but it does what it's supposed to do very well. I don't use it on vocals necessarily, but I do use it on electric guitars to pull them out of the mix a little. The big winners for me with this bundle are Waves Tune and Doubler, but especially Waves Tune because it completely surprised me. I wish I hadn't waited so long to check it out.
Music background: songwriter, engineer

Totes works

Delivers as advertised

There's so much more you can buy with this money

I bought this 2 years ago when I was brand new thinking it would be everything I needed to mix vocals. No plugin here is particularly useful or offers anything beyond what most DAWs come with stock these days. Waves also makes you pay yearly for updates and if you do not pay them they will stop working or become so slow they might as well have. I prefer stock logic plugins everything offered here.
See also: Waves, Waves Plug-ins: Bundles