ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX Discharge Lamp Moving-head Spot/Beam/Wash w/ Zoom

Spot/Beam/Wash Moving-head Lighting Fixture with Motorized Zoom and Focus, Frost Filter, 6- and 8-facet Prisms, 1 Color Wheel, and 2 Gobo Wheels
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ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX Discharge Lamp Moving-head Spot/Beam/Wash w/ Zoom image 1
ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX Discharge Lamp Moving-head Spot/Beam/Wash w/ Zoom image 1
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ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX Discharge Lamp Moving-head Spot/Beam/Wash w/ Zoom
Special Order

Spot, Beam, Wash, and Killer Effects in One!

Versatile doesn't even begin to cover just how much the ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX moving-head fixture can add to your lighting rig. This 3-in-1 motorized light delivers crisp spots, penetrating beams, and broad washes of color, all courtesy of a powerful Philips Platinum 16R MSD lamp and fully motorized zoom and focus functions. Extensive gobo and color-wheel options let you create a broad range of vivid tones and exciting shapes. Top it off with extensive control options, and the Vizi Hybrid 16RX will fit into even the most sophisticated lighting systems.

Instantly go from narrow spots to wide washes

ADJ loaded the Vizi Hybrid 16RX lighting fixture with a combination of advanced optics and a powerful Philips Platinum 16R MSD lamp, delivering 770klx (at 5 meters) of brilliant light that carves through fog and floods across the room. In addition to complete electronic dimming control, motorized zoom and focus functions let you continuously vary the 3- to 32-degree beam angle, and there's an onboard frost filter to diffuse light even further for cool atmospheric washes.

  • 1,500-hour Philips Platinum 16R MSD delivers 770klx at 5m
  • Motorized zoom provides 3- to 32-degree beam angle
  • Motorized focus and frost filter let you create wash effects

Get creative with independent gobo and color wheels

The Vizi Hybrid 16RX comes loaded with a 14-slot color wheel, plus two independent gobo wheels, offering a ton of exciting options. The first gobo wheel includes 16 fixed static gobos, with crisp edges to cast stark contrasts and sharply defined shapes. The second wheel is filled with 12 colored glass gobos you can swap out. What's more, you can spin, scroll, and shake your gobos to create dramatic effects.

  • Independent color and gobo wheels for maximum control
  • Color wheel includes 14 gels and an open slot for white
  • Separate wheels for static and colored glass gobos

Craft stunning effects with strobes, prisms, and more

Speaking of dramatic effects, Sweetwater DJs and lighting techs love the range of effects you can get from the Vizi Hybrid 16RX. For starters, the shutter control is responsive enough that it includes thrilling pulse and strobe effects. Then there are the two rotating prisms — one 6-facet, and the other 8-facet — which let you cast spinning rings of colored light over a broad area. You can combine both prisms for a scattered effect, morph between gobos or shake them, and put it all together to create everything from smooth color-scapes to pure exciting chaos.

  • Rotating 6- and 8-facet prisms create cool patterned ring effects
  • Exciting strobe, pulse, and gobo shake/scroll effects onboard
  • Combine prisms and gobos into cool morphing effects

Sophisticated motorized yolk delivers professional precision

There's nothing like premium stepper motors with micro stepping to make other moving light fixtures look clumsy. With 16-bit precision for both pan and tilt settings, it's easy to dial in the Vizi Hybrid 16RX, delivering the kind of control that satisfies even the demands of high-profile theatrical productions. You can further dial in the Vizi Hybrid 16RX's pan and tilt speeds and pan range, while options such as pan/tilt inversion and blackout modes can spare you serious setup headaches.

  • Precision stepper motors with micro stepping include 16-bit positioning controls
  • Customize speed, pan range (360 or 540 degrees), and pan/tilt inversion
  • Includes blackout options for movement, and color/gobo changes

All the essential control and connections you need

If you're like the lighting techs here at Sweetwater, then you probably spend a fair amount of time considering how well a fixture is going to fit into your system before you buy it. ADJ makes it easy with their Vizi Hybrid 16RX by offering you both 3- and 5-pin DMX with 19 channels of control. You can easily daisy-chain both DMX and standard PowerCon power cables, too. Omega Quicklock brackets make mounting simple and secure, and since (despite its impressive output) the Vizi Hybrid 16RX only consumes 537 watts of AC, it's easy on your power draw too.

ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX Moving Lighting Fixture Features:

  • Highly versatile moving lighting fixture that combines spot, beam, and wash effects in one
  • Motorized zoom and focus lets you go from a 3- to 32-degree beam angle
  • Frost filter lets you further diffuse light for broad wash effect
  • Independent color and 2 gobo wheels deliver a massive range of visual effects
  • Includes 2 rotating prisms, one with 6 facets, and one with 8 facets
  • Combine both prisms for scattered lighting effects
  • Morph, scroll, and create other unique effects with gobos and prisms
  • Motorized shutter includes strobe and pulse effects
  • Full electronic dimming control onboard

What Does "Special Order" Mean?

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Tech Specs

Type Moving head Spot, Beam and Wash
DMX 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in/out
DMX Modes 19 channels
Lamp Philips Platinum 16R MSD discharge
Illuminance 754,000 lux @ 5m (3°); 11,950 lux @ 5m (32°)
Beam Angle 3°-32°
Power Consumption 537W @ 120V
Power Supply Neutrik powerCON in
Height 22.5"
Width 14.5"
Depth 12.7"
Weight 51 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number VIZ229

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