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Access Virus TI Snow Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Hammond

    Virus hardware synthesizers are awesome. They are musically and sonically infectious. A must-have synth for those who seek huge sound and sonic bliss for all the electronic music genres.

  • Carson McClain

    With the ability to use the "Total Integration" feature (TI) of the Virus TI, you have no limitations to your creativity - it acts as both a plug-in and a tabletop synth; the best of both worlds! If you want the best go with a Virus TI. They are amazingly easy to use and sound better than most other synths I have played.

  • from Haslett, MI USA January 31, 2015Music Background:
    Working pro musician.

    Didn't disappoint

    Very happy with my purchase. Using it with an Arturia KeyLab 61 and a midi cable and it works flawlessly. I also have the Snow VST plugged into Live and it seems to be working fine as well, but I haven't really done a lot yet in that area. I use a Dell i7 with 8GB RAM and Win 8 x64.

    I think I may try the iConnect MIDI4+ next so I can plug my Vortex wireless dongle into the MIDI4+ and a midi cable out to the Snow :)

  • from Toccoa, GA July 21, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer / Hobbyist Producer

    Superb Sounding Synth

    This is an amazing synthesizer.
    It sounds fantastic.
    This is a deep instrument that will continue to reward your ears as you master it.
    The TI software works perfectly inside of Ableton Live 9.
    This is the perfect companion for Ableton Push. While it doesn't have all of the knobs on the front panel like it's more expensive big brother the TI2, you can map any parameter you like to the macros in Live.
    For in depth sound design, the TI plugin works phenomenally, giving you access to everything.

    Software instruments are nice, but the sound quality and ease of programming sounds on the Virus Snow are far superior in my opinion.

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana November 21, 2012Music Background:

    This Synth is so Nice!!!

    WOW!. This synth is just Incredible!!! Every sound is inspirational. Makes me want to Compose all day. Great DAW integration too. Love the White Color also. Screen is ultra cool. The TI really has a unique sound. Access is always updating this Virus series versions and they are free updates. Can't say enough good things about this synth. Buy it NOW!

  • from Dallas, TX USA March 30, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer--TrueTunes/The Song Vault, Dallas, TX

    The icing on the cake!

    This is the synth I use for a lot of bass lines, but I especially use it to put the "icing on the cake' so to speak. It adds professional sparkle and uniqueness to your already unique creations. The sounds are flawless and with the programmable knobs, you can tweak on the go (the two knobs on the right are dedicated to control cutoff frequency and resonance). Any professional or project/home studio should have the Virus, that is, if you want a professional synth with a professional sound palette.

  • from Santa Rosa Beach, FL March 22, 2010Music Background:
    Semi Pro

    Massive Sound!!!

    What more can I say? This thing is awesome. The huge sound possibilities are incredible. I have always wanted to own a Virus and now I do. Using the total integration makes programming a snap. The only problem I have had is using it as an AU plugin through Logic. There is a substantial latency there. There is a workaround by using the Virus outputs instead of through USB. A bit of a pain, but it works well. I recommend this synth for the quality of the sound and ease of use.

  • from Philadelphia October 21, 2009Music Background:


    Finally something works as it should! The Virus TI Snow is as amazing in its functionality as it is in its quality of sound. The basses, pads, atmospheres/textures and effects sound simply beautiful. This is not one of those synths that when you take away the effects it sounds horrid, it is truly a beautiful and professional sounding synth. There seems to be some confusion out there about routing and specs so: The Snow is four part multitimbral, all 4 parts, along with midi data, are sent through a single USB cable. The Virus will appear as a plug-in your DAW (flawless in Ableton Live), USB will allow you to send the 4 multitimbral parts to 3 tracks in your DAW, you will need to route one of the parts to the 1/4" outs on the Snow and send it to your audio interface if you want to be able to send all 4 parts to individual tracks at once.

    I have owned many synths including: Nord Lead 2, Korg Z1, Korg Prophecy, Roland MC 505, Roland Juno 106, Elektron Machinedrum UW, Elektron Monomachine etc. and they are all great synths but this is absolutely the best when it comes to quality of sound, ease of use, build quality, programability and bang for the buck. I can can't wait to get myself a Virus TI Polar!

    You really will wonder how you were able to live without it for so long and why other companies haven't caught on to TI functionality.

  • from NYC` October 31, 2008Music Background:
    Gear Junkie, Pro Dj, producer and remixer.

    Massive Synth Power and Total Intergration at Last!!

    I don't know how I lived without this for so long!!!
    When it comes to those wicked basses, trippy soundscapes, blistering leads, airey pads and twisted FX, this is my go to synth. The sound quality of this piece never lets me down.
    Four parts of high quality synthesis at my fingertips with on screen GUI for sound design. This is a revolution in sound, power and intergration with a DAW. The small footprint is perfect for next to my mouse on the desk, only a few inches away for filter tweaks and FX control.
    This is the future of hardware with thier TI "Total Intergration" software/DAW control and major upgrade in sound and function for my studio!
    The Access Virus Snow is a must have for those of us who always wanted the Virus sound, but did not want to spend $2000 plus for a TI!!!
    Perfect for high end studio synthesis or amazing synth power in a small package for live. This is a must have!
    I would never give this up!

  • from Miami, FL. July 18, 2011Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, sound designer, keyboard player.

    An amazing monster that looks like a toy

    I didn't place 5 stars because I haven't use the software yet. I got this small version because I already have Logic 8 and a few other keyboards and modules like a Quasimidi Polymorph =). So I do not need the 16 tracks.

    Of course I was right. With the 4 parts this little thing has you can do a lot! With one part you are already all set. Very easy to use, I havent use the manual yet. For live shows is ideal. Small, no noise, clean output, very fat and with a good body.

    You won't need the rack nor the other versions if you are short of money. This little monster would do because it has the same engine. Besides is easy to take anywhere.

    Get it with your eyes closed, it is the smartest choice.

  • from US June 15, 2012Music Background:
    Ambient musician, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer.

    Not Just For Techno, Also 'INCREDIBLE' for Ambient !!!

    I use the Virus for Ambient, YES Ambient and it is INCREDIBLE and also sadly under rated for Ambient, and like genres,.. It has become a centerpiece for inspiring, emotionally moving sounds, that weave an esoteric magic no other synth hard or soft I have ever heard capable of doing, no matter the feature set, the Virus TI Snow sounds 'Alive' !!!!! Also beyond vibrant, and radiant ! It is also built like a tank, and looks like a piece of art,.. It's small size lets it sit beautifully on most large keyboards,.. less knobs are also no big deal since as a plug in you can assign other controllers to any of its parameters,.. I have been using this with a friend since Sonar version 8 Pro to Sonar X1 Pro, with little to no problems at all using Total Integration ! : ) The voice count is too low though, it's very easy even on a TI2 to start losing voices on complex patches,.. Especially multimbral,.. No huge deal, as DAW track freezing lets you use as much Virus as you want ! : ) Though no fast bouncing either, also not a big deal,

    If you can accept some limitations from time to time, & accept freezing tracks is what you will have to do (sometimes even on a TI2), are looking for serious new inspiration for Ambient, & are willing to dig deep, and learn how to build your own patches, I just don't see how you can go wrong !

    P.S. At least on Sonar using the TI counterpart plug in, the Snow can be used as an effects unit, which includes not just it's standard delays, reverbs, etc, but also it's glorious filters ! I am aware that some other DAW's allow for this too : )

  • from Richmond, VA June 20, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Sound/Extreme Detriment to Workflow.

    The question you have to ask yourself is: "Is it worth spending hour after hour troubleshooting in return for the unbelieveable sounds that this machine can produce?" The fact is, access makes the BEST SOUNDING synthesizers in existence. The unfortunate other fact is that they DO NOT WORK PROPERLY!! Trying to get your virus to work on Pro Tools is IMPOSSIBLE. Trying to get it to work on some of its other "officially endorsed" platforms like Ableton Live is extremely difficult if accuracy of MIDI timing is at all important to you. The Virus Control technology is flawed at best but hey, no other hardware synth has this capability and you can always use it like a normal hardware synth just plugging in a MIDI cable. The choice is yours. I, unfortunately, am addicted to its sounds, but I really wish that it worked better.

  • from Compton. August 27, 2012Music Background:

    Close,but no cigar.

    Great concept,but fails with it's limited DSP power and mulitemberal.You're getting that genuine Virus sound,but with limited oomph' though tweaks.It's cool,for that one "EPIC" sound though,but thats,really, all you're going to get out of this joker.Try two "EPIC" sounds in a track and you're busted.It's easy to use up unison on 1 track,true story.I like how they employed,the DSP management though,but once you've had "PRIMERIB" it's hard to go back to hamburgers.However,lets get real people,would you walk into a jelly bean shop,and only eat one jelly bean?I think people,would want a variety of jelly beans,instead of 1.I think the snow is one "EPIC" jelly bean,but the Virus Desktop TI2 is atleast 4 more "EPIC" jelly beans.If you need that one "EPIC" sound,the snow is your man.But,if you need more than one "EPIC" sound,the Virus TI2 is King.Pair,a DSI Tetra with the snow,and you're really set for "EPIC" sounds,but then again,why not buy a full Virus.

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