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Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm?

Questions about the Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm?

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  • from Washington D.C. May 1, 2017

    Blown away!

    I knew that this speaker would sound good but having never played through the Vintage before was not expecting it to be so tonally capable. From crystal cleans to Slayer this speaker dials into near any tone you can imagine very easily. I am very pleased.

  • from Meadville pa April 30, 2017Music Background:
    Lead guitar/vocals for waiting for never and Tear from grace

    Best speaker for hard rock or metal

    I have a couple cabs with v30s, (orange ppc412 and a Mesa oversized 4-12) and I love the way each cab sounds, each different, but amazing for the music I play. So I bought a Laney 2-12 cab that came with laney's own speakers, which weren't bad, but was a little fizzy for my liking. So I decided to load it with these v30s, and oh my!!! What a difference!!! The punch and attack in the speakers are just amazing!! I play mainly with 7 string guitars, and these speakers really bring out the best tone for what I'm doing. I totally recommend them!!!

  • from Waterbury Connecticut USA February 23, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Perfect Fit

    This speaker sounds amazing in my Rivera Chubster 40. I feel it brings out the best in this amp. The cleans are sparkling and warmer and chords sound fuller and more alive on both channels. The leads also really sing through mix. Live gigging and playing in a mix situations is where this speaker really shines.

  • from United States January 8, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    Difference Maker

    Bought this speaker to replace the MC-90 (Mesa/Celestion 90watt Black Shadow) speaker that came in my new Mesa 5:50 Express Plus. The former speaker was just too dark for my liking, not articulate enough. No matter how I adjusted my tone knob on my guitar or treble settings on the amp, it sounded like there was a blanket covering my amp as I played. When the new V30 arrived I hooked it up to a home stereo for a few days at moderate level to break it in, then I installed it in my amp and wow, the amp came to life! Gone was the blanket that covered it before. Very glad I purchased this speaker, otherwise I would have gotten rid of the amp. So now instead of selling my amp, I am looking to sell the MC-90 instead!

  • from El Segundo, CA August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Band-leader, songwriter, engineer

    Vintage 30, there is no substitute

    These are flat-out the best speakers I have ever used. Great tone. Celestina greatness!

  • from Memphis, TN USA November 8, 2012Music Background:

    Vintage 30

    nice full sound, sparkling highs and tight low end. I put it in my Magnatone Custom 410 by Estey and along with replacing all the tubes the amp sounds totally different and much better.

  • from STOW, OH August 23, 2016

    Very nice

    I have an amp that is a little dark sounding so I thought I would try the Vintage 30 to wake it up. It wasn't quite what I was after but close. I now have it mounted in a 1X12 extension cabinet and use it all the time. It is the classic tone with a little extra brightness. I have read many reviews that claim this speaker has an unpleasant spike in the mids. It does have a prominent upper midrange but I can't say it is bad. It can easily be tamed with the amps treble knob. The low end is very warm and full. In a way this speaker sounds like a 4X12 but just doesn't move as much air. I still like the creamback 75 better but this speaker is a keeper.

  • from Packerland April 15, 2016Music Background:
    Rock band, now hobbyist.

    Great upgrade

    Replaced Celestion seventy 80s in my Blackstar 212 with these and what a difference! Open detailed mellow. well balanced lovely. bring the best out of great guitars.

  • from Brookfield, Missouri April 4, 2015Music Background:
    rockin' the gigs since 1967

    Vintage 30

    using one for my '91 Mesa Mark IV......one twelve cab / piggy back config.......sounds sweet and it's not broken in yet.....can hardly wait til that happens.

Questions about the Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm?

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