ZPlane Vielkang LE Instant Harmony V2

Intelligent Harmony Generator Plug-in for Vocals and Solo Instruments - Mac/PC VST, RTAS, AU
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ZPlane Vielkang LE Instant Harmony V2 image 1
ZPlane Vielkang LE Instant Harmony V2 image 1

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ZPlane Vielkang LE Instant Harmony V2
Delivered In Minutes!

Infuse Your Tracks with Intelligent Harmony!

The zplane vielklang LE Instant Harmony V2 plug-in gives you most of the prime features of the full version, but at an astonishingly affordable price. Forget about tediously dialing in your harmonies by hand, vielklang LE Instant Harmony does all of the heavy lifting for you, analyzing your input and finding the best-fitting harmonies to suit your music. At the same time, vielklang LE Instant Harmony lets you control virtually every aspect of the effect that you want to. And best of all, vielklang LE Instant Harmony is great for more than just vocals. It's a wonderful way to fill out everything from bass to brass and beyond. Order your copy of zplane vielklang LE Instant Harmony from Sweetwater!

zplane vielklang LE Instant Harmony Version 2 Effects Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Powerful harmony processing for vocals, bass, brass, and more
  • Don't waste time programming harmonies - focus on making music!
Powerful harmony processing for vocals, bass, brass, and more

Although most vocal harmonizers focus exclusively on creating realistic vocal harmonies (and usually fall short of the mark even there), zplane vielklang LE Instant Harmony V2 was designed from the ground up to provide you with a broad range of virtual harmony that's equally well suited for horns, solo strings, synth bass, saxophones, and yes, even vocals. Thanks to vielklang LE Instant Harmony, you can instantly bolster each of your solo tracks with up to four additional voices.

Don't waste time programming harmonies - focus on making music!

Easily one of the most intelligent harmonizer plug-ins ever created, zplane vielklang LE Instant Harmony V2 makes setting up the perfect harmony almost effortless. Thanks to vielklang LE Instant Harmony's amazing analysis tools and voice leading algorithm, most of the time you can just turn it loose, let it do its thing, and then bask in the results. That frees you up to tweak the results to taste, rather than spend tedious time telling the plug-in what key or scale each passage is in. Of course, you can alway dive in as deep as you like, defining chords, setting the pitch range, and so on - it's all up to you!

zplane vielklang LE Instant Harmony Version 2 Effects Plug-in Features:
  • A super-easy way to instantly create intelligent harmonies for your vocals and solo instrument tracks
  • Automatically analyzes your tracks to create up to 4-part harmonies that naturally follow the key and style of your music
  • Voice leading lets your original track act as a guide for the harmonies, allowing you to spend time tweaking the results, not establishing your harmonies in the first place
  • Piano roll layout lets you dive in with advanced controls over chords and timing
Start adding intelligent harmony to your tracks with the vielklang LE Instant Harmony V2 plug-in from zplane!

Tech Specs

Software Type Pitch Processor
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Bit Depth 32-bit, 64-bit
Supported Audio Formats WAV, AIF, AIFF, MID
Hardware Requirements - Mac 2GHz Processor or higher
Hardware Requirements - PC 2GHz Processor or higher
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6 or Later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 (SP1) or later
Manufacturer Part Number 300147641

Customer Reviews

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Almost there...

Well, I'm using the LE version. Once you buy the LE version, it costs $66 to upgrade to the full version on their website as I recall. In general, this software is good, but like one of the other reviewers who noted, there are a few clinkers. Mainly, once you apply the effect, so to speak, it does not sync up with the host DAW. This is rather a pity. So, you have to manually do this and it can be a bit tricky, especially if you're not experienced in dragging waveforms around. It can be done, and I do it, but it would be greater if it did this as part of its feature set. The Pro version is more desirable due to ability to edit each harmony sound that it creates including volume, vibrato, midi control, etc. I would say that I know of any other software that does this unless you consider Antares Harmony engine which I also have and do not like as well. Prepare yourself to do a bit of tweaking. If you have the patience to monkey with the parameters of the program, I think the results can be very good and natural sounding. The only other software that is similar in this mode is Celemony's Editor software (which I also have). Like I said, if you can deal with some of the idiosyncrasies of the software, I recommend it.
Music background: Home recordist, play in two bands, music and gear enthusiast

Very Effective, But Needs To Mature A Bit

This program takes a rather unique approach to harmonizing that requires a bit more theoretical and technical knowledge than other harmony-generating programs. First, it isn't added TO a track in your host, it's actually added as a separate instrument track. You then must import an audio track into it (one drawback is, if you don't know how to locate the audio files your host creates when you record audio, you're SOL). Once you import the audio, you tell Vielklang to harmonize it, and it analyzes the audio, determines the key (it's very good at this) and intelligently generates harmony parts. You can choose to have it return 3-part, 4-part, parallel and other types of harmony, and you can select from these n the fly. You can also determine the inversions and intervals between the parts and even the panning of the individual parts. It sounds very rich and authentic. Another drawback though is that your track cannot be the least bit pitchy or Vielklang will not correctly generate the harmony, so you might need to apply pitch correction before importing the audio, especially if it's a vocal part. You can't just tell it you want the harmony based on an Aeolian minor scale for example. I also noticed that Vielklang usually doesn't put the start of the audio it generates at the cursor position, so I always have to drag it to the correct position (it's always off by a quarter note for some reason). This can't be done from the host, but has to be done from within the Vielklang interface. Other issues are that, once you import a track, if you need to replace it, you can't; you're supposed to remove the existing one first, but there is no function I could find to do that, so I had to just delete that instance and add it again. Also, Vieiklang does not generate a clip, and it can't be muted so if for some reason you need to hear a work without the harmony part, you have to drag the fader down. I'm using the LE and not the full version, so maybe these functions are left out intentionally so as to drive you to the full version (that's a cheap shot if true). But even so, this is still a very good tool for the price, and I'm actually going to upgrade to the full version just for the added harmonic flexibility. I'm hoping the product matures more though. It would work better as an insert effect I think, and it needs to be able to operate on MIDI tracks and not just audio.
Music background: Bassist, Composer, Producer

Instant Harmony

Well I haven't got it all figured out - but for the most part it does what it says - I still can't control the volume for the harmony section - so I get clicks and pops when the second part harmony comes in don't know if this is exactly what I need - seems melodyne is more a efficient solution. Still learning but for $50 I am still not set back a bunch !
Music background: Recording engineer - live sound - performer
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