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Neo Instruments Mini Vent Rotary Speaker Simulator for Organ Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from Portsmouth, VA March 21, 2016Music Background:
    Church & Gigging Keyboardist, Composer & Instructor

    Oh. Yeah.

    So I've been gigging with my Hammond XM-1 rack module w/ XMc-1 drawbars for probably 10 years now, along with other keys as the situation required. While I had it tweaked internally to maximize my Hammond & Leslie taste buds' satisfaction, I still longed for a more realistic Leslie sound. I'd heard of and read several reviews about Neo Instruments' various versions of their Ventilator product line, but after about a year I finally bit the bullet and gave this one a try. I've had it about 2 months now, and - no kidding - every gig I've played since at least 1 or 2 people (usually keyboard musicians themselves) would come to me on a break or after the gig to find out what I was playing. This thing is a beast....the Leslie sound is as close as you'll get without the real deal, for hundreds of $ less (and pounds lol). I could ding on the price point, but it's well worth it. Got it mounted on a pedal board along with sustain & volume pedals and DI boxes. I couldn't be happier with my rig right now (typically my old Ensoniq EPS-16 & old Roland Juno 1 driving Motif Rack XS & Hammond XMC, respectively). Big shout out to Paul Lea and the entire Sweetwater organization...couldn't be more happy with their service and support after 7 years!

  • from Riverside, Ca September 7, 2015

    Rotary Speaker Heaven

    Been playing keyboards nigh on 40 yrs. Loved that Hammond sound since I heard Booker T Jones' Green Onions on AM radio as a kid. Then Jimmy Smith, then Procol Harum, then Keith Emerson, Jon Lord, Greg Rollie, Joey D....the NEO Mini-Vent for Organ will put your basic organ patch sound in this company! Now I've got to get my organ chops in order. Dig the slow speed for ballads and ramp up for intensity. Wow! Very intuitive to use too! Get it now!

  • from Suburban Indy July 11, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboardist, Composer, Performer - Prog and Praise

    Light Weight - Heavy Sound

    Great Sound and easy to use. If you can't actually move air, this is the next best thing. It is expensive but worth it. This thing makes my Roland VK-7 growl! Save your pennies and get one.

  • from San Diego, CA June 7, 2014Music Background:
    Live and studio pro musician/producer


    Just plugged the Mini Vent (Organ) into my Motif ES6 last night. Goodbye anemic rotary organ, hello fat balls.

    Just so you know, 'cause it took me some digging to figure out, this device has two presets that offer two adjustable/programmable parameters each: Distance and Drive. Yes, this device has the same built in overdrive capability of the original Vent, with programmable level.

    I use my Motif for other sounds I don't want to pass thru the Leslie FX, so I programmed the organ to an assignable output, patched that output to the Mini Vent and returned the outputs of the Mini Vent to the analog inputs on my Motif, adding reverb at the analog in. Happiness ensured.

    The Mini Vent (Organ) sounds fat and wonderful. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

  • from April 11, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Teacher

    Best Leslie Simulator for Organs

    Excellent Pedal. Works great on my Bx3. Definitely this is the best Leslie Simulator!

  • from Kansas City, MO October 31, 2013Music Background:
    Player, Producer, Pro Musician - Instructor

    Absolutely Awesome 122 Simulation

    Wow, Wow, Wow - this is the sound I always tried to get from the original Neo Ventilator. It is dial in perfect and the new switches are a lot more quiet than the original. I would have liked for it to have had a remote tremolo switch that would us any standard type foot switch since I still need to push in the drive button on the back for a more dirty sound - easier to get to if mounted on velcro on one of my keyboards, but I am OK with it on the floor. I have stepped on the Bypass by mistake a couple of times - just need to get used to it.
    I still give it 5 Stars - do not waste your money on the "Leslie" Pedal put out by the Hammond Organ Co. - it does not come near to the real 122 cabinet as this one does. I give this 5 STARs even without the remote intput. It is built very well too.

  • from October 30, 2015

    Neo Mini Vent for Organ rocks!

    Adds big time fatness to my Roland V-Combo VR-09. Outstanding overdrive. You may need to play around with levels of your instrument to balance things out as it can be substantially louder than when bypassed but there are a few parameter edits you can make. Overall, I wish I could control it from a switch peddle as I prefer it to be on my keyboard for hand manipulation as apposed to by foot or bending down say, for example, to activate the overdrive button; for that you need to pop for the full on unit. Also, I wish it had stereo inputs but I guess that would not be authentic. There are workarounds such as using an A/B box or what not but for me, less is more. No biggee as this thing is for warmth and balls to the wall fatness for your organ sounds and that is what it delivers. It can really take your organ sound to another level.

  • from United States September 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Engineer

    The Mini Vent

    Truly a great sounding unit I use with a Hammond SK2, Hammond XK3c and a wurlitzer 200 piano. The sound is the the most accurate I have experienced yet to the real thing. Programming the unit very hard and there seems to be no way to control output levels so there is a huge drop in volume when bypassed. If it weren't for that it would have received five stars. For the money this thing absolutely will rock your keyboards. KZ

  • from Michigan February 11, 2014

    Great pedal--get this for guitar, too!

    After some research, I discovered this pedal. It is, without a doubt, the best Leslie simulator on the market. I use it with guitar as my research indicated this was the unit to get for that classic, grindy leslie sound. My only wish is that the unit had a speed control, but that is minor, the unit rocks!

  • from La Crosse, WI November 3, 2014Music Background:
    play guitar and keyboards in a weekend band

    Sounds nice but has some faults

    First off, I should mention I've never heard a real Leslie cabinet in person so I can't compare the Mini Vent to the real thing. However, it does sound a lot like the Leslie sounds I hear on records.
    I've only really used it with the organ sounds on my Roland D-50.

    There are several traits of the pedal that I don't like.
    1. When you turn the pedal on, the volume increases significantly.
    At gigs, I have to remember to turn my keyboard volume down before turning on the pedal so I don't blast the audience.
    Perhaps that is how a real Leslie behaves.

    2. The Bypass switch makes a popping noise.
    I guess this is a common problem with true bypass switches. Luckily the noise isn't as noticeable when the whole band is playing.

    3. It makes the highs more piercing.
    I find myself riding my keyboard volume control so that when I play higher pitched notes I turn the volume down so the highs don't hurt so much.
    Perhaps that is how a real Leslie behaves.

    4. It's expensive.
    Is it overpriced? I don't know. I have no idea what it costs to make a pedal like this or how much money was spent on research, etc. Perhaps it is a fair price.
    I play guitar in my band too and I find it odd that I spent more on this pedal than I did on my guitar or my amp.

  • from United States January 9, 2015Music Background:


    Was inop on a couple of counts. Continous loud clicking and no amplification. Sent it back after discussion with Tech.

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