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Neo Instruments Ventilator Mini Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • C Meserole
    from Nashville, TN August 13, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist/audio engineer/producer

    Finally, My search is over ! perfect!

    This thing is Excellent ! .......look..... , I have used , heard, played & owned a lot of these things
    (rotory speaker simulators) but this is THE ONE ! Yeah, I would have liked access to a few more adjustments (ramp up/down speed, horn to woofer mix ) but I just like to mess with stuff and I have no real complaints because it's just really set perfectly !
    I can finally cross this "effect" off my list because this is It ! I don't need to look any more. I am totally satisfied with this purchase !
    Update : OK, it's a year later, the honeymoon is over and I still love this thing to death,
    every time I step on it a smile spreads across my face, I like and appreciate this thing more then when I first got it! the only thing better (and marginally) is a real Leslie but who has the time,space and back for that? Seriously if you want the Leslie effect - this IS IT !

  • Alex
    from February 2, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarrist, amateur sound engineer, mixing and mastering.

    A real leslie effect

    Today i received my mini vent and i have to say onle one thing: it is amazing! It is very organic and clean, very real, even if you are using it mono!
    I was looking for a real and small leslie effect, because i did not want a big box among my pedals, heavy and with plenty of knobs .... I know myself, and i know that i will only use a fast and slow speed, with or without distortion, that is all i need .... Well, this little box does it all, and perfectly!
    Even, you can choose to stop your speaker, and that sound is incredible also.
    Well, i was looking for a real leslie effect for some songs and moments, now i have a leslie effect that can fit in most of my music.
    Finally, it is a quality pedal, heavy and built like a tank, it was made perfectly, it was made by germans.
    Just a piece of art and heaven on Earth!

  • jammergreg
    from SW Colorado November 7, 2013Music Background:
    45 year as a beginner

    Mini Vent Rules!!

    Out of all the Rotary Sims. out there, the Mini is my fave' and it saves a lot of space on the pedal board. The Large Neo has more control knobs thus more control...that said the Mini is set up for the guitar and this thing rocks...in stereo it almost passes for the real deal.

  • Charles Meserole
    from Nashville , TN December 1, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, Recording Eng. Producer,

    Finally ! What I've been waiting for !

    Excellent ! OK , I have used , heard,played & owned a lot of these things (rotory speaker simulators) this is the ONE ! (It only got 4.5 stars because only a real Leslie would get 5 ) I would have liked access to a few more adjustments (ramp up/down speed, horn to woofer mix ) but I like to mess w stuff , I have no real complaint because they really set perfect ! I can finally cross this of my list , this is it ! I don't need to look any more. I am totally satisfied with this purchase !

  • Joe Bac
    from Scotts Valley, CA November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Rock and roller for eons

    I'm not "venting" cuz it's good.

    Well it does deserve 5 stars. A leslie effect is one of my favorite effects to use with my guitar (both electric and acoustic). Been using all the popular ones for years so no need to list them here. All I can say is your search is over for the best sounding one cuz this is it. It's a no brainer decision. JUST DO IT!!!

  • Bobby D.
    from Chicago, IL October 23, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Small Footprint, Big Sound

    After owning the Option 5, Hughes-Kettner, and DLS rotary units: the Mini Vent covers the bases with all a musician could want. Quick & E-Z set-up, small footprint for pedal boards, quiet operation, and as good a sound live as it is in the studio. And one more important point: I carried a Fender Vibratone in a road case & this is much, much easier to carry! It also sounds like you're pushing air with real Leslie "breathiness".

  • Gene Wallace
    from Columbia SC May 22, 2014Music Background:
    years and years of touring, now weekend warrior

    Mini Vent Leslie 145 pedal

    I have had other leslie type pedals in the past, most were in multi effect units like the line6 stuff. I wanted a simple effect unit this time out. These days I don't want to program anything, I want simple, I've even gone back to one channel amps. This pedal does a real nice job of immitating a leslie. I used to own a 147 tone cabinet with a farfisa pre amp and that sound still haunts me. This run in stereo is as close as any ones leslie box out there. It has just a few basic features, such as mic placement.
    Just what I wanted, a real sounding effect that I dont have to screw with at all. Plug in, hit switch to turn on, hit switch to make it go fast or slow.
    It sounds good at what it does.

  • Max Sandler
    from West Chester, PA October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Neo Mini-Vent with an SK-1

    Just purchased the new Neo Mini-Vent and put it through its paces with my SK-1. It seems to be a very robust unit (metal case, heavy-duty control buttons), and I'm very satisfied with the overall effect with my SK-1. It's also being marketed as guitar effects box.

    One of the things that appealed to me about it (and this is probably just me) was the limited range of adjustments (5 levels of overdrive, 5 settings for the distance of the virtual microphone). I had owned the original Vent and managed to drive myself crazy adjusting the knobs to get just the sound I thought I wanted. Here, the factory has pretty much taken over that task/compromise, and the result is fine for these old ears, but might not be the ticket for those with more discerning hearing. If you intend to use it with the SK-1/SK-2, you might want to use the programming spreadsheet available in the files to keep the Leslie Bypass activated (or do it manually) for those selected favorite patches where you want to use the Mini-Vent instead of the onboard sim. Otherwise, you're going to have the onboard sim and Mini-Vent fighting each other, and it ain't pretty.

    My only disappointment, which was addressed by Jim Alfredson in a previous post, is the lack of a provision for remote control with either the onboard Leslie control or a half-moon switch (the upcoming Vent II pedal will have a remote input, but wll apparently lose of one of the stereo outputs - mono only. I use two powered speakers in place of a keyboard amp and don't want to lose the cool stereo effect that set-up provides). Not really a deal-breaker, but definitely an inconvenience for those of us who don't want an additional floor pedal. You could, of course, somehow securely mount it at keyboard level and use your hand, but both control buttons have a fairly small surface area and a stiff spring which makes that option a little difficult.

    All-in-all, a interesting variation on the original Vent, but with a more compact size for added portability.

  • Jimmy Youngman
    from Rochester NY USA February 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician/recording engineer/

    Mini Vent/Guitar

    Very nice sounding unit . Well made. Easy to use. Only wish it had a stereo input so I could use it in a stereo effects loop. Other than that Excellent.

  • Max Sandler
    from West Chester, PA November 5, 2013Music Background:
    Have played piano and organ for over 40 years. Currently playing with a classic rock band.

    It's Okay, But Not That Well-Suited for Keyboard Use

    The Neo Mini-Vent, like its original big brother, the Ventilator (no longer available) is marketed as being able to provide an accurate simulation of a Leslie 122 rotary organ speaker. I formerly owned the original Ventilator (no longer in production) which I unfortunately sold to get money for the Hammond SK1 I wanted to use the Mini-Vent with. After my favorable experience with the original Ventilator, I frankly expected more from ths unit, and was disappointed with its limited functionality and features. What I found lacking was:

    No option to control remotely - This unit can only be operated as a floor pedal (I normally use a Hammond half-moon switch to control the Leslie sound). I already use a volume and sustain pedal and didn;t want any additional floor clutter (I understand that Neo is going to offer a kit to retrofit this for a remote control option).

    Limited Adjustments - You can control the extent of overdrive and the proximity of the virtual microphone effect through five factory pre-sets. Unlike the original Ventialtor, you can't change either the speed or the acceleration/deceleration of the rotor sound. This limits the ability to tailor a keyboard sound to your personal taste or venue.

    While neither of these are real dealbreakers, they do limit the overall versatility of the unit for keyboard players. The Mini-Vent is also being marketed for use with a guitar, which it really is better suited for, where it will provide for an interesting effect rather than a true Leslie emulation.

    Neo is coming out with a new pedal next year called the Vent II which is supposed to have the same functionality as their original Ventilator, and it may pay to wait for that if a true Leslie simulation is what you're looking for.

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