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Midas VeniceF32 - 32 Channel Firewire Reviews

5.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
  • from Seattle February 3, 2016Music Background:
    production, Movie trailers, guitar and bass sessions

    A Game Changer In My Studio

    First, let me thank Nick LaMendola, my sales engineer for his advices, professionalism and patience.
    I had been looking at the Venice for over a year and the original plan was to get either the F24 of F16. I finally made my final decision and got the F32.
    I also just upgraded with Pro Tools 12 but Since I have some difficulties launching, and due to PT12's lack of compatibilty with a lot of my plugins, I run PT 10 and it works like a charm.
    What I've been enjoying the most so far is the power of its eq section, the quality of its preamps and how convenient it is for mixing. I still use Command 8 for automation but that's about it.
    Two of my musicians friends already stopped by the studio and both were blown away by the difference between my new set up and the old one. One of them has already recorded 2 albums with me and told me how amazed he was by how great it was to record bass and vocals with the new setup. My other friends who is a pro blues harmonica player listened to a blues track I have recorded for him to play on and could not believe how clean, clear and punchy the track sounded.
    Well, it it may be one of my best investments since I've started recording about 25 years ago.

  • from August 18, 2015


    I have to agree with what the guy below reviewed about this being the best investment. With todays audio interfaces and gear, there is often something left to be desired, not the case with the Venice F32! The housing is iron tough, the console feels very sturdy and strong, heavy too might I add. But let me tell you, I've tried a lot of stuff out before finally settling with this console for mixing. First, i dont see how anyone mixes in the box, i've done it for years and to me it just sounds stuffy and flat compared to mixing with a console or summing mixer. I had a well know summing mixer before coupled with a popular 32 channel audio interface. Sure it was nice, but something was off in the stereo image and the center that made things sound mushy kinda soupy. But when I got this, I was immediately blown away by the center focus, punch, and warmth of this board. The Eq on every channel is where the real secret lies to 3d sound stage! If you know how to mix and use proper panning this will get you what you want. Get this and start making music!

  • from seatle February 7, 2015Music Background:
    beat production

    useful features - great board!

    This board is great. The noise floor is pretty low for analog gear (<115dB) and the digital routing features are stellar. The preamps sound quite good and the EQs on the mono channels are set up pretty much how you would want. For me, this board is the best of both worlds (digital and analog).

    Whether you want to record or mix with it, this thing is perfect for the job.

  • from Eagle River, WI July 25, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and Mixing Engineer

    Best $2200 I've ever spent

    This is the best investment I've ever made for recording. I'm just blown away by the sound quality, flexibility, value, almost everything. The pres have a nice character (not a straight-wire-with-gain like a Grace or a Millennia), but not overly colored. Very useable pres for recording. The eq section is fantastic. Very touchy, but once you learn how to work around the small knobs and cramped space, it sounds fantastic. Overall summing sounds fantastic; it clearly has a unique character (but that's mostly/completely the reason we sum OTB, eh?) but it's a very pleasing sound. The lower midrange of the overall mix sounds SO much punchier than I could ever get ITB. The conversion is terrific for what it is. Sure, it's not Apogee or Burl level, but the overall sound quality of what I've recorded is so fantastic that I won't be needing to upgrade the converters for quite some time. The ONLY things I can find "wrong" with this board are incredibly small, nothing that can't easily be worked around. These nit-picks are: four stereo groups would be nice instead of the four mono groups; it'd be nice to have a fully balanced send and return instead of an insert; there aren't inserts on the stereo channels; the direct outs (that I know of) can't be used with the firewire playback; an automation option would be AWESOME; and of course the eq section is incredibly cramped. Again, these things are all being incredibly nitpicky and can be easily worked around. For $2200, this board is a steal. I now have 32 stellar pres, 24 channels of fantastic and flexible eq (and 4 stereo channels of great sounding eq, although fixed Qs and frequencies), and the ability to mix completely OTB. Massive time saver, absolutely stunning sound.

  • from Pennsylvania May 14, 2014Music Background:
    R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop & Rock

    Great Sound

    I've been in the game for some time now and have experienced a lot of good and bad gear. I have learned how to hear music and to record and mix music. I work with artist from Warner Bros and from Malaco Records. I specialize in R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz and I am more than adequate with Pop & Rock. I bought the X32 and was completely unsatisfied; not putting it down, just wasn't for me and what I do. I exchanged it for the Midas f32 and the sound was just this FAT, Robust, Chest pounding ear candy. I've had the fireface 800's for a while and since having the Midas I've only used them for mastering after recording back into the box. This board is flexible and it plays extremely well with your plugins (EQ's, Reverbs etc.) The eq's are very usable and the line ins are quite transparent. I really look forward to the M32 as a trade off.

    Vocal Chain:Custom & Boutique mics, 610, LA2A Universal audio or 1073 x4 and custom mic pres into the f32 straight to Cubase.

  • from Ambridge, PA February 27, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Enthusiast, Pro Musician


    I needed a large input mixer which would not break the bank, yet have the versatility of being able to connect to my Mac which already has all the digital plug-in "bells & whistles" for which I can assign in post-production (which is far less taxing on my hard drive than utilizing "return" effects via FireWire) specifically, for tracking a live session. The ASIO driver is the perfect solution in my opinion for multi-track digital recording enthusiasts who want a true sound delivered by a quality product that is simple to operate while being extremely versatile with digital routing options, not to mention the analog side of routing. I researched different FireWire and USB mixers and for this price I feel like my efforts researching the available peripherals on the market was time extremely well spent. In an era of "do it yourself" producers, this mixer is at the very top of its class after just a short time of working with it. This is the best investment I've made on any piece of musical equipment over an 18 year career.

  • from Palm Springs CA December 6, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, song Writer


    I bought the Midas after extensive research... not only did I research vintage analog boards but newer analog and hybrid modern boards as well.
    I must have spent a month reading...! As for vintage goes I was dubious because face it they're old and yes some of them sound great but was I going to have to hull it (heavy) to a shop and have it repaired soon after I got it? Most likely yes. AS for newer analog nothing really compared to the Midas pre amp reviews I was reading in almost in every forum. and as for the hybrid presonus was for sure not even an option..I kept going back to the Midas I dont know how many times...I then read a review thqt someone was wondering if the preamps had been change now that Midas is associated with Behringer..So I called the Midas Rep here in California (Customer Support Professional Division: EASLEY Jay, ext 5700) and he said,"The mic amp is pure Midas. Assembly location is all that changed not quality or how it's made". So I went for it and nothing about the board has disappointed me. Its great for analog recording to a multi track tape machine as well as interfacing with your favorite daw...and post production is fab!

    jim heil
    Palm springs CA

  • from December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, live sound and recording engineer


    Great pre-amp and eq! Nice design and ergonomic.
    Powerfull when connect with computer, u can live recording multitrack and use any plug-ins, it's a hybrid console, love it!

  • from Rife Recording Studio April 27, 2017

    Fantastic board.

    We've had this board in our studio for about two years now, and we love it. We originally bought it because we wanted to have an analog board for the 24 track we picked up, but ended up using it for many digital recordings as well as it really surprised us with its quality. Drums sound great through it. Pres are very clean, and don't even really need to use outboard pres unless you're looking for more coloration. EQ is very responsive, low end can deliver some real punch. Really reminds me of the value of analog EQs over plugins. Also works well for summing.The Firewire interface allows for plenty of routing options between the analog domain and Pro Tools.

    My only complaint about this board is that the built-in A/D isn't the best, and seems lose some low end (somewhere below 100ish Hz?). However, as it is marketed as a live board, and especially considering the price, I can't complain too much here. Don't get me wrong, the converters are definitely usable, but I still recommend using dedicated converters if possible for studio use. But all in all, this is a fantastic board that delivers a FANTASTIC bang for the buck, whether used in a studio or live setting. If it had automation/DAW control, we would make this our main board in a heartbeat.

    Pros: Very clean pres, great EQ section. Good routing options. Sums well.

    Cons: A/D isn't the best available for studio settings, but is still usable. It is marketed as a live board though so this is to be expected :)

  • from Maine, USA July 9, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    A great addition to the studio

    After working strictly in the box for the past few years i decided that moving back to an analog console would be a better fit for my client base. after extensive research i narrowed it down to a few models and the midas venice f32 came out on top. the pre's are clean, the eq's can be hit harder than a plugin and still retain a natural tone. overall the board sounds great: highs are smooth and not too sibilant, low mids and lows are big and clear. it's got six sends that can interface with my hear back system for cuing. and since it has converters built in, i didn't have to drop $3k on 32 channels of AD-DA conversion.

    the one challenge was the fact that, since midas's bread and butter is live sound, there's no traditional control room section. a presonus central station and some creative patching solved that, but even with the added cost of the central station, i still came out saving money, as the board is REALLY attractively priced.

    all in all a great decision and a great board. i'm beyond thrilled with it.

  • from In the Great State of Texas June 24, 2015

    Clear open sound and a great EQ section

    Our digital board lost it's OS and wouldn't take a new install. Frustrated with that I went the other way and started looking at analog. The Midas was well reviewed by industry folks so I pulled the trigger on the Venice F32. I thought I'd miss some of the features on the old board, but that hasn't ben the case so far.
    David Mikautadze took great care to get this done and it arrived sooner than expected.
    Set-up went smooth but I did have to take off the unnecessarily thick side pieces to fit it in the space where the old board sat.
    The sound has been a surprise. A little more open, and the EQ gets you to the sound you want with very little work. It's a little tight as they had to get all those knobs into a small space, but you get used to it.
    I didn't want to get a new board, but we are very happy with the Midas F32.

  • from Memphis, TN November 11, 2014Music Background:
    Woodwind, Drums-Percussion, Live-Recording-Mix Engineer

    Midas Venice f32

    Needing a solution for live sound, remote full band recording, and studio recording & mixing, the F32 fits great. I've used the console for all of the mentioned uses and have had an easy time with nice results.

    The preamps are solid. I've used them for a variety of sources and with multiple microphones. 58's and 57's have plenty of gain even on quiet/whispery vocals in a live environment. The "punch" characteristic that is talked about with Midas is certainly present and very welcomed on sources such as drums. The preamp do have their own subtle flavor, but they are very useable. (Experience with other preamps: Focusrite, 610, API 512c, Portico, Avalon, & Retro). I was a bit hesitant about the preamps, thinking that I would buy this console, and not be satisfied with it, wanting to upgrade to a rack of API preamps in frustration. Over the last 10 months I have been pleasantly surprised. To my ears the sound does have a low mid presence and punch, but also has a smoothness about it that is comfortable. I would not hesitate to use the f32 for any source.

    The EQ section is extremely flexible, although cramped. When in studio and using the f32 for summing, the EQ is very musical and responsive.

    The small "meat and potatoes" nature of the f32 format provides 4 mono groups, but as others have mentioned, we always want more. One thing about the group faders that is interesting and possibly helpful for some is the group/Aux fader relationship. Read up on this in the manual. It's a good feature.

    I find the routing easy both on the console surface and on the back of the console. Routing for studio monitoring is easy enough as well, despite a more dedicated section for this. The trickiest part for me was developing a ITB -> OTB -> ITB solution for mixdown. I've ended up using two stereo channels for these purposes, but I'm able utilize a hybrid workflow and have been happy with the results. This includes routing audio out of my DAW, through the console and back into the DAW for recording of the resulting two track.

    In the live environment, I've used the console as a standard analog desk, and I've also used it as a "digilog" desk, like Midas advertises. I was able to seamlessly integrate plugin compressors, reverbs, delays, etc. with good results. Even with the buffer set low to avoid any major latency issues, I've not had any problems with live integration.

    I've had no issues with durability, knobs, faders, lights, or any problems at all. The robust enclosure has been nice for remote and live uses. I've had zero issues with the firewire or drivers.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the Midas f32 as a workhorse style tool. The features are powerful and effective in a compact footprint for an excellent value. I do recommend this to others who are interested in a versatile tool for their music productions.

  • from Tampa, FL May 28, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Engineer/Producer/Songwriter/Musician

    Studio Use - Very Pleased

    I've used the preamps very little so far, but I've done a lot of summing, mixing, and routing with this board during its first week in my studio. I work professionally as an independent engineer, and implementing a new console is a big deal - it has to sound great, it has to work well, and it needs to have a short learning curve.

    Check, check check. This board is a great deal.

    The routing on this board is not like many studio boards you may be used to, but it is very powerful. I have set up a fantastic system for my headphone mixes, and can easily solo parts during tracking without bothering the recording or the performers. Choosing to add EQ, effects, dynamics processing etc is super easy, whether I want them committed to tape or simply in the headphone mix.

    Integrating with the computer is super easy. I can choose to simply let my DAW do all the work and monitor its outputs if I want, or I can sum the mix in the analog domain, mix it completely in the analog domain, or even just pull in one track to access outboard gear or use the console EQ - whatever I want - It's a breeze.

    The sound quality of the board is excellent, simply passing audio through it makes me enjoy listening to my speakers more, and summing a mix through the board definitely imparts a more full-bodied sound.

    The EQ knobs are a bit crowded, but its a small price to pay for a powerful EQ section. At first blush, I wasn't overly impressed with the EQ, it just seemed ok, but once I really started digging in with it I quickly became a fan. The sound shaping abilities are tremendous, and I was shocked at how hard I could apply the EQ without making the incoming signal harsh.

    What little I've recorded through the mixer so far has been clean and punchy, with good definition. I'm looking forward to working it out more in the future.

    the fan on it is a little loud, I imagine that if you put this in a one-room studio it would be potentially problematic to record some sources, or for super critical listening at lower levels through speakers. Really though, its no louder than my Audio ASP008 preamp fan, just voiced differently.

    Mixer, patchbay, monitoring/talkback section, AD/DA converters, Summing Box, etc...all rolled into one. What a great addition to my studio.

  • from Newark, Delaware May 22, 2013Music Background:
    Over 40 years as a performing musician, Live Sound Engineer and a Studio Owner

    Midas Venice F32 in a live rehearsal/recording studio

    My studio caters to live band rehearsals, shows and live audio and video recording. I have been using the Presonus Studio Live mixers for their convenience but wanted to kick our recording capability and quality up a couple of notches so I purchased the Midas Venice F32 along with Pro Tool 10. The combination of the quality Midas analog sound with the convenience of built in firewire was the perfect solution.

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