Midas VeniceF16R - 16 Channel Rackmount Firewire No Longer Available

16-channel, Rackmountable 4-bus Analog Mixer with Firewire, Four-band Swept EQ, Channel Inserts, and Direct Outs
Item ID: VeniceF16R

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Midas VeniceF16R - 16 Channel Rackmount Firewire image 1
Midas VeniceF16R - 16 Channel Rackmount Firewire image 1

Sorry, the Midas VeniceF16R - 16 Channel Rackmount Firewire is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Midas VeniceF16R - 16 Channel Rackmount Firewire
Special Order

A Rackmountable VeniceF!

The MIDAS VeniceF16R 16-channel Mixer gives you the warmth and user-friendliness of analog, along with the flexibility of Firewire. Equally adept onstage and in the studio, the VeniceF16R is easily configurable, and boasts Firewire connectivity, effectively giving you a digital audio snake to and from your computer. Each mono mic/line input channel provides a direct out, insert points, and four-band swept EQ. You also get six aux, three solo, and two matrix busses, as well as four groups, three masters, and four stereo input channels. For big-board performance with a small footprint, check out the MIDAS VeniceF16R.

MIDAS VeniceF16R 16-channel Mixer at a Glance:
  • FireWire Equipped - a virtual snake to your computer
  • Plays nice with software
  • Enjoy legendary MIDAS build quality
FireWire Equipped - a virtual snake to your computer

The MIDAS VeniceF16R mixer sports a FireWire interface that you can use with any computer fitted with a 1394 port. This effectively gives you a digital audio snake to and from your Mac or PC, letting you realize the benefits of 3rd-party audio processing software. Record multitrack direct from VeniceF's digital direct outputs, use software-based FX processors driven from the aux sends or direct outs, use plug-ins inserted on input channel FireWire send/returns. The MIDAS VeniceF16R gives you boatloads of flexibility.

Plays nice with software

The MIDAS VeniceF16R's FireWire interface work with virtually all computer-based audio software. Right out-of-the-box, you get a free 60-day trial version of Propellerhead Reason. This powerful software suite includes multitrack recording, virtual racks packed with virtual instruments, processing, and effects, and even a superb software mixer you can patch in parallel with the analog VeniceF, giving you extensive external digital processing of each VeniceF input channel.

Enjoy legendary MIDAS build quality

At MIDAS, small channel counts doesn't equate to compromised performance or a lackluster feature set. From its road-tough build and top-drawer components to its unmistakable MIDAS sound, the VeniceF is all about pro quality. The frame is typical MIDAS steel section construction, designed for life on the road. Pots are metal-shafted, individually nutted to the steel fascia panel. And decked out in classic MIDAS livery, the MIDAS VeniceF16R looks as good as it's built.

MIDAS VeniceF16R 16-channel Mixer Features:
  • Overload-resistant MIDAS mic preamp
  • FireWire interface gives you a 16x16 digital audio snake to your computer
  • XL3 EQ - four-band swept EQ with two parametric mids
  • Input polarity switch
  • Insert in/out switch with LED
  • Direct out with pre/post EQ switch
  • Discrete mono bus
  • Individual routing to stereo, mono, and groups, with pan-to-groups enable switch
  • 7 x 2 Matrix, 4 audio subgroups, 100mm faders
  • 3-year MIDAS warranty
Get the best of analog and digital with the MIDAS VeniceF16R mixer!

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