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Manley Variable Mu Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Manley Variable Mu?

Questions about the Manley Variable Mu?

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  • Jeff Hollman

    The Vari-Mu is a modern classic, and for good reason! I love that way it sounds on the master bus of a mix... the compression helps to glue the mix together and makes everything sound "finished." With three tubes and two transformers per channel, nothing quite sounds as good to me on a rock or pop mix like a Manley Vari-Mu.

  • Brendan Murphy

    This is a great smooth compressor. Try it on a 2-bus or with a pair of drum overheads... it's not like any other compessor you own.

  • from USA July 6, 2015Music Background:

    Glue and warmth

    Ed, my sales engineer, sold this unit to me, and I am grateful. This is such a beautiful piece of equipment. The dual input knob is great for dialing in the right amount of mojo on a mix. This unit can be used for heavy lifting or light compression. It can be clean or thick. It is an awesome compressor. Do not hesitate to pick one up.

  • from Edgewood, WA August 12, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Earned it's reputation

    Tracking, Mixing and Mastering the Vari-Mu is all over every project I've done over the last 12 years. From music to voice-over work, it's the one piece in my rack that gets used daily. Something always needs to be compressed and for me it's the first one I grab.

  • from Murfreesboro, TN January 9, 2013Music Background:
    30+ years as engineer, producer, educator, & musician

    Manley Vari-Mu is Awesome

    It helps me take my "in-the-box" mixes out of the box!

    I'm a long-time console guy and I never attempted finished, professional sounding mixes at home before, but my Vari-Mu is a big part of my ability to do so. The sonic qualities of my mixes have improved in a big way once I started using the Manley as a program compressor. I little goes a long way and I love this thing! It's a Manley... it's going to sound great!

  • from New York City March 26, 2012Music Background:

    Perfect box

    Essential to my studio. Perfect for recording, mixing and mastering. Can't recommend it enough!

  • from NYC June 17, 2006Music Background:

    A Modern Classic!

    I don`t own the Vari Mu but I have had the extreme pleasure of working with it. This is the desert island compressor we all would want. Just one listen and you`ll know why. The Vari Mu works beautifully on the overall mix but it really shines on anything. What impresses me the most about this box is how much you don`t hear it. Its so good you will swear its not working but you know it sounds better. The first time I used it I pretty much slammed the ratio as hard as I could just to hear some compression. The ratio was something like 20:1. I know its insane but thats my point!

Questions about the Manley Variable Mu?

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