Peavey ValveKing 20 MH 20/5/1-watt Tube Head

2-channel, 20W, Guitar Tube Amplifier Head with Reverb, 20W/5W/1W Output Modes, Vari-Class Control, USB Record Out, and XLR Direct Out
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Peavey ValveKing 20 MH 20/5/1-watt Tube Head image 1
Peavey ValveKing 20 MH 20/5/1-watt Tube Head image 1
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Peavey ValveKing 20 MH 20/5/1-watt Tube Head
In Stock!

A Compact and Flexible Tube Head with Tons of Extras!

The Peavey ValveKing 20 MH is an all-tube guitar amplifier head that combines boutique features and hot-rodded tones with Peavey's legendary reliability. Ruggedly constructed and well thought out, the ValveKing 20 MH delivers everything you need for stage and studio. You get all-tube circuitry powered by a pair of EL84 power tubes, a 3-band EQ, a variable power output, a mic-simulated direct out, a USB recording output, reverb, built-in tube monitoring, and more. If you're looking for big tube tone in a dependable package, then the Peavey ValveKing 20 MH is for you!

Peavey ValveKing 20 MH 20-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:
  • Powerful controls to sculpt your perfect tone
  • Flexible outputs for stage and studio
  • Built-in USB interface for recording
Powerful controls to sculpt your perfect tone

Craft your perfect tone with the 2-channel Peavey ValveKing 20 MH tube amplifier. It starts off with a powerful 3-band EQ that lets you dial in the tones you need for any gig. The cool Vari-Class knob lets you tweak the power amp class characteristics between Class A and Class AB. This gives you tonal versatility to nail any tone from country to rock to metal. A footswitchable gain boost switch lets you add a healthy dose of extra gain to your clean and lead channels. You can even switch your wattage output from a full 20 watts to 5 watts and even 1 watt for rehearsing and recording. No matter what type of gig you have, the Peavey ValveKing 20 MH tube amp is ready to rock.

Flexible outputs for stage and studio

The Peavey ValveKing 20 MH tube amp has two direct outputs that are perfect for live and recording situations. Peavey's built-in MSDI (Microphone Simulated Direct Interface) sports a pro-level XLR output that sends a mic-simulated output direct to the sound board or recording rig. The MSDI eliminates the need for messy mic runs while delivering optimized tone. You also get a USB 2.0 direct output that takes the MSDI signal and sends it directly to your computer for easy recording. On top of all of that, Peavey included their new TSI tube-monitoring indicator into the ValveKing 20 MH so you can see the health of your power tubes in real time.

Built-in USB interface for recording

The Peavey ValveKing 20 MH tube amp also acts as its own computer audio interface with a built-in, studio-quality USB 2.0 output that sends you amps sound directly to your computer. The output from the USB jack comes from the MSDI output, so it will sound great! Just fire up your favorite recording software and start laying down tracks with the all-tube Peavey ValveKing 20 MH.

Peavey ValveKing 20 MH 20W Tube Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:
  • Ultra-compact, 20-watt all-tube guitar amplifier head delivers great tone onstage or in the studio
  • Powered by 2 x EL84 and 3 x 12AX7 tubes
  • Switchable between 20 watts, 5 watts, and 1 watt for any live or studio situation
  • Dial in Class A or Class AB tones with the Vari-Class control
  • TSI tube-monitoring indicator shows the health status of your power tubes
  • Peavey MSDI (Microphone Simulated Direct Interface) XLR DI lets you send your amps signal to the mixer or recording device
  • USB direct output lets you record a miked amp sound directly to your computer
The Peavey ValveKing 20 MH is ideal for stage and studio!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 20W/5W/1W
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band with Damping, Vari-Class
Preamp Tubes 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x EL84
Inputs 1 x TS
Outputs 1 x TS, 1 x XLR (Direct), 1 x USB
Effects Loop Yes
USB 1 x Type B
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 7.25"
Width 14.0"
Depth 7.75"
Weight 14.59 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 03608850

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
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Great for Jazz Guitar (with a few simple mods)

This is a great amp for Jazz/Blues guitar if you swap the stock power tubes for Groove Tube EL84's and the stock preamp tube in slot 1 with an Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 gold pin. The tube change adds warmth, harmonic color, and headroom on the Clean channel that really brings out the purity of this amp's sound capabilities. I use a Crate extension cabinet with a 15" Celestion GV15-100 8ohm 100W speaker, and it really delivers the pure jazz sound I'm looking for. If you have a 6 string archtop, or a 7,8 string electric guitar - no problem ... the low end is crystal clear and warm. I've played it next to a Polytone MiniBrute with a 15" speaker and the Peavey/Celestion combo holds it's own against the jazz amp standard.
Music background: Experienced Guitar Player

Absolutely Great

I called my SW rep, Derek Senestraro and asked for suggestions on a versatile valve head that would suit my needs. I play blues, all kinds of blues. We talked about a few options and ended up settling on this Peavey Micro Valve. It's a great head with plenty of fabulous features. Power soak, great EQ, direct out, and compact size. This little head makes some absolutely amazing tone when plugged into my V30 -2x12. Rich textural tones, and just perfect for my playing. Great product, great service. What's not to like?
Music background: Blues Fanatic and Music Nerd

what i've been looking for

I've had this for more than a month. This gave me features I wanted, variable wattage, effects loop, and headphone output, plus even more. Tried it with different speaker cabs, and finally selected a Blackstar 1x12 and like the result. Amp seems happier with 16 ohm speakers. I would like to thank Joe Milne for his help and advice. Very happy with service at Sweetwater and enjoy my new amp.
Music background: Long time player, now just play for my own amusement.


I bought one of these sometime in mid 2015. I've played 50+ shows with it. Each show was at 20 watts and over half volume! This little amp is very light and packs a punch! You can adjust it to go from classic rock to full on metal! The reverb is very nice sounding. I'm very impressed with the "m.s.d.i." feature as well!!! I don't even bother to mic my guitar anymore....just plug an xlr into the back and you'll sound great live! Its sounds very good recorded as well!!! (In my experienced opinion, the msdi sounds much better than all those digital computer software simulations)...I don't foresee this little amp breaking down ever. Its build well and only complete carelessness will kill it. I took a blind chance when I bought this amp.....I had never played through one......(foolish, I know)......but I don't regret my purchase at all! since 2007 ive been playing live with a mesa boogie dual rectifier. I now leave that spendy, American made, hand wired head at home to collect dust.....don't get me wrong, the mesa boogie kicks aXX, but so does this little mini head:) (ignore the wattage difference....20 vs 100 watts.....I never really got to use the mesa's full potential ever) to me, it just made sense to punish this little cheap amp instead of the Mesa! and I don't regret it at all.only think I don't like about this amp is that I now want to get the rest of Peavey's MH line! (6505 and classic 30). my ears like the amp. my back loves the amp. and my wallet loves the amp even more. I would buy another if mine got ruined or stolen :)
Music background: live performer. recording. live sound.

Pretty Impressive

I kept reading wonderful things about this head, but I was still skeptical that it would deliver on its promise, especially when I needed something really crunchy and nasty. But it still seemed like the best bang for the buck, and I figured whatever it couldn't do, I could make up for with a pedal. But I find myself VERY impressed with this head, its versatility, AND its ability to deliver a nasty crunch when needed!! The "Boost" option puts it over the top......if you're going to use the Boost, you'll need to back off the Gain a bit.....which is great to have that extra headroom. This is a very impressive head for it's size and power.
See also: Amp Heads, Peavey, Peavey Guitar Amp Heads