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KRK VXT4 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Winter Springs, FL November 27, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Amazing Sounding Monitors!

    I have had these for about a year now and I am 100 percent satisfied! These small monitors get you very big and accurate sound. The stereo imaging is very good as well : definitely for smaller or more confined rooms. I had read forums and reviews that had mentioned that these speakers had a bad RF interference and when I bought them I heard some broadcast interference. I tried so hard to try to eliminate the noise but couldn't figure it out. I even bought "Mogami" cables to best shield the signal from the RFI and still had no luck. To my amazement I learned that the previous apartment complex that I had lived must have had bad electrical configurations that was allowing alot of unwanted RF noise. My new apartment complex seems to have resolved that issue and I hear no RFI. I love these studio monitors!

  • from Michigan, USA June 6, 2011Music Background:
    recording engineer, professional musician

    Useful mixing tool

    The VXT4 is a surprisingly effective tool, despite it's size, for monitoring in a small space or on location when mix translation is important. The sound overall is well balanced and realistic. It doesn't suffer from the typical "boxy" sound of many smaller speakers. There is realism and clarity in the mid range frequencies and the high frequencies. The bass frequencies come across as natural, though not especially deep which is to be expected considering the size of the drivers and cabinets. Transient details are punchy. The stereo field is well defined, making it easy to identify and place instruments from left to right. They don't get extremely loud, but they do get loud enough to damage your hearing if you crank them while listening from a near-field position, which is more than enough output for critical listening.

    With the built in limiter found on the rear panel engaged, it's safe to track while monitoring through the VXT4. I originally purchased these speakers about 3 years ago for tracking and mixing on location primarily. I have had no technical issues or problems to speak of. They have seen thousands of hours of use and have performed without fail in every occasion.

    Eventually I mated these with the KRK 10s sub, calibrated the system and started mixing with them. That combination is an excellent full range monitoring system extending down to about 35Hz and is perhaps the best value for the price in near-field monitoring. These are some of the most useful speakers I have ever used.

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