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Audix VX5 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Audix VX5?

Questions about the Audix VX5?

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  • from Detroit, MI March 2, 2016

    Studio Mic for Live Sound

    I bought this mic because I really wanted to get a super clean "studio quality" audio recording of my vocal track for a live promo video shoot of an original acoustic performance. Man...this mic didn't (and still doesn't) disappoint! It's still my go-to mic for live performances. It really is silky smooth live, records similar to my large diaphragm condensers and does a really nice job of keeping my acoustic guitar "bleed" out. Great mic!!!

  • from Dillsburg, PA October 2, 2015Music Background:
    part time gigging musician

    Best Mic for Keyboardist

    Moving around on a keyboard trying to sing into other mics can be difficult, but with this microphone, I don't have to worry about it. I can be a few inches away and this mic will still pick up my voice. Our band's bought other Audix mics in the past, the OM2 and OM3, and both are still in commission and still sound great for our guitarists. Totally clean and clear sound~ no boominess for the guys singing low end and the high ranges are maintained for the gals. And I am always happy with the excellent help and tech advice from Paul Allen, my sales advisor-- and Sweetwater ships so darn quick!

  • from San Francisco, CA June 4, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, sometimes live recording guy.

    One of the best mics around!

    I first heard this mic used on woodwinds for an outdoor musical and was floored how transparent and life-like it was. I have since purchased 2 for the theater I work in and have used it on percussion, Vocals, Choirs, every kind of stringed instrument you can think of from banjos to pipa's to acoustic gtr, to podium mic for speeches. every time i use it I am blown away. I can't use it enough. If I could only have 1 mic in my box, this would be it.

  • from Sydney, Australia October 2, 2012Music Background:
    Over 40 years as a Sound Supervisor/Audio Director, mostly live and on location.

    Studio Vocals, ...On The Road !

    This mic is tailor-made for those of us who would like to tour with an AKG C12, Neumann TLM170 or Rode NT1-A, but (like nearly all of us) lack the funds for both the mics themselves and the feedback-preventing monitoring they'd require onstage, ...not to mention the impracticality of shielding such studio thoroughbreds from road-induced damage, along with the ugliness of their sheer bulk in front of a vocalist's face.

    The detailed, ribbon-like, "golden age of radio" naturalness of vocal bass from an Audix VX5 really is as good as that. Honestly. Truly. No exaggeration.

    If that weren't enough, its dual-layered wind-basket and rear porting allow pop-free "working" of proximity effect, although a "foamy" will be needed outdoors to allow roll-off free operation without wind rumbling into those rear ports.

    Then there's the shock of hearing one of these for the first time after fading down, removing anybody else's standard vocal mic and fading up an Audix VX5.

    First off, you'll need more input gain as (even with its "trombone or sax attenuator" switched out) it's quieter by about 10 dB or so.

    Then, ...look out !

    It's as though your vocals just leapt into the listeners' brains, by-passing all transducers and amplification. Open-mouthed FOH and monitor mixers shake their heads in disbelief. Band members now hear the vocal foldback as though the other mic had been receiving its sound from beneath a pile of laundry. Tech-heads will be wondering what multi-band magic processor has just been switched in...


    heaps more crystal-clear gain is available before the onset of feedback.

    Best of all, the VX5 costs about the same as any other vocal mic that approaches its level of roadworthy ruggedness.

    It appears indestructible with tamper-proof switches that seem built for eternity, the only clue to both its cheapness and its method of achieving total freedom from overload being slight residual self-noise.

    In over forty years of professional audio (mostly live and on location) I've found very few mics that also approach the Audix VX5's detailed and eminently workable response, regardless of price.

    To my mind, that makes it a genuine bargain.

    Be warned, ...lethal force will be required to deprive me of mine.

  • from Santa Rosa, CA September 14, 2008Music Background:
    Pro musician, Live Sound, Film/Video sound mixer

    Like taking th eblanket off the microphone

    I use them in a House of Worship. We have some really fine singers, including one who is classically trained, and tours nationally. I originally bought 2 for my film work. When I first plugged one in for our main singer, he was blown away by the clarity and detail. He usually gets standing ovations. When we used this mic, not only did he get a standing ovation, but half of the audience was in tears. I'm not kidding.
    Since then we bought 3 more, and everybody loves them. We get comments like, "You guys have never sounded better."

  • from erickdemoya@gmail.com June 30, 2008Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    You won't even know it's there

    To be honest i have not had great results on vocals. But it is amazing on acoustic instruments. It is completely natural and transparent, as if you were listening to the instrument, not the instrument through a microphone.

  • from Southern Colorado April 20, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Very nice mic

    Very nice mic. Very similar to the AKG 535, but clearer in the midrange and less prone to feedback. I bought it to replace a Shure 87, and I'm really happy with the VX5.

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