Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines Plug-in (boxed - includes iLok)

Virtual Analog Tape Machine Plug-in - Mac/PC AAX, VST, AU
Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines Plug-in (boxed - includes iLok) image 1
Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines Plug-in (boxed - includes iLok) image 1
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Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines Plug-in (boxed - includes iLok)
In Stock!

Analog Tape Bliss

NOTE: This product requires an iLok (included) for authorization.

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines is a plug-in that juices your digital recordings with vitality. Analog tape machines have a sound. Massive, fat, warm, rich (and just plain exciting), analog has the density factor - that eat-it-with-a-spoon dimensionality that all the best-sounding records have. Run your mixes or individual tracks through Virtual Tape Machines and tweak-to-taste to infuse your music with warm, punchy analog tape mojo. If cold, dull, and lifeless digital tracks have given you a fever, Sweetwater has your prescription: Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines.

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Tape's magical properties can be yours, instantly
  • Virtual Tape Machines gives you the ne plus ultra of analog tapedom
  • Dynamically reacts to the music you're laying down
Tape's magical properties can be yours, instantly

For those of us fortunate enough to have recorded through a vintage console to 2" analog 16-track, that sound is the gold standard; the sound by which all else is measured. In comparison, tracking in your modern DAW-based studio can be a rude awakening. Incredible modern workflow conveniences aside, straight digital mixes have a way of, well, just sitting there lifelessly. Fortunately, there's something you can do about that. We get it that you really don't want to go back to chopping tape with with a razor blade, but the best of analog is yours for the taking - with Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines.

Virtual Tape Machines gives you the ne plus ultra of analog tapedom

In the development of this eagerly-awaited plug-in, Slate Digital Chief Technology Guru Fabrice Gabriel put his EE degree to work and studied the physical processes that take place when your record to analog tape threaded onto a good ol' tape machine. To nail what they were after, Slate Digital then engaged in a year of critical listening and algorithm tweaks. Finally, they modeled the best-sounding analog tape machines they could lay their hands on. And being located in LA's Laurel Canyon, wouldn't you know they had quite a selection to choose from. The result? An easy-to-use plug-in that will juice even the most lackluster digital recordings with stunning analog warmth and punch.

Dynamically reacts to the music you're laying down

As compared with cold, unyielding digital, analog tape is a recording medium that dynamically reacts to the music being laid down on it. If you've never experienced the delight of recording analog, please take our word for it: the difference is like night and day. Analog recording is alchemy - during tracking, you actually hit the tape with a certain level to achieve the desired degree of tape limiting / saturation on that instrument. So kick drums are the size of a barn, and snares are so impactful, they split your face in half when you play them back. You get the idea. Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines. You want this.

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines Plug-in Features:
  • Modeled on tape machine types: 2" 16-track and a 1/2" mastering deck
  • Two tape formulations
  • Two tape speeds: 15 ips and 30 ips
  • Noise reduction control and auto mute
  • Wow & Flutter control
  • Bass alignment control
  • Normal, Low & High Bias settings
  • Level Calibration
  • VU ballistics
  • Grouping control
  • Settings global or per channel
  • Tape reels start and stop in sync with your DAW's transport
Pump up your digital recordings with Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines!

Tech Specs

Software Type Drums
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Boxed
Bit Depth 32-bit, 64-bit
iLok Required Yes, included
Format AAX, VST, AU
Hardware Requirements - Mac Dual Core Intel Processor or higher, 8GB RAM recommended
Hardware Requirements - PC Dual Core Intel/AMD Processor or higher, 8GB RAM recommended
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.7 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Manufacturer Part Number VTM-BOXED

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
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Absoltely Incredible!

I first want to say that the Steven Slate Virtual Tape Machine is AWESOME!When I first asserted the plugin to a project I had already started, the mucic sounded very thick with no eq color because the prior eq settings I was using were set before the VTM was applied. AS I began to raise the eq levels the the tape saturation came to life! And the music just kicked butt!Usually in the digital realm alone, eq adjustments don't do much to enhance the music, But with the VTM the eq's all sound natural and breath even more life into your mixes!I bought the boxed version because it included the iLok2. And it was a breeze installing it. Trust me,.....get this software, as it will not only bring life into your music, it will bring new life into "you" as an artist.My music is now FAT, Thick, and no matter what you do to EQ it it sounds excellent. You'll never be the same without it.That being said,...the specs say that the VTM is only compatible with Windows 7, (WRONG),.....I use Windows XP 32 bit with Pro Tools 7 LE and it runs as smooth as butter! NO ISSUES!If you want your mixes to sound somewhat good, then don't use the Steven Slate VTM, but if you want them to sound GREAT, then buy it! You "will not" regret it. Just remember to adjust your existing eq settings from what they were to bring out the punch, and excellence in the VTM! It is awesome! Finally,.......I am enjoying recording again, and have the ultimate confidence that it will kick A** in the end!The $199 price tag on this VTM is worth thousands of dollars in my opinion. Reel to Reel recorders now belongs either in the dumpster or a museum, for sure.
Music background: Studio Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, Band Member

just amazing

this product is awesome , use it in all my mixes , i'm getting that big warm sound at home studio now thank you Slate Digital
Music background: Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

Virtual Tape Machines is the 'Reel' Deal!

If you want to add tape compression and coloration to your tracks this is definitely the way to go. Way to go Slate Digital!
Music background: Produce Music for TV/Film.

End of the Hunt

In 1975 I was trained on a 16 track MCI recorder and desk. Ampex 465 tape was introduced, too. After the onset of the digital revolution (and my participation in it) I missed that sound we got from tape...I always found myself "chasing" it, but with little success. The Slate VTM has ended that hunt for me. You can really 'hear' it. Thanks, so much guys!
Music background: Musician, Arranger, Producer

subtle magic...

Ok, here's my two pennies worth. If you are looking for a plugin that will turn a lousy sounding track into a good one, forget it. If you want a plugin that will turn a mix from mush to plush, stop wasting your time. Plugins that promise the sun and moon only deliver a lighter wallet. This plugin, however, does deliver but it is very subtle. Simply put, it takes the "edge" off of digitally recorded sounds. When you record a sound source into the digital domain, (i.e., your computer), all the the frequencies are recorded. Then, when you compress, eq, and amplify those signals, all of the freqs are effected. Many of these freqs are "harsh", especially the high mids and the highs. Others are lacking the "warm" or "natural" sound of the original, like the low midrange freqs. So, here's what this plugin gives you, the subtle "warmth" on the lower frees, and a gentle smoothing of the higher ones. You really have to crank this this up to hear what it is doing, and if do that you have cranked it too high. It is not supposed to make your mixes sound more polished, it is supposed to make them sound more "real". I can't explain it any better than that. I will only add that this plugin helps to give your mix the sound that everyone, (rightly), says is missing from digital recordings. This plugin does not quite match the sound you would get if you recorded on tape, but it comes very, very, very close. The reasonable cost of this plugin makes it an excellent value, and if you are recording anything with vocals or acoustic instruments this plugin is basically a must have tool. I hope this short story helped, happy mixing..!
Music background: Home Studio Guru, (just like you...)
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