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TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT Reviews

4.5 stars based on 81 customer reviews
Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT?

Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Chris Hoffman

    If you are a singer and guitarist who plays out, you will absolutely LOVE this pedal! It's like having backup singers with you everywhere you go.  It adapts well to whatever chord you're playing on the guitar, the harmonies sound VERY realistic, AND it sits on the floor like a guitar pedal so that you can control it with your feet. This is on my ever-growing "to buy" list and it should be on your list too!

  • Adam Vaughn

    I've used the TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT in a variety of settings from singer-songwriter type gigs to hard rock shows, and it's an absolute powerhouse when it comes to live vocal versatility. Apart from live scenarios, its built in compression, EQ, and reverb make this my go-to preamp when I record too.

  • from May 15, 2017

    Huge Improvement

    Turned me from a marginal singer into a rock star! Just kidding,.. I only play around the house and jam with friends, but I can actually sing and sound decent now, so it's more fun. Highly recommended for other non-pros like me that are looking for an easy way to get a decent singer-songwriter sound. Works as advertised.

  • from Philadelphia, PA March 22, 2016Music Background:
    Talent Agent / Manager plus Guitarist, Singer / Song Writer


    The product does a Great Job ! I received it from Sweetwater within a day and a half with no shipping fees !! Plugged it in and started using immediately. Printing out and reviewing the manual before I
    received it was a big plus. The voices, if adjusted correctly, sound authentic. Works well for my
    solo act and helps me to convey to my harmony singers in my band as to exactly what I am looking for.
    Once you get to work with the pedal, there are many possibilities.

  • from Denver, CO February 5, 2016

    Simple and Sweet

    This is a simple, good sounding box. The Tone and Reverbs/FX really sweeten up the voice, and the doubling/harmonies add great variability and interest to song structures. I especially like the "hidden" additional parameters for each effect.

  • from Indiana November 13, 2015

    Just amazing

    Where can I begin... this pedal is indestructible and very well built. The default settings are great and it is easy to operate. It is worth every penny. The effects are outstanding and the 2 harmony voices sound great.

  • from Canandaigua, NY November 2, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Leader, gigging musician

    Great Great Gadget

    The beauty of this pedal is in two main functions; the Voice Doubler and Harmonizer. The Doubler is like a very tight delay; the promo info describes it as like singing with yourself. I like it, because it adds "depth" to my vocals. The Harmonizer" function does just that. The harmonies sound natural, and the pedal button allows you to add them only when you want them. The functions of this pedal are pretty easy to learn, and once you learn, it's as easy to use as pushing a button.

  • from Chautauqua, NY August 28, 2015Music Background:
    Pro for over 35 years

    Upped my performance

    Love the gear. I was able to use basic features within five minutes and started gigging with it the next day. I throw it to manual, set up what I want in A and B then do four hours will few changes. Yes four solid hours.
    I play at an outdoor venue during the summer and it draws attention to me and those I work for.
    The harmonies are sweet and easy to control, FX just as good.

  • from Prescott AZ August 25, 2015Music Background:
    Violin, Piano, Guitar as a kid. Guitar and keys as an adult. In a local classic rock band since 2013

    Makes me sound good

    For the record, I am NOT a singer. But when asked to help out in my band by singing a song or two, and singing backup on others, I had to try. I cannot hit the notes exactly half the time. My voice waivers when trying to hold a note. However when running my guitar through the Harmony G XT, my voice is on key and this thing makes me sound like I can actually sing. The doubling is excellent but the harmonies are even better. When I showed my band mates how it sounded, they too were blown away. I love this device ! And to top it off, the customer service I receive from Sweetwater is second to none. Thanks guys (and gals).

  • from Fairland, IN August 24, 2015Music Background:

    Very versatile

    I love using this piece of equipment. I actually have two of them. One on each of my pedal boards.

  • from AZ August 24, 2015

    voice tone harmony

    love it, adds to my vocals nicely!

  • from June 5, 2015

    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

    great product and customer service!!!!!!

  • from Georgia May 19, 2015Music Background:
    35 years experience

    A Must Have

    This is one of the most amazing pedals I've ever owned. It provides a multi-level effect of harmonies and it is a requirement for anyone wishing to add that fullness to vocals. I play worship in church and also have a gospel band and this pedal will always be with me and by my side. Get you one!!!!

  • from Greenville SC March 14, 2015Music Background:
    Part time pro

    TC-Helicon. VoiceTone. Harmony-G XT

    This thing is awesome. I'm a man of few words so there you have it.

  • from United States February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Gospel songwriter, sing, mando, guitar, and sound guy

    Got What I expected!

    I have three other TC Helicon pedals, so I expected this one to be equal to or better than the others. Besides being a singer/songwriter/musician, I run the sound at my church, called, "The Sheep Shed." I learned to mix sound, 30 years, on mixer with a built in spring reverb. I have never found a reverb that pleased my ear as much as the old spring reverb. The TC Helicon pedals are the closest I have found, Plus, they have one of the smoothest preamps I have worked with personally.
    Then! I got this VoiceTone Harmony-G XT. I knew it would be good, and I am not disappointed. I lead a worship group on Sunday evenings, and wanted some harmony from time ti time. I was already using the Voice Mechanic for the verb and the preamp. So, I sold one of my lesser used guitars and purchased this. It is simple to use. I didn't even crack open the manuel till I tried to use one of my phantom powered mics. The other versions are full time Phantom power. This one is not, but that is no problem. I have recorded with it and used it live. I dig it. One thing you might consider. If you have no backup singers, but have one person who can sing the melody on pitch fairly well, if you set the harmony setting to full, the lead part disappears,
    so actually one person could be you backup harmony. and you would not have to click in and out of the pedal all the time. I plan to always have this pedal in my personal rig. it is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • from Millville, DE February 17, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Don't Leave Home Without It

    I no longer perform solo acoustic without it. So easy to use. Even when not using the harmony feature I will use the doubling. I set the level so its pretty subtle but it just fattens things up and...I thought I was pretty dead on vocally but I catch the auto correct helping me every once in a great while. I love it.

    Seaside Jimmy

  • from ohio January 16, 2015Music Background:
    hobbyist / Church music

    Love this unit

    I use this for church and am blown away at how well it does, not for me, but for the ones in church. They love it.

  • from EXETER, CA January 15, 2015Music Background:
    Pro , Full Time Gigging!

    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

    Great Great Pedal! I have had This For Over year now and have been Amazed at how well it Tracks Your Vocals! Very Easy Programing And I Did The Software Update On It And It Took It To A New Level Of Tracking! Even Better then When I First Got It And I Thought You Could Not Get Better Than That But It Did! One Of The Best Live Performing Pedald I Have Ever Used! You Can Not Go Wrong With This! Well Worth The Money! All I Can Say Is (Buy It!) You Can't Go Wrong! I Give It 10 Stars If I Could!

  • from November 25, 2014Music Background:
    Years upon years....


    I've been waiting for this for a long time. Very intelligently engineered for a very smart product and at a price that's , well, priceless. Love it.

  • from modesto,ca November 15, 2014Music Background:
    write and record Gospel music


    why did I wait so long for this thing...really cleans up vocals nicely...and great harmonies...I will always own one of these!!!:)
    thanks again for your help Nate Edwards, Sweetwater staff rocks!!!:)

  • from CT November 1, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician


    I play lead guitar and share lead vocal duties in two bands. We have good backup vocals in both bands, but this pedal takes it to a whole other level. It tracks very well and sounds realistic even with harmony levels at or above unity. I can now add an extra female harmony on top of existing female harmony for rich Fleetwood Mac fun. Just spent some time doing Joe Bonamassa's Happier Times and it sounded amazing.

    You do have to learn to play this pedal like an instrument. You may have to adjust when you play your chord to give the pedal something to key off, but it's not been too hard to do this.

    This is a fantastic addition for live gigs. Highly recommended.

  • from LA October 25, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent if not overused

    This is really a great pedal. The delay/ reverb are very good sounding, and it's nice to control these effects yourself, as opposed to trusting the soundman. The harmonies sound excellent, if not overused. I've found the best setting to be at approx 10 o'clock (less than 1/2 way) on the dial. I typically just add 1 harmony on the 'high' setting (1/3 above). When I add 2 harmonies, I find it sounds more processed. I use the harmonies very sparingly throughout a show, so when I do turn it on, it's very pleasing. Works best on simple songs, where you are holding chords, as opposed to moving all over the fretboard. Highly recommend!

  • from Southern Wisconsin September 24, 2014Music Background:
    Regular solo performer

    Remarkable device

    This is a remarkable device - harmonies are accurate, appropriate and sound great.

    A note for the user - your guitar must be in-tune or harmonies will begin to sound "pitchy." Also if your guitar style has you "walking" between chords the device will sometimes try to follow.

    But once you are aware of these aspects the harmonies are lush and excellent.

    I do not use the pitch correction or internal effects, so I cannot comment on these.

  • from Glencoe , Al USA June 26, 2013Music Background:

    Exceptional Sales Service

    I ordered a vocal harmony pedal that after the 4th time I used it the pedal would not power up. This is the first time I have hade a failure on a new product. I contacted my salesman Carson McClain at Sweetwater and explained my problem. Right on the spot we agreed on another pedal and is being shipped as I type this review as well as I have already got my prepaid return shipping label. What wonderful service , so friendly , so fast.

    Thanks Carson and Sweetwater.

  • from Milwaukee WI May 16, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Pedal

    This pedal has created so much more dynamic possibilities for me! It is intuitive and easy to use!

  • from Washington DC April 4, 2013Music Background:

    Great piece of gear

    The harmonies are so clean and natural, very little loss of overtones. Easy to switch between different profiles, which makes testing out different set-ups simple. This is an essential piece for any solo artist.

  • from Richmond, KY April 1, 2013Music Background:
    I have been playing rhythm guitar and singing for about 40 years.

    TC-Helicon Voice Tone Harmony-G XT

    I am certainly satisfied. This is a great product. It works fantastic with my Peavey sound system. Everyone who hears it is also excited about it. The guys in my band love how it works. Thanks Sweetwater for a nice product.

  • from Richmond, KY April 1, 2013Music Background:
    I have been playing rhythm guitar and singing for about 40 years.

    TC-Helicon Voice Tone Harmony-G XT

    I am certainly satisfied. This is a great product. It works fantastic with my Peavey sound system. Everyone who hears it is also excited about it. The guys in my band love how it works. Thanks Sweetwater for a nice product.

  • from EXETER, CA March 4, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Can't Go Wrong With This Pedal! If You Want High Dollar Sound For A Low Price, This Is It! I Have The New Voicelive Rack And The Sound In This Is Right Up There With That! Great Bang For The Buck! If Your A Singer That Can Sing, You Will Be Happy With This Pedal! Very Easy To Use! Perfect For Band Or Solo Gigs! Need The Backing To Round Out Your Sound, Look No Futher!

  • from LIttleton, NH February 12, 2013Music Background:
    50 years of playing;

    What a Blast

    This little device is a lot of fun. I use it for solo work and in the jazz trio I play in. Solo work: it provides many options, what I use basically are the A/B (2 setups) choices allowing me to use 1 and 2 part harmonies to allow modulation in my performances. With the trio, our female lead singer has really gone nuts with this. She had it figured out in about 5 minutes. It's unbelievable to suddenly sound like you're playing with the Andrew Sisters. It works nicely with the sax too.

    Easy to use; you need to just play with it to see what it can do. I'm still learning (only had it about a month) and haven't even scratched the surface. It works well whether plugged into my PA or digital recorder.

    For the price you can't go wrong.

  • from Ocala, FL December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician-soloist/Music Theory teacher and vocal coach

    I'm a local pro-musician and this thing just polished my act!

    Ease of use, well written instruction manual, not too many functions to remember, and two best settings at your tap of a toe. I like the customization process for the harmonies and the abililty to to set octave intervals, doubling and harmonies by semi-tones, both minor and major 3rds. Just TOO awesome! The guitar initiated pitch correction works as advertised and the difference CAN BE heard. Perfect Pitch is the result every time. I'm a soloist and this gives my performance a whole new dimension! Two thumbs up T.C.! I had the chorusing unit by T.C., years ago and this present piece of equipment mirrors the quality, dependability, and proffessional-grade that T.C. has built their reputation upon. You will be satisfied.

  • from KY December 9, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, song writer

    Incredible, but find a better quality Wall Wart

    Absolutely incredible. The only beef is the cheap wall wart that comes with it will definitely fail like mine. Plugged it in after having it less than a year and had a terrible ground buzz. Go ahead and buy a better quality one right off the bat if it shows up with the lightweight one.

  • from Westminster, CO July 30, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician & Entertainer

    Great for harmonizing

    I have used the Voice-Tone Harmony-G XT professionally for a month now, and and I would have to say that it blows away my old Digitech Vocalizer Live II. The harmonies are very clear and realistic sounding and I love that you can go from a 'duet' to a 'trio' with just a tap of the foot switch. Also, being able to easily store and select your personal presets is great. I would highly recommend the Voice-Tone Harmony-G XT to anyone who wants to add great sounding harmonies to their songs.

  • from Missouri June 28, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Awesome and it really works

    In over 30 years of playing music this is thee BEST thing I've ever bought. Our 3 piece band have used several other processors to help thicken live vocals but they didn't track well or sounded artificial. The tone, tracking and harmonies are WORLD CLASS. It DOES track great without holding a guitar chord and in our 40 set a nite song list there are no songs it can't work in. The unit is super simple to work and worth the doubling effect alone. We use pretty much only one patch and A-B between doubling and doubling/high. If your band is weak on backup vocals this will take it to a much higher level. Highly recommended!

  • from St. Louis, MO. March 8, 2012Music Background:

    The perfect harmony machine

    I recently purchased the "Voicetone Harmony G-XT Machine". I 'm a single performer, singer & guitarist (rhythm & lead) and also work with 3 and 4 piece bands. This machine is perfect for the harmony needs in the work I do. I would grade it A+.

  • from Central CA June 23, 2011Music Background:
    Recording, Live performance musician

    This device lives up to its hype.

    I am a lead vocalist/guitarist for a California band, and we do covers as well as original music.
    The G XT is intuitive - easy to figure out, has bright clear LEDs to show you whats engaged, and the sound quality is amazing.

    The harmony intervals are useful, flawless, (provided your guitar is in-tune when you run through the G XT) and immediately gave me new ideas for songwriting. The effects are subtle and not overdone.

    I strongly recommend the G XT to anyone who either wants a bit of extra "oompf" for their vocals, or additional harmonies for songs but lack the members to sing with them.
    A+ TC-Helicon!

  • from Denver, CO June 8, 2011Music Background:


    Just received this from Sweetwater yesterday, and it's nothing short of amazing. Ready to rock right out of the box, very intuitive. The harmonies are spot on and sound extremely realistic. Effects are stellar, including the verbs, delays, and double (my fav). Lots of options to tweak every effect as well. Looking forward to many hours of customizing and exploring. Oh, and it also has a guitar tuner...bonus! This is a game changer, could not recommend more highly.

  • from Richmond, IN USA May 31, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Voicetone Harmony-GXT is FIRST CLASS!

    i am a solo Guitarist/vocalist and I just purchased the Voicetone Harmony-GXT.
    I had never been impressed with vocal harmonizers before because all the ones I heard had a robotic or unnatural sound to them, but this unit actually sounds like my voice singing harmony with me.
    It is very easy to switch to each preset as I need them while I am performing.
    I played in a band for 21 years and have been performing solo for the last 11 years.
    This unit is giving me a much fuller sound by being able to have vocal harmonies instantly at the tap of a switch.
    I have been able to add songs by groups such as The Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, The Commodores, Orleans, etc. and have the same vocal harmonies that are used on the original rec ording.
    I highly recommend it to any solo guitarist/vocalist.

  • from Raleigh, NC April 27, 2010Music Background:
    long time - part time musician (45yrs)

    Love the Harmony G

    I bought the Harmony G about two years ago. My band mates told me yesterday I better get another one for back up so I'm ordering the XT right now. This is a fantastic tool for any vocalist expecially if the other band mates can't sing harmony.

  • from Central Texas February 27, 2010Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter

    Awe Inspiring Results

    I have the original VoiceLive unit with the GuitarControl interface, but I wanted to simply the setup and really didn't need all the advanced features of the VoiceLive. For the most part, I used 3-4 presets max. I saw the updared GXT and made the purchase. To me the GXT is very appropriate for users who want to leverage the more common features of the original VoiceLive without the advanced programming/editing. This would be the unit I would recommend to most singer/songwriters and pop/rock bands. Very clean and the settings are VERY easy to navigate. Harmonies/effects sound just as good as the original VoiceLive. I also found the response to the guitar chords much faster in the GXT than in the VL with GC interface (I'm sure the VL2 is much better too.) Of course you don't get the voice correction found in the higher end units, but if you are a half decent singer it's not really a need in live settings. What I like about this unit is that it really provides a superior vocal sound even when the harmonies are not activated. But I can tell you when you do use the harmonies, the response from the audience is amazing. Would highly recommend the GXT.

  • from Florida January 15, 2010Music Background:

    Can't Believe My Ears.

    I'm telling you, if Paul Simon had this pedal around the late 60's early 70's, there would not have been a Garfunkel. Your sound goes from amateur hour to professional polish with the push of the tone button, and then you hit the on button with voice one and voice two engaged and the harmonies just floor you. I brought this to an open mike night and the look of all the jaws dropping was worth every penny I paid. Now to the review, the whole unit is solid construction, the effects are top notch, and with a quick read of the manual or watch of the videos on TC Helicons site you will be getting great results in know time. The sound you hear on the TC Helicon site and on the YouTube videos is the sound you get with this unit. If you play guitar and sing, then this a no brainer.

  • from Weston, Florida / USA January 3, 2010Music Background:
    Former Professional, current recording hobbiest

    Truly Amazing!

    I just purchased the Harmony G. The Harmony G XT was not available at the time.
    This unit is designed to connect to a quality Mixer (PA) using dual xlr connections.
    I attempted to run it through my Acoustic guitar amp and was somewhat disappointed with the result. I then connected both XLR outputs directly through my mixer and set the EQ. The resulting harmonies and effects were outstanding. Listening on headphones, I was able to create a fantastix mix using the built in "tone" settings and various harmony settings. I recorded a few tracks with just guitar and vocals, and no one could believe the harmonies! Run this thing through a good PA, and you will be thrilled. For $200 it is an amazing product. Check out the TC Helicaon website and watch the product videos. It really is that good.
    I have already ordered the upgraded XT model.

  • from Glendale, AZ May 23, 2017Music Background:
    Cover bands...

    Even without a guitar

    Received this pedal about three weeks ago... I purchased it because I am in a cover band and nobody sings backups. NOBODY!!!!
    I play bass, therefore, I could not plug my guitar into the GXT... which worried me when I purchased it. While it would be nice to have a guitar plugged in for pitch correction, I have found that for me... it really doesn't matter. It sounds really good.
    I had to be careful with how much Harmony I used.. I was setting it at about 12 O clock.. and it sounded great without the mix.. but when the mix set in it was really way too much... I set it at about 8:30 now and it is perfect...
    The tone and pitch correct work pretty good...Programing it is a breeze.. even for me..
    I would recommend this product to you ... just be patient and build a few channels... You will be happy that you did.

  • from Northern Virginia April 25, 2017Music Background:
    Play in bands, duos, etc.

    Great, adaptable vocalizer

    Very flexible. I've nearly scratched the surface. Dresses up my voice a good bit and allows me to push harmonies into background pretty well so the voices don't sound artificial. I use with a group to reinforce other harmony voices.

  • from December 19, 2016

    Very cool pedal

    Have had a blast rehearsing with this unit ... only had occasion to gig with it once, but was very pleased with the sound ... and got very positive feedback form the listeners ... when my wife suddenly had two background singers, the faces in the audience were priceless ... I run my guitar line thru two units to provide harmony for two singers ... still learning to adapt my playing styles, and our singing nuances to avoid unnatural pitch jumping ... I'm not fond of dumbing-down my chord voicings, but sometimes you have to in order to keep the GXT happy ... I play a lot of fingerstyle, and it does a great job of following my movement ... we haven't even got beyond the stock patches yet ... we will never sing without it again!

  • from Corning, NY September 13, 2016Music Background:
    Lead Vocalist, Guitar, Bass, Drums, backup. Country, Southern Rock, Outlaw. 30+ years

    This unit is worth the Money

    This little unit is packed with simplicity and features, I sat and tried every setting I could, Some I liked some, ........Not so much, Its all in personal tastes, I actually bought this for the vocal effects, not the harmony parts, I had tried a less expensive unit by this manufacture and didn't care for that pedal at all, but this one, Nice, hit it right on the mark! If you want to sound like a robot, yeah......you can, but on stuff like "Lady Down On Love " or that sound that Vern Gosdin has with the high harmony...Yep, this is the unit, very nice flow and changes so effortlessly with the chord changes. I also have a Digitech vocalist live 4, I like this much better, oh, maybe I should mention that I was trying this through my Fishman mini loudbox, kinda looking forward to hearing it through my PA system. :) Im sure it will sound much better. Unfortunately, I did not buy this from Sweetwater.

  • from September 10, 2015Music Background:
    Musician Singer Songwriter

    T C Helicon GX T

    Best $ 200. I've spent in along time

  • from N.Y. State July 8, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing guitar and singing for over 50 Years

    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

    I'm very happy with my new device. It's everything that the previous reviews said it was. It will take some getting used to,but I love it so far. Sweetwater delivered a couple of days early also and have checked to make sure I'm happy with my purchase. I will definitely be back to by more products from Sweetwater.

  • from Texas May 2, 2015

    Neat, intuitive piece of gear

    Not a pedal board kind of guy, but I guess that has changed. Almost transparent pitch correction. Harmonies sound pretty natural. Used it for a while before opening the manual. The manual is well written and informative. Have a quintet in the rack so I kinda knew what to expect from TC.

  • from Long Beach Island NJ April 2, 2015Music Background:
    lotsa bands, singer songwriter

    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

    Just awesome.... User friendly , Even I figured out how to use a lot of options!!

  • from NY March 16, 2015Music Background:
    Solo act and bands.

    Harmony-G XT

    Easy to use, easy to program. Small footprint, easy to integrate into the rest of my rig. Sounds great; The Tone button and reverbs work very well for me, so that simplified the downstream gear needed. Knobs and buttons instead of a screen make it intuitive and easy to change on the fly. Closer harmonies sound better than the more extreme ones. Sounds better on a female voice than a male. I haven't done much with the pitch correction yet. And as usual, Sweetwater made it easy.
    The major downside for me is that there is no headphone out.

  • from Harrisburg Pa February 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician

    TC Helicon Voice Tone Harmony G XT

    I play in a duo of guitar and mandolin. I bought this to add harmony to some of my vocals. This unit produces natural sounding harmonies with your voice and it is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

  • from Red Banks, MS November 23, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician

    Harmony and pitch at your feet!

    It's great. I'm just starting to use it and am loving it. It makes you sing on pitch, not just shifts your voice there. As you hear your vocal in the monitor you also hear your voice and get on pitch with what's in the monitor. Amazing for the price.

  • from Denver,Co USA March 28, 2014Music Background:
    guitarist, vocalist

    Great effect.

    Much better harmonies than the original.

  • from Florida August 29, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Pro musician, Live Audio Geek.

    TC HELICON Harmony G XT

    I loves the product. Great guide information on usage. Clean sound and great harmonies.

  • from March 28, 2013Music Background:
    Busy hobbyist musician

    This is one great unit

    This is my third Harmony G XT. I absolutely love it. I purchased an extra one so I don't have to "take down" in my studio when I go out and gig. I would give it a five but my 1st one crapped out. It was replaced on warranty no problem. I have to say though, it is my crutch, I do not want to play without it as most of my gigs are solo.

  • from Denmark October 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Recording Engineer

    So nice

    I`m a singer and I Gigged this weekend. 4 man band. Drums, bass (Hoffner), Electric guitar(Fender Telecaster), and my guitar a Gibson Songwriter with Fishman prefix plus-T.
    The 3 other guys in the band don`t sing that much and I whished for a better sound "picture" in the chorus parts. So I bought this TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT. I was thinking what the heck let`s give it a try. The songs we sing are rock/folk covers from "Brown eyed girl" to "Honky tonk woman". I plugged it in - that was easy - remember to have extra jack/jack if you have other pedals and 1 or 2 Xlr/Jacks to the mic. output. and one Xlr/Xlr for the mic. input. I use a TC-Chorus/Flanger (also a very nice pedal ;-) after the TC-Helicon.
    The TC-Helicon device was a BIG enjoyment - it added very nice and natural like harmonies to the songs. I used two setups - an A with two voices High and Higher and a B setup with a high voice. I found that in CSN&Y and other songs whith that kind of "Big" chorus harmonies - it was a breeze to step on the TC-Helicon pedal and have the A setup going. While on More rock inspired numbers like "Honky Tonk Woman" it was enough and more suitable with the B setting. The other guys were a bit sceptic at the start - with comments like: "hmm let`s see" and "don`t overdo it" - "it takes a lot of practice". They were soon convinced that this pedal was a BIG bonus in the overall sound picture.
    I didn`t overdo it - the harmony knob between 9 and 11 gave nice choruses. And it DIDN`T take a lot of practice to use the TC pedal. I tried it once in the rehearsel room before we went to the gig.
    The only thing I noticed on the minus list was a high irritating high noice that came periodically - maybe it was my monitor feeding with the guitar - I don`t know. Next time I gig I will try and find out what it is-maybe it`s gone. It`s just that I haven`t heard that noice before when we gig. I give the pedal 4,5 - If the pedal isn`t causing that high noise it`s a 5. It`s a keeper. I have duo and trio gigs - It will be a big plus with this pedal.

  • from Dayton, Ohio October 25, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    I love this unit. It sounds great! I am still figuring out the ins and outs of the unit. It takes a bit of getting used to as sometimes I can hear some weird sounds but it's mostly when I get off pitch. So it actually makes you try even harder. Great pedal.

  • from Falls Church, VA October 19, 2011Music Background:
    30 plus years playing, occasional gigs for now

    Glad I purchased it!

    Really a nice piece of gear, easy to use right out of box. Practiced minimally with it and then brought it to an outdoor gig. Used the harmony sparingly as I was still getting used to it. The "Tone" and other vocal effects alone made a huge difference and actually got complimented on how the vocals sounded, so it's a keeper for what I am doing right now.

  • from Kennewick, WA August 17, 2011Music Background:

    Not Just For Harmonies

    This is such a great product. Not only does it give me harmony when I want it, it just flat out makes me sound better. I wish that there was an option for just outputting the harmonies. I don't have a great ear for figuring them out, so it would be helpful to hear them for recording purposes. I'm not a big fan of pedal harmonies on recordings, but I have recorded using the tone/fx/doubling features and they sound fantastic.

  • from Philly Burbs, PA July 5, 2011Music Background:
    singer/songwriter (trying to make it a full time gig :)

    you need this pedal :)

    I gotta say I love this box. Just broke it out and played with it for a couple hours and it is amazing. The two best things about it are that it keeps me from having to sing so hard and it also gives me much, much more confidence to let my voice come out.

    I turn on the pitch correction and it is really pretty mild (no noticeable noise), the doubling, the tone and some reverb and it makes me sound amazing. I am a decent singer, but honesty this makes me sound incredible.

    For doing solo gigs, I will probably use the harmonies too. You have to work out the right combinations of parts for different songs, but once I figure that out I will definitely try it. Not sure if it will freak people out to be not worth using live or not... we will see, but in the practice room they sound really nice... not static or boring either. A little movement with them and lots of options on how you want them configured.

    The only reason I didnt give it a full 5 is that I am not completely pleased with the reverb. Its ok, but a little digital sounding to me (though it could be the monitor I am playing it through.

    oh... one other nice thing about it is that you dont have to mess with EQ and compression settings to get good tone... the auto settings are good enough.

    I highly recommend this baby. Just wish I had picked it up a long time ago

  • from Tx November 7, 2010Music Background:
    all of the above

    best bang per buck

    even without the harmonies this pedal really adds some flavor to the vocals. tastefully it can do incredible liflike harmonies or untastefully it can sound like T Pain. Works great for acoustic shows as well as live with a full band. I tried running my bass thru it for the guitar chord demand but i think the low notes are not registering to the processor and the fact that im not playing chords doesnt give it enough information to do its math algorithym. even without an instrument going through it i am able to to get the harmonies i want. Very happy with this purchase. most processors that can do this and do it tastefully costs a hell of a lot more and require a soundman to operate. You dont have to be a guru to figure this little guy out.

  • from Atlantic Beach, Fla March 18, 2010Music Background:
    50yrs, guitar, keys, player, producer, writer

    As good as it gets!

    Hats off to my Sweetwater rep- Austin- you are the BEST! I gave this a 4.5 only because I have little experience with other harmonizers. Fact is, this thing is just INCREDIBLE, right out of the box. You can connect a keyboard (line out) to it also. Works GREAT. I use a mono-mono y-plug and connect BOTH guitar and keys, since I play both live. That way, I can drive the harmonies regardless of where I'm sitting. Simple to use, GREAT sound- near studio quality. As long as you are even CLOSE, it will pitch correct your stinkers!
    Love Sweetwater!

  • from Pennsylvania May 22, 2017Music Background:
    Retired pro musician

    Fun device

    Harmonies & reverb effects sound good. Octaves - low, pretty good - high, not so great. The doubling feature thickens up vocals nicely. Overall this can be a useful tool for recording or live. One caveat, if you're using a dynamic or other low output mic, you'll need to boost that signal. Get a Cloudlifter CL1 which will give you an additional 25db with no added noise.

  • from Houston, Texas October 4, 2016

    Its good when your're careful

    I was really afraid of these new harmony pedals for many reasons. My hope was to use this item in my own recordings. For me,i can record the main vocal on one track then make a new track for harms against the main vocal or offset with independent lyrics nor do i stand/sit or strum constantly...this was a food pick for me.

  • from Pacific Northwest July 9, 2016Music Background:
    Occasional performer


    Every electronic effect box is bought with some expectation to satisfy. Voice harmonizers have the toughest job of all: to convincingly create the sound of human voices. Running mine via Yamaha M61, this works great for harmonies that your band members can't or won't learn to do. It does a pretty good job of guessing good harmonies even from just two notes on a keyboard, which is really more than can be expected.

    On the negative side, the VT has its own mic requirements: my 25-year-old Shure SM58 works fine; my brand-new SM86 does not. There is no indication of this in the product description, even on TC's own page, so you'll just find out when you plug in your mic.

    A note of caution for louder bands: when the VT's harmonizer is on, whatever your microphone picks up will be harmonized through the PA -- drums, lead guitar, whatever, and not necessarily usefully. This isn't the VT's fault, just another stage-volume issue to manage: turn it on just before you need it, off after. And of course don't use it all the time, like any other effect, to avoid ear fatigue & keep the amazement factor.

  • from May 24, 2016

    Voice Tone Harmony-G XT

    Stereo mode sounds ok sometimes, but that could just be me.

  • from August 17, 2015


    I was using the $800 voice live II....Never really liked it...too many settings, too many knobs. Just too much to not have the sound perfect

    The tc helicon voice tone is simply, perfect, certainly reasonably priced.....sound is incredible!!
    Btw...if anyone wants my voiceline II.......half price lol

  • from The East Coast (of Wisconsin) December 8, 2014Music Background:

    Better than expected

    I really haven't had the chance to put it through it's paces but I found it easy to get started and working in no time. The harmonies are accurate following the chords you are playing. It does make you pay attention to your singing and forces you, at least in my case, try to be better. You may have to alter your phrasing a little to smooth out the overall effect of the harmony. The effects are nice but are not readily at your fingertips to edit. I'm sure it's easy, I just need to learn how to get in and know how to make the changes.

  • from Kent City, MI December 1, 2014Music Background:
    Vida Video Production Studios

    TC Helicon Gxt

    this unit works great,using it in the studio for creating song idea's.So far just been using the presets,I like what comes out.,really punches the vocal mic gain structure on Sennheiser MD-421

  • from Seattle, WA October 22, 2014Music Background:
    Singer/Song Writer

    Better than expected

    I've owned a couple of Digitech Live models and found them serviceable, however, this TC Helicon Harmony-G XT is better for live performance. I find it to be easy to change and save settings and even make some performance time adjustments without worrying about the need to pre-audition the changes now that I'm familiar with it. Another perk for me is when I am starting to make arrangements of my songs I found some unexplored melodies that with the Harmony-G XT I could explore. The best feature is the credible vocal doubling effect, it doesn't sound like an electric copy/paste of my original live vocal.

  • from Central Oregon September 26, 2014Music Background:
    Long-time musician and teacher (40+ years)

    Easy to use right out of the box

    This vocal effects/harmony tool is easy to figure out and easy to use in a live application. Although somewhat limited, the options that are offered are good ones...those that most musicians would choose in planning harmonies and effects. The doubling and octave effects are nice to use even when you have other singers to cover the rest of the harmonies. I have not used the additional banks, yet, to set up my own effect choices, but I plan to do that soon. The dual source analysis (guitar and voice) works vey well to provide accurate and appropriate harmonies. Pitch correction is an added bonus, if you want or need it. All in all, it's a great tool for a solo artist or for use in a group and well worth the cost.

  • from United States September 17, 2014Music Background:
    Old top 40 Dance Band Musician and singer

    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

    Great little machine! It's the only one I've ever dealt with so I really can't compare it with others,but it's really amazing. Like any other gadget,it takes some getting used to,and it's better on some types of music than it is others. I have barely scratched the surface with the settings. I found a couple of harmonies that I really like,so I really haven't run it through all it's paces yet. My one big complaint is-Why didn't they put an on/off switch on the thing? You have to unplug it to turn it off! If they put a switch on future models,I'm going to do my best to get mine retro- fitted. Go figure.

  • from Spokane August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Still working with it but so far I am pleased.

  • from Wabash, IN July 3, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior gigging the State, one weekend at a time, playing for nickles.

    Great effect for stage - solo or backups to our band

    Works great. No issues. I am powering off a Voodoo Labs power supply made for digital effects. Has a lot of neat features hidden in it that if you don't read the instructions you wont know about. I mount on my eletric guitar pedal board and use it with all my gigs.

  • from Glencoe, Al July 24, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist guitar and sound 30 years

    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

    So far I only have used this in manual mode using the same settings on all the songs that I use it on and it sounds good.
    I tried the tone button on three different vocalist and we all three did not like it on the stronger lower voice types. It seems to help a little on a higher pitched weak female voice in our opinion. I have not read or checked in any way to see if I can adjust the tone buttons parameters yet, if I can it will probably be more useful to me. As for Sweetwater personal they we great and they have good follow up for there customers. You do have to plug a cable into the guitar out to take the guitar out of the units output to the mixer so I just plugged a patch cable in going to nowhere as I use a Morley a/b box sending A to the TC-Helicon and B to my pedal board. Works good for me this way. When I get the time to explore the unit more and after I have had it a little longer I will update more about it.

  • from Poland, OH April 21, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer (30 years), live sound, amateur singer/player

    Neat little box with style

    I got this as a dual purpose device. One use is as a solo act, guitar and vocals, which is clearly what they had in mind. In that arena it does almost everything I could ask. My only complaint is that you cannot mix the 2 backing voices. If you dial in a hi and a low harmony, they will be at the same level. You can certainly blend them against the live vocal but if you want more (or less) bass for example, you cannot do that.
    The other use is as an effects box for live sound. Here I use an aux buss on the board to send whatever I want to the input. I generally tap the rhythm guitar to drive the harmony engine rather than selecting the song key manually. In this mode the drawbacks are lack of a line level input (and output). It DOES allow you to get effected signal only (at left output) and bring that back to the board (but on a mike input). Not a horrible limitation to be sure and it sounds fine when used correctly. Just would be an easier and cleaner setup with those line level in/out. Oh, and I'd like to not have to put a jack in the guitar thru connector to keep that signal out of the main output.

  • from Boston June 13, 2016Music Background:
    Singer, Keyboardist, Writer, Producer

    Not quite

    It's simple and easy to use. WAY easier to manage and figure out than the VL3. However, there is an obvious tone change that is undesirable and the tracking is pretty slow at times depending on how chordy your songs can be.

    If you are a serious musician/vocalist and are very particular about your tone/sound, then this won't cut it. If singing isn't your main thing and you want to just put on a good show and entertainment people with some crazy technology, then I say go for it... it's super cool.

    The effects are just okay. The SFX veverb setting is big and covers up a some of the robotic sound, but is too damp and not applicable to most songs.

  • from Ft. Meade, Florida USA August 8, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician & hobbyist

    Great sounding smooth natural harmonies ,but.......

    Great sounding harmonies. Reads and follows the guitar chords you play. No song programming. Lots of combinations to play with. FXs are good too. In my opinion there two negative points to be made here. First, there is no power switch. You have to unplug the unit to power down. You'd think with all the thought and electronics that went into this, they could have added a $3 toggle switch. Second, the power supply is very cheap lightweight plastic and thin cord. When I take in to gigs, I'm always worried someone might step on it. If that happened, it would most likely crack at the very least creating a safety issue and probably rendering the unit useless.

    Just on sound and FX, I'd give it a 5, but because of the lack of a power switch and the cheesy power supply, my max is 3.

  • from Somewhere in Montana August 28, 2016Music Background:
    Actively gigging musician

    Great sound, poor quality

    First ill say the harmony function of this unit is impressive and amazingly realistic for a stomp box. The effects are nice too and sound good. The build quality is the only issue I have and this unit is the only problem unit I've ever had from TC Helicon. Ive had to have mine repaired 3 times from solder joints going cold. Im still using the power supply that came with the unit and it stays in a enclosed bag when its not being used. Its never been wet and I keep it clean but for some reason the solder joints around the power supply go cold and won't connect properly. They look fine but upon testing (by a pro) they needed re-soldered. Then a second group of contacts went cold. Those are fixed and the unit is working again but its disappointing for a box in this price range to go bad with less that 50 hours of use.

  • from Md September 3, 2014Music Background:
    live sound and vocalist

    TC-Helicon Voice Tone Harmony-GXT

    Still trying to understand the presets and the difference between them.

  • from United States December 29, 2013Music Background:
    rock country bluegrass gosble

    gtx voice tone harmony

    i could do a few songs that did not sound like a robot but very few i did not sound like a real voice I did not like it the harder rock songs it did the best on kelp it for a year thinking it was me but let every body i new that could sing try it and there review was the same as mine i sold it at a yard sale for $50.00 bucks

  • from Austin, Tx June 17, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    Thins out your tone

    This thing has a lot of good reviews on it. So I thought I'd give it a shot. First thing I noticed it did, was thin out the vocals. Killed the warmth and tone of the voice. And any harmonies/octaves you add gives it a slight robotic sound. I messed with it for a few days to try and compensate the issues, but no luck. If you use a nice PA and have an experienced vocalist, this would not be a good fit. Buy a nice delay/reverb unit and be on your way.

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