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TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1?

Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1?

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  • Jim Burt
    from Minnesota July 30, 2016Music Background:
    I've been playing guitar and writing songs for over 25 years and performing in someway during this time. I've been a solo artist for the past 13 years performing throughout Minnesota and other states.

    Cool Accessory!

    I'm a solo performer. I've always wanted a way to add harmonies to my vocals without having to hire background singers (You know how they can be.......... ) I came across this device, read the reviews and decided to buy one. Good decision! I'ts added so much to my vocal performances. It's simple to use and the only difficulty is getting used to punching in and out at the right times in my songs. It gets easier the more I use it. There are probably other, more expensive devices available with more features, but for the money, this one works just fine for me!

  • Jim G
    from Long Island, NY July 29, 2013Music Background:
    Played in bands for 35 years.

    Oustanding value

    It is everything I hoped it would be. You can set one or two harmonies at a 3rd or a 5th above and below and every possible combination...the harmonies are you own voice didgitally duplicated. The guitar tells the H1 what harmonies notes to sing...just great.
    I sang "Nowhere Man" and "Teach Your Children" by myself in 3 part harmony! Just awesome....sound quality on the voices are very realistic.

  • Marky Mark
    from Austin, TX August 8, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior musician

    Changes everything!

    Wow, this little piece of magic is now a mainstay in my acoustic covers duo. It add s such dynamic depth to the songs we play. It's easiest to play with your guitar plugged in and it recognizing the key to harmonize based on the chords you play. Worth the price paid and would buy another in a heartbeat.

  • KennY
    from Fenton, MO June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and performer

    A great companion

    I really like the H-1. Anybody who has a solo act should check in to this. I will tell you how off key and pitchy you can get. I'm going to get the Tone Correct next and hopefully sound like I think I should. Great tool for anyone needing accompanyment that doesn't talk back. One of the few times that I can say I am really glad I bought a gadget.

  • Bruce Lewis
    from Middle,TN. December 13, 2011Music Background:
    25+ years Live gigging....

    VoiceTone H1

    Quality of sound is very good...
    Easy to use..
    Requires very little set up....
    If you're looking for one or two part harmonies this is the way to go...
    Would replace if broken...

  • Merv Debbage
    from Granite Bay, CA February 13, 2016Music Background:
    Bassist, vocalist, singer / songwriter , sound engineer.

    The Eagles in a box

    This little thing is just what I was looking for. Easy to use, natural sounding. A lot less latency than other auto harmony devices. The only issue I found was the delay in getting the harmonies to come through after pressing the foot switch. A bit of practice at pressing the switch a half second or so before you need fixed that, but it did cost it half a mark. Apart from that, great for two or three part harmonies. Warning though, one of those effects where a little use could possibly be more beneficial than over use.

  • John Robinson
    from Indian Trail NC July 5, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    TC-Helicon Voice Tone H1

    Does just what it said it would.Very natural sound.Noone will know that you are using this if you dont tell them.I love this thing!

  • Charlie
    from Buchanan Dam, TX December 10, 2012Music Background:
    church musician (5-string bass and 12-string guitar, as well as vocals).

    Addition to review of Nov 8th

    I'm happy I didn't wait and get the rackmount! I've used this in church, and everyone's blown away by it. I'm stoked! The only thing I don't like is it doesn't have pedals to change presets, like switching from tight, two-part, surrounding harmonies to a single tight, low harmony on the next song, hence the 4.5 instead of 5. Other than taking a few seconds to make this kind of adjustment, I can't think of ANYTHING else I dislike about the H1. Thanks, TC-Helicon and thank you, Phil for setting me up with this monster!

  • Charlie
    from Buchanan Dam, TX November 8, 2012Music Background:
    church musician (5-string bass and 12-string guitar, as well as vocals).

    Buy it!

    Although I DO wish I'd waited, saved enough money for the rack mount unit, this one does everything it says, does it well! One or two voices, above or below or split, loose or tight harmonies, keyed manually or from your instrument. I have no complaints about this unit at all.

  • Gary Asher
    from Trinity, Texas USA December 1, 2011Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician, Hobbyist


    I've only had the opportunity to gig with this once so far, but I'm liking it. My only minor problem was understanding the voicings control; the up arrows, down arrows. But I did get to field test it some and find out how best to use it, although I'm sure I will get better with it over time.

    Quality seems great. It's very robust, doesn't seem to affect my guitar signal at all, and the mic preamp is very clean.

  • Jeff
    from Davenport ,iowa March 31, 2017Music Background:
    Bassist /Vocalist for 40 years

    voice tone H1

    Works great , i play in a 3 piece Rock Band and we all sing, our harminies were already good, this just adds , a 4th member to our band vocals... Awesome

  • Doug
    from Texas February 7, 2017

    Good sound, for the money

    As with any new tool, this takes some getting used to. Once you spend some board time, you can mix out the robotic sound.

  • Ron GRant
    from New York March 18, 2016

    H-1 Voicetone

    Amazing harmony and very intimate control possibilities

  • Customer
    from January 27, 2016

    TC Helicon voiceTone H1

    A great pedal for solo acoustic guitar playing when good harmony vocalists are not available! Great for acoustic ballads, works as advertised. As always, great service from Sweetwater folks, they are simply the best!

  • The Bard Rocks
    from Mohawk Valley October 8, 2013Music Background:
    advanced amateur, unadvanced performer

    TC Helicon Voice Tone H1

    Sounds great to me and is a H*** of a lot of fun. I get compliments from the audience (used subtlely), but not from my wife! She feels it sounds artificial. It is easy to use and does alI could want it to do EXCEPT it really needs a remote stomp. Now, I can turn it off and on for choruses, but then I have to lean down, pick it up and make adjustments for the next piece if I don't want the same harmony - all in front of the audience. It feels well made. It would be nice if it would work off the power in the mikes rather than needing a separate adapter and electrical connection. All in all, a good buy.

  • Eugene Hinson
    from Fort Payne, Al October 6, 2012Music Background:
    Church choir director

    Sounds Great.

    I had an old harminizer from the 1980s. It was just so so. The Telicon H1 is natural sounding. I do not play an instrument so I could not play with my vocal. I sing acapella and the H1 is right on key after I determine the key of my song. I really do enjoy singing and recording with this fab piese of equipment. Perfect harmony.

  • Andy colclasure
    from Newkirk, Ok. August 23, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro musician

    TC Helicon H 1. Great product.

    I had heard other brands of harmonizers and was kinda sceptical with this one, until I used it. Great harmonies, easy to use, compact and durable. Perfect for the traveling musician. Just hook it up and play.

  • jwymer
    from Freehold, NJ December 18, 2013Music Background:
    Grammy Nominated writer/musician/vocalist

    TC- Helicon Voice Tone H! --Needs a bit of work

    Love the simplicity of use….keeps it easy when trying to get simple voicing….works great with single voice and single guitar….but cannot use in a acapella setting….voicing don't sound even. The second voicing sounds tinny and echoy even with gain and tone adjusted….put through Fender Deluxe Amp to get guitar voicing in check….Other than that …great little gear!

  • Butch Hirtle
    from Weymouth, MA USA January 11, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Bassist Vocalist.

    TC- Helicon Voice Tone H1

    Works best when driven by a guitar or keyboard rather than using the key selection function, yes it hears the keyboard output as well as guitar output. The FAQ on the Mfgr's web site has a question about driving the unit with a bass guitar, the response was basically it might be possible. I can tell you it does and even with songs that contain minor chord changes and are in minor keys.

    However, as the unit does not have pitch correction you must pay strict attention to singing precise melodies in order to supply your own pitch correction and avoid dissident harmonies.

    Suggestion to the manufacturer. Develop a unit for bassist/vocalists with pitch correction and a second stomp switch to change between minor and major keys with just one stomp. I would have paid a higher price to get those features.

  • Amy
    from Li , NY October 28, 2014Music Background:
    Vocalist 20 years +

    TC Helicon H1

    I use this in my Duo act. Since I don't play guitar I use it manually. I have to change the key and the harmony chords before each tune. Because its not reading the guitar chords, the harmonies do not alway work with my song. Its will make the wrong chord and even though I try every setting it won't correct. Since I cant use it on everything I want, I give it 3 stars. Other than that, when it works, it sounds pretty good. Better than paying another musician!

  • Lynda
    from United States September 2, 2014Music Background:

    TC-Helicon Voice Tone H1

    I've only used the Voice Tone a few times. I'm still getting use to it, but so far so good.

  • Ron Craig
    from Georgetown DE 19947 December 6, 2012Music Background:
    I have been a performer in various venues for many years

    The TC - Helicon H1

    I love my H1 and I'm having a blast with it. I get a lot of positive feedback from audiences on the vocal effects. It sure adds great variety for a soloist. However my review was due to either my inexperience or actual performance of the product. I miss the ability to double-track my voice at times. I also find the harmony effects often missing the intended chord I'm singing. I run my guitar through it and have set my gain properly and stay close to the mic but I still get "off" chords vocally and I'm not sure why. I'm going to try it through a keyboard to see how it responds.

  • kevin
    from Pennsylvania May 17, 2017Music Background:
    i like to play


    Sounds artificial for most part. Probably has its place somewhere, possibly as a back up singer using it, which kind of defeats the purpose. Only used it several times, could be operator dependent. I will likely continue to experiment with it.

  • Customer
    from October 21, 2013

    Not Reliable: Multiple Failures and Repacements

    When this thing works, it works great and sounds pretty good. The problem is that I have had it replaced twice since I bought it due to complete failure and now, at the end of the warranty period, it has failed again.

    I really wanted to like it and it adds a lot to live gigs, but when it goes down it takes the mic signal with it and you're left with no mic at all. Maybe ok for recording, but not reliable for gigging. I transport all electronics with great care and in cases, but after the original and 2 replacements I'm on the third one and they have all failed.

  • Ricky Camp
    from Trinity, TX January 20, 2017

    Great Item

    Hooked it worked great, Put in guitar mode and it work good to with out a guitar plugged in. bu the guitar make it more true.

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