Avalon VT-747SP

Stereo Discrete Class A Vacuum Tube Compressor with EQ
Avalon VT-747SP image 1
Avalon VT-747SP image 1
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Avalon VT-747SP
Special Order

Serious about sound?

Sweetwater has another amazing device from the mighty Avalon! The VT-747SP is their Class A tube stereo compressor/limiter with EQ built right in. Ideal for high performance DAW input signal conditioning, stereo buss compression-EQ, stereo keyboards and analog mastering applications. Find out why Avalon is the top choice of audio professionals the world over!

  • Stereo Class A opto-compressor with spectral control
  • Stereo Class A six band discrete passive program EQ
  • TSP twin signal path, vacuum tube bypass
  • Low noise -92dB
  • Fully balanced Class A input and DC coupled outputs
  • Stereo dynamic 60dB high resolution output meters
  • High quality analog VU meter for gain reduction
  • High headroom+36dB input before overload
  • Spectral side-chain monitor for pre listen
  • EQ pre-post selection for opto-compressor
  • Sealed silver relays for all signal routing
  • Internal discrete regulated power supplies
  • Military spec vacuum tubes for long life and low noise

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Controls Input, Threshold, Sidechain Threshold Contour, Ratio, Attack, Release, Gain
Threshold -20 dB to 8 dB
Ratio 1:1 to 1:20
Frequency Response 1Hz-200kHz
Side Chain Inserts Yes
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Sidechain I/O Internal Sidechain
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Depth 12"
Width 19"
Weight 22 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number VT-747SP

Customer Reviews

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Smooth N Sweet

I got this to help Vocals and Guitars Woodwinds when i track and record. This is wonderful and adds a NEW color to my arsenal. Side Chan and Analog or digital. I keep mine in Analog mode. It takes some tweaking and all of a sudden you have all this width and smooth lushy sound!. I keep the EQ section neutral most of the time then when i need to pull more highs or repair a mix missing lows or vibrance i tweak to worlds of delight. The compressor is so cool. Quick but no compromise in transients. Two chan in..two channels out. Just the way I like it!. Mix this into a Rupert Neve Portico II MBP and you will be unstoppable! I mean talk about vintage warm and fat! This unit alone will get you surrounded in down comforters, adding Rupert Neve to its output is like taking an olympic gold medalist and giving him everlasting youth. This is a professional studio snd. WARNING DO NOT OVERDUE it with this unit. It is easy to crank it all up, turn knobs. But you can do allot of damage if you don't understand what each knob does. You may think your mix is great only to find out something is not there or like super saturated. For those who know no worries. For those who don't just read the manual and add small amounts until you understand what it does. Having all the cool red lights on does not mean your doing an awesome job! You can take old washed out mixes and repair them. You can add so much warmth to a Vocal that you will be in heaven. You can run your mic'd guitar or woodwinds through this and BAM!! you will sit back and smile. I wish some nerd at Sweetwater would come up with colored back lights for the VU meter!. Dieing to have Blue or Green or Purple Meter. That way I can enjoy my custom unit and show it off to girls that come in my studio when i record. White gets old! Girls like Purple and Blue and Pink lights! Cheers
Music background: Semi retired TV/Film Composer and musician

Essential to my workflow

This is my second 747. Why would I need two? My original one, that I've had since they started making them, needed some work done (after being on 12-16 hours a day for over a decade), and my mixes just aren't the same without it. So in order to keep my studio rolling I went ahead and bought another one. When I get the original back it will not be a 'problem' finding a job for it to do. :-) And this way I have a spare, just in case. One interesting thing about the 747 is the ability to switch between solid state and tube with a button. Though, the 'tube' sound always wins. Yes, its the 'glue' that you hear as a buzzword all the time, but its also 'lush' and 'deep'. The Program Equalizer is the function I rely on the most. That 32k shelf slider is always up, just a touch, to give my mixes this beautiful air. One other use that this compressor shines on is using it form the overhead mics on a drum kit. With a great drummer, kit and room, you could almost use just the overhead mics for the drums at mix time. It just sounds that 'complete'. If you aren't convinced yet that this is a beautiful piece, there's not much I can tell you, but if you do plug it in, you will hear what I mean. Highly recommended!
Music background: Producer/Engineer/Mixer


This is basically a one stop mastering solution. With this, good A/D/A conversion, and a software brickwall limiter, your mastering needs are basically taken care of.
Music background: recording engineer

Simply Exquisite...

"If you are considering a 747, chances are you already know of Avalon's sterling reputation. The 747 meets those expectations head on - and delivers; offering two separate signal paths (tube or solid-state), for great sonic flexibility. Want "tube warmth" - got it. Don't need it on this project, no problem; flip a switch, you have clean Class A sound (with a TON of headroom!). I use one in my mastering chain, sending the 2-buss out of an Akai DPS24, into the Avalon 747, and finally into an Alesis Masterlink. The compression is typical Avalon; top shelf. Frequency bands on the EQ were specifically designed for mastering applications and couldn't be better picked. You can easily roll-off the power-robbing LF "mud" in a mix, add clariy in the mids, and a distinct sheen on HF's. Or not. Another great option is being able to use the 747 on keyboards and stereo guitars. While it lacks mic pre's, the unit can work wonders on a key patch, and gives a 3-dimensional feel to guitar processors, defining solos and bringing them "out" in a mix. Very pleased with my purchase - you will be too. It's helped my masters sound more professional and it will help yours as well. Take the plunge - you won't regret it!

Sweetwater Advice

Ryan Sloan

The VT-747SP delivers in every way. The VT-747 features the same stellar sonic quality that the world has come to expect from Avalon while still delivering a look that is sure to impress and inspire.

Derek Senestraro

An ideal cure for any mix that sounds "too digital." Just add it to your mix bus and listen to the magic. Use the solid-state path for a little punch or the tube path for that extra vitality and gloss. The VT-747SP is at home in any pro or serious project studio.
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