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Vox Valvetronix VT50 Reviews

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  • Marcos Sanchez

    As a guitarist, I understand how difficult finding that next great amp can be. However, when I heard a guitar play through the Vox Valvetronix Series, I was absolutely blown away, and immediately said to myself, "THAT'S my next amp!"

    With the innovative design by Vox in which they have put an actual tube in the power section, Vox has finally gotten amp simulation right!! These are the best sounding modeling combo amps I've EVER heard.

  • G-Swag
    from Guitarville, Ohio September 13, 2010Music Background:
    Guitar Playa!

    Vox VT50 BIG Dawg in a lil box!!

    For the money it cost and for what i play, this amp just handles itself like a CHAMP! I play a Strat, Tele, Ibanez slimbody and a Gibby Les Paul using a clean and durty patches with the footswitch(a must) on each of the 4 channels.Thats 8 amps at my feet!!!! It is warm, loud and makes my set up sound BIG, pretty, sexy and moody all at the same time!. From rock to jazz to blues to worship music, time and time again i am impressed. My soundman is estatic that i dont have to turn it up loud like my Fender Super Reverb. I mike it so it keeps that natural sound of a true tube amp. if it were stolen i would definately relpace it. I have a custome pedalboard made by Tank315 but i doubt if i will be using it for smaller gigs as the sounds from this baby is plenty enough. i have seen complaints about the volumes being tricky but you just hacve to have patience(learned that from my sound guy) to get the right settings and volume per patch, then write it down and you will be fine!
    Go Get This Amp!!!

  • ZachF
    from WV April 17, 2009Music Background:

    Great Amp and Great Price

    I bought this amp thinking I was gonna have a solid little amp to take to practice or even small gigs when I got lazy. I was so wrong. I have been using the external speaker jack to plug this into my cab and jam. I absolutely love the sound of this thing. It really responds like a tube amp should. For the money there is no better amp out there! The footswitch is a must have even though it is a little pricey. I've got a show tommorow night and I think I'm gonna take this thing and put it through its paces!

  • Judge Crater
    from Allentown, PA February 2, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Finally, amp modeling you can really use!!

    The VT series amps sound great and work great. I bought a VT30 for band practice and small gig/open mic jams, and it impressed me and everyone else so much I went out and got the VT50 to use at bigger gigs!! No, it is not going to take the place of a top-quality tube amp for when you really want to sound your absolute best, but for a gigging musician, it's a fantastic tool. You can dial in loads of great sounding, responsive, touch sensitive tones, from sparkling clean, round, or overdriven, stinging Fender combos to chiming, spanking Vox's to grinding, wailing British, and even a very respectable, enjoyable, very responsive Dumble imitation! Along with a bunch of great-sounding, programmable, easy to control effects! Of course it's not the real thing, and some models have a few mild, fizzy sounding artifacts, and the super distortion tones can get a bit cheesy when played all alone, but at a gig, with the whole band playing, the artifacts all but vanish, and these amps accomplish what tube amps do best - blend beautifully into the band mix with nice tone, without having to be overly loud. At this price point, with all of these great tones and effects, and now with 8 presets (accessible with a footswitch that costs around 60 bucks instead of hundreds$$ like other famous modelers), all together in such a small, relatively lightweight, easy to carry package, it's mighty hard to pass up.

  • JR
    from N. Virginia December 11, 2009Music Background:
    Rock, Blues, Sound Engineer/Recording

    Great in the studio, not on the stage

    This is a perfect amp for the studio. The sounds are great with my Strat, LP Gold Top (P90's), and my RG470. The overdrive is creamy, the effects are pristine. Now the problems:
    There are 8 presets that can be programmed by the user and selected via the footswitch. However, the volume spikes and then goes to the set level when switching between presets. Also, the effects can not be altered (i.e. Tap Tempo, Rotary speed, etc.) while in preset mode. In order to use the footswitch for Tap Tempo, you have to be in manual mode which limits you to one amp model. To top this off, if you start with overdrive in that particular model then THERE IS NO WAY TO GO TO A CLEAN CHANNEL!! What good is this on stage?? The only way to fix this is to run my RP7 pedal through the amp but why would I buy a modeling amp to use my old effects pedal?! This is a great amp crippled by poor design. I have a Bugera V55 on order to replace this amp.

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