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Vox Valvetronix+ VT20+ 1x8" 30-Watt Modeling Combo w/FX - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 24 customer reviews
  • from MARGATE, FL August 18, 2015Music Background:
    Life long musician

    HD Quality Clean Channels !

    Pound for pound the best value in a quality practice amp, that I've ever played.

    The Vox clean channels are best described as High Definition, compared to other amps in that price range. The amp just has tremendous character The other high gain amp channels, are well behaved and the tightest I've heard out of a $180 amp.

    This amp will make you play better, because of the quality of the sound that comes out of this thing. I noticed that right away. It helps get you out of the practice rut that everybody can get into.

    If you want to be spoiled rotten --buy this. You'll become a snob, quickly.

  • from costa mesa ca June 17, 2015Music Background:


    This amp is truly amazing. It was super simple to figure out as well. Lots of amp models and effects. I love it like a little baby. lol not joking though. I tried a few small modeling amps in my time, marshal, fender g dec, line 6, black star, etc. Nothing sounds as sweet as this amp. I am just a hobbyist so this thing should be all I ever need. Can't believe you can get so much out of it and for such a little price. Technology today is making it so you can have like 50 pieces of equipment inside of just one item. Very versatile. I have a hard time putting down my guitar now, Just sounds so SWEET!!! Thanks VOX, you rule!!!

  • from Alamogordo, NM January 2, 2015Music Background:

    Big Bang for small bucks!

    This little amp cranks! Lots of features. Great for rehearsal. Mic them for venue. I like this Vox so much I bought two and run in stereo. Thanks to the excellent customer service from Aaron Hoff at Sweetwater!

  • from Surfside Beach, SC December 29, 2014

    lots of bang for your bucks

    This amp is a lot of fun for not a lot of money and let's you get in lots of playing time without blowing out your neighbors or roomies. Modeling is very good and effects are everything they advertise. I keep this little monster by my drawing table in my home office... great way to clear the head.

  • from norton, OH November 12, 2014Music Background:

    Great Amp.

    Great practice amp. Packs a lot of punch!. I owned this model a few years ago and sold it....I am glad I bought another. I had purchased an IDcore amp....has some neat features with the software but the quality was.....meh. I sold it and bought this...

  • from Burlington, Vermont September 16, 2014Music Background:

    Great Amp!!

    Being a hobbyist at guitar, I tend to not stray too far from the norm. I love what the VT20 does for me and I'm starting to experiment more. I love this amp and would recommend it to anyone who uses guitar for taking up one's time. You WILL expand your guitaring boundaries.

  • from Meridian,ID June 12, 2014Music Background:
    Learning guitarist

    Outstanding entry level amp for the price!

    Did a lot of research and listened to a lot of entry level modeling amps before coming across the is amp. I love the sound of this amp compared to all the others. The sound just seems fuller and richer from this amp. Besides the tone, this amp is great looking, solidly built and has more features and effects than I've had time to try out. This amp will keep me busy for a long, long time. Thanks Sweetwater! Thanks Vox!

  • from cranston ri usa February 27, 2014Music Background:
    just enjoy playing

    vox vt20+

    best amp for the money a must have
    thanks sweetwater

  • from Iowa September 29, 2013Music Background:

    Vox valvetronix VT20

    Great amp for my son who is just starting to play guitar. Great tone and tons of nice effects. Love the built in tuner

  • from Los Angeles,CA February 9, 2013Music Background:
    Touring Musician

    Super buy

    I bought this as my practice amp......and I have started playing shows with it. Clubs, bars and even a big music fest. Absolute the best money I've spent on a small Vox.

  • from USA August 22, 2011Music Background:
    22 yrs Playing Guitar

    Great Amp!

    Loads of Options! Very Versatile! Great Value!

  • from Portland Oregon January 18, 2011Music Background:
    Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Production, Animator

    Tough to beat!!

    Out of the box, this puppy really sounds great! Many of the presets are on the "metally" side for me, but that's east enough to tweak, and good to have it when you want it.

    The sound is, to me, warmer than the Line 6 Spider IV, which I found to be a bit brittle and digital, whereas the VOX is really more vintage, organic sounding.

    This little amp is really quite LOUD (Gig-worthy in a medium-sized club). The 4 ohm 8" speaker has some VERY nice bottom, and excellent midrange presence and clarity. I am quite pleased.

    There's a little learning you have to do getting around in the presets:
    Pick an amp model-
    Pick one of three variations on that amp-
    Pick one of three effect variations on that-
    -so it is less than linear, or intuitive, at least at first.

    For whatever features I may WISH it had, I just remember that for $170 I got 33 great sounding amp(s) and effects, and a tuner, (AND, thanks too Sweetwater, I got the FS5 footpedal- slightly used- for only $40!!

  • from Sumter SC October 6, 2015

    Buy this amp

    If your looking for an amp to practice with, with lots of versatility then look no further. This amp has pretty much all you'll need and then some. No matter what type music you play this has the sound your looking for compared to other amps out there, and if it doesn't you can create your own sound and save it. As a previous Line 6 spider IV owner I highly recommend this amp for any guitarist no matter your playing level.

  • from Raleigh, NC July 6, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Project Studio Engineer

    Great sound, Great price, Great Amp!

    This is officially my first gear review, as I feel the need to be vocal about this amplifier. I have played guitar for a little more than 10 years, and in that time I have played the Fenders, the Marshalls, and other Vox amps(Tube and SS). I have owned this amp for around 6 months, and the primary reason for the purchase was to use this as a personal studio/practice amp. For that purpose, it does a great job. The variety of tones and sounds are what make this a true winner. Is this a true tube amp? No, so do not expect that, but for the price it gives you a very solid sound. I have docked half of a point for the speaker size as it is tough to mic, but for a sub $200 amp, this is a great all around amp that can provide enough sound to jam, and provide enough variety to keep you coming back!

    PS: I suggest getting the footswitch that comes separately.

  • from Kettering Ohio March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist since 1975

    Great Buy for the money

    Very Happy with the sound and features of this amp. Perfect for fun and practicing.Highly reconmend this. A lot of cool sounds and features for the money.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA March 19, 2014Music Background:
    47 years a player

    The Teacher

    To say the least, the Vox is impressive; and at the price should be considered the proverbial steal. It can make the mediocre player sound far better than he/she actually is. It's only been a couple of weeks that I've been using it, and I have to agree with others who have said that there is a learning curve associated. But, be assured that the curve is not rocket-science. Considering the nearly unlimited combinations of sounds that can be produced any curve turns out to be limitless hours of fun and discovery. This Vox is ruggedly built and very cool looking. I am far more than satisfied with the purchase and would recommend this amp to players at every level. Thanks, Sweetwater.

  • from United States February 26, 2014Music Background:
    Senior hippie rocker. Go Beatles!

    I was fairly surprised.

    Having played guitar now for over 40 years, and having used a wide variety of amplifiers, I gotta say that this modeling amplifier will make even the mediocre player sound way way better right from the get-go. I'll spare you of all the accolades, you can go to YouTube and watch the demo videos and listen to the reviews from the professionals for yourself. But, I gotta say ... this is one bad-boy; it's perfect for home practice or barroom gigs. The number of sounds that can be produced will challenge the best of artistic imagination. One would be hard-pressed to find a better deal for what I believe is actually a significantly under priced guitar amplifier. Thank you Sweetwater.

  • from Woodbridge, NJ March 20, 2013Music Background:
    Advanced piano player, beginner/intermediate guitar player

    Great practice amp, but has a bit of a learning curve

    Out of all of the popular low-cost, low-power modeling amps (Fender Mustang I, Line 6 Spider IV 15, Peavey Vypyr 15, Roland Cube 20XL, and the Vox VT20+), the Vox was the clear winner for me.

    I almost passed it over after a quick test, however. But I am glad that I decided to give it a second chance, fiddling around with the knobs quite a bit.

    I found that the presets are mostly junk. Only maybe 20% of the "green" presets (dry / limited effects) are usable. Most of the "yellow" presets (wet / heavy effects) are horrible. The "red" (song) presets are decent, with most sounding pretty close to the songs they attempt to recreate.

    Where this amp really shines is in manual mode. But it does take some time to really figure out how to get the best sounds out of it.

    The EQ on most of the models has a rather shrill high end, so you need to dial back the treble. In fact, my usual starting point for all 3 EQ knobs is at 10 o'clock, not 12 o'clock as would be typical.

    The small 8" speaker puts out a surprising amount of bass, but out of the box it is pretty muddy. Dialing down the bass knob helps a bit, but what really fixed things was to stuff the speaker cabinet with a small pillow (I found this recommendation on the Vox official forums). Don't laugh or discount this! It really helped to tighten up the bass and low midrange.

    The 3 separate volume controls (volume, master volume, and power level) can get confusing and take some getting used to. You need to experiment with them to find what works best. Here are my recommendations:

    * Keep the power level as high as possible, but no higher than 20 watts. There is a lot of hiss once you get past around 10 o'clock. Raise it until the hiss becomes unbearable, then back it down a bit. But even if you can live with the hiss past the 20-watt setting, I don't recommend going any higher unless you absolutely need the extra volume (which most likely will not be often, this amp is quite loud at 20 watts for in-home use, and it is not intended as a gigging amp). Around 11 o'clock is where I typically have this knob set.

    * The master volume regulates how hard the (real, but little) tube in the power section is driven. Raising this does give a nice, warm breakup, but once you go over 2 o'clock, it starts to sound a bit harsh. I usually keep the master volume set somewhere between 10 o'clock and 12 o'clock.

    * I then use the volume knob to regulate the overall loudness. Often this is set quite low because I have the master volume and power level set fairly high. Don't go below 9 o'clock, however, because things start to sound bad below this. If you need less volume, then dial back the master volume and/or power level rather than going lower than 9 o'clock on the volume knob.

    * The actual volume level for different amp models can vary greatly. This can sometimes get annoying.

    So my starting point is as follows:

    Gain: 12 o'clock
    Volume: 10 o'clock
    Treble: 10 o'clock
    Middle: 10 o'clock
    Bass: 10 o'clock
    Master Volume: 11 o'clock
    Power Level: 11 o'clock
    Pedal Value: Off
    Effects Depth: Off
    Reverb: Just below 12 o'clock (spring reverb, level around 1/3 of maximum)

    From there, it usually only takes slight adjustment of each knob to nail the sound I am looking for.

    The "effectiveness" of the 3-band EQ varies greatly between different amp models. For some models, the EQ knobs have little effect, while for others, the tone is vastly changed with relatively small movements of the knobs. And on a few of the amp models, the EQ is "interactive" -- for instance, adjusting the treble can have some effect on the middle and/or bass frequencies. These EQ "quirks" are based on how the amp being modeled actually behaves.

    The pedal (stompbox) and rack effects work pretty well, and the reverb is quite nice. There are 3 types of reverb -- room, spring, and hall. I mostly prefer the spring reverb, and sometimes the room reverb. The hall reverb is rarely used.

    There is an onboard tuner, but it unfortunately is rather limited. Only standard tuning is supported; you can't even tune drop D with it. The tuner works reasonably well, but an actual chromatic tuner should have been included.

    In conclusion, the Vox VT20+ is an excellent modeling amp that is great for in-home use. It can get quite loud, but does start to sound bad when really pushed to its maximum volume, most likely because of the small 8" speaker. You need to spend a good deal of time with this amp to really take advantage of its potential. If you want an amp that you can get good, useable sounds right out of the box with no fiddling, you might want to look elsewhere. Once you learn its quirks and shortcomings, though, your patience will be rewarded, as the Vox Valvetronix system is the most natural-sounding, entry-level modeling amp on the market.

  • from November 28, 2012

    Sweetwater sounds is the best in the business

    Sweetwater sounds is a great company. Y'all sale engineers are very respectful and easy to work with and so to the rest of your staff. All the products ive purchased have been great just like I expected

  • from Quincy, Il June 5, 2015

    pretty cool

    loud! and some good tones. Alittle complicated to learn how to program the presets. Nice sound though

  • from Grand Forks, ND September 23, 2014

    Great Amp

    For the price and all the features on this amp you can't lose! It's a great way to get a taste of different effects while still getting a quality amp. You Just can't go wrong with a VOX.

  • from WInter Garden, FL April 14, 2014

    Vox VT 20+

    A really good amp for the money. I like it better than my Fender Mustang 1 (which I replaced--broken---with this amp). THe tones are harder to dial in, but once dialed in they sound better to my ears. A pretty large learning curve but worth it. I like how you can truly dial in the effects without going on the computer (like the Mustang).

  • from West Michigan December 1, 2010Music Background:
    Professional guitarist and vocalist.

    Own it and love it!

    I purchased one of these just a little over a week ago. For a practice amp, you can't get much better! The sounds are really good, it's lightweight and pretty intuative to use. I thought the eight preset patches would be insufficient since I own a Boss GT-5 footpedal. But for practice, my GT-5 will get left in the bag along with my Mesa Boogie performance amp.

    This little guy is quite loud and works great as a regular amp in manual mode. It works well with my footpedal, but I really don't miss it with all of the amp models and effects this VOX amp has to offer.

    The effects are easy to select and save into one of the eight preset patches. And, the built-in tuner is another little plus this amp has to offer. I highly recommend it ... and recommend the optional footpedal too...even though the pedal is a little bulky for what it does.

  • from Southeast, MO October 23, 2010Music Background:

    Worth the money!

    I just received my vt20+ and VFS5 footswitch today. I ran thru all the presets really quick and then started turning knobs. Some of the song presets are really close to the original sound. I have used multieffects processors before, but this is my first modeling amp. I am used to real tube combos and head/cabinets. The VOX settings sound awesome. I have tried two different guitars thru it so far, a mim stock tele and a humbucker equipped 7 string. Both guitars sound really good on certain patches. Some are less than desirable, but that is just my opinion. Overall, I think it will make for a FINE bedroom/practice amp!!! FYI, my manual button is spelled "maunal" :)

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