Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive

2-channel Overdrive Pedal with a Defeatable Pure Tone Buffer and Independent Controls, I/O, and Configuration Options for Each Channel
Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive image 1
Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive image 1
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Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive
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An Overdrive Pedal Built for Tone Tweakers!

You can't swing a boutique stompbox around Sweetwater without hitting a serious tone-tweaking guitarist, which is why many of us were extremely excited to check out this creation from our friends at Truetone: the VS-XO premium dual overdrive pedal. The VS-XO is a whole lot more than your ordinary (or even extraordinary) overdrive pedal - it's like adding a pair of independent preamps to your rig. Each of the VS-XO's footswitchable channels provides you with plenty of drive, tone control, and even discrete I/O that you can arrange and stack however you like. If you're looking for a new way to get amazing guitar tone, the VS-XO is it!

Truetone VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal at a Glance:
  • Two independent drive channels, infinite tonal combinations
  • Flexible I/O design provides easy integration with your rig
  • High-tech circuitry that's sure to excite any tone purist
Two independent drive channels, infinite tonal combinations

In many ways, adding a VS-XO to your rig is like picking up two stellar Truetone overdrive stompboxes. Both the left and the right channels offer separate drive, tone, and volume controls, making it easy to dial in two totally different sounds, such as a crunch tone and a lead tone to go with your amp's clean sound.

The VS-XO's right channel offers a bit more emphasis on the mids, providing you with extra presence without getting honky. A 3-way clipping switch and a 3-way bass switch let you further define your sound, and a clean mix knob lets you go overboard with the overdrive, without losing your transients entirely. The left channel keeps it simple, offering a highly effective bass control. Best of all, you can activate both channels at once (in any order you like), creating a massive stack of cascading distortion for the ultimate fat overdrive tone.

Flexible I/O design provides easy integration with your rig

Independent drive channels aren't the only flexible thing about the VS-XO's configuration. You separate inputs and outputs let you literally use each of the VS-XO's channels independently or add additional effects between them. Of course, if you don't want to patch them separately, you can just put the whole VS-XO in your signal path like any other pedal, but it's nice to know that the extra flexibility is there, in case you want to integrate it with a switching system or other gear.

High-tech circuitry that's sure to excite any tone purist

The VS-XO is a true bypass pedal by design, but a Truetone design isn't necessarily like other pedals. In this case, the switching mechanism is based on gold-plated relays and circuitry designed by RG Keen to keep it extra quiet. But sometimes buffering is better, which is why Truetone outfitted the VS-XO overdrive pedal with a Pure Tone buffer that you can set either channel to switch on or off if you like. No matter how you set it up, you'll be amazed by how little noise the VS-XO dual overdrive adds to your sound.

Truetone VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
  • The perfect overdrive pedal for serious tone tweakers and live performers
  • Two independent channels let you dial in separate tones/gain stages and stack them in any order you like
  • Drive, Tone, and Volume controls for each channel give you tons of control over your basic overdrive tone
  • Focused midrange with 3-way tone control, 3-way diode clipping style switch, and clean blend control provide extra options over the right channel's sound
  • Bass knob allows you to beef up the sound of the left channel
  • Independent I/O for either channel lets you loop in other effects or integrate both channels separately into your pedal switching system
  • Gold-plated relays and special circuitry designed by RG Keen keep all switching silent
  • True-bypass switching keeps your signal pure, but you set either channel to enable or disable a Pure Tone buffer if you want
Don't sell yourself short on tone, grab a Truetone VS-XO premium dual overdrive guitar effects pedal today!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Overdrive
Inputs 2 x instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.05"
Width 5.11"
Depth 4.45"
Weight 1.46 lbs.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number VSXO

Customer Reviews

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Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive

Truetone VS-XO Dual something else......the best OD i ever had !!!

A home run!!

I was looking for a true dual overdrive pedal and remembered that Visual Sound (Truetone) was making some interesting combo pedals. I didn't want a distortion/overdrive or a boost/overdrive, I wanted two independent overdrive circuits that I could use individually or stack together. The VS-XO is exactly what I was looking for. I owned original versions of the Route 66 and Jekyll & Hyde many years ago so I felt confident this would be a quality pedal, and it is. The tone is superb, and each side is a true overdrive, yet each side is unique and different. To my ears drive 1 is reminiscent of a tube screamer, but without the nasal like midrange. The mids are prominent but are not taxing on the ear. The clipping and bass boost switches work well and are truly useful. The clean boost knob works as advertised and provides many shades of drive. Drive 2 is less compressed, and has much more low end and gain on tap. It reminds me of my OCD, but without the scooped mids and fizz that I get sometimes with that pedal. I think Truetone is accurate when they describe the mids as "flat" for drive 2. I really like the bass knob on this side, you can really fine tune the feel of the low end response. Drive 2 also cleans up very well with the volume knob and is fairly touch-responsive. Each side of the VS-XO sounds fantastic, but what I enjoy most is stacking the two sides together. With my LP's I can cover everything from soft blues to higher gain sounds from the 70's and 80's. The sustain is incredible, and I can't say enough about the versatility of this box. I could probably replace my OCD and my Fulldrive with the VS-XO. Lastly, the build quality is excellent and the pedal feels very solid. I really like the feel of the footswitches and they engage nicely. The blue led's are a nice touch and the pedal looks as good as it sounds. I'm more than satisfied with this pedal and highly recommend it to anyone looking for fat, warm overdrive tones that can also venture into higher gain territory if required.
Music background: Hobbyist/Performer for over 20 years

This Pedal

This pedal is all it's been cracked up to be. It's crazy versatile. It's small. It's incredible. This is now my go-to overdrive because it kicks my other overdrives right in their pedal butts. (I still like the others also, Fulltone Drive 2, Jekyll & Hide) but this one seriously has everything and more that I need. I've always liked VS pedals, but this one raises the bar to a whole new level. I tried it out with my Fender Jag, 72 Telecaster, and Nashville Tele, and it brought out everything I love in all three. So happy I have it----- it's a keeper!
Music background: hobbyist, song writer, production, artist

The only overdrive you'll ever need

The title says it all. With two separate overdrive channels that you can also stack together, you have everything from subtle clean boost to thick, crunchy goodness and everything in between. The right side of the pedal is so versatile and will fit any amp or guitar you use it with. There's Klon, tubescreamer, KOT tones all in just the right side of this box. Kick on the left side and you have less mids and more crunch. Two different flavors that work extremely well together. Country, Rock, Blues etc.... Just an amazing pedal from the good guys at Visual Sound.
Music background: Pro Musician

Only drive you'll need.. is right

I needed an overdrive that wouldn't kill my favorite tones.. this thing is so tweakable.. it was perfect for taking my high gain tone into that fat soaring lead zone.. the 2 channels is a nice feature two.. I use the left channel for dirtying up my clean tones, and the right channel for boosting my dirty tones for the fat leads.. you will LOVE this pedal
Music background: Musician for 30+ years
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