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Peavey VSX 26 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 1 customer review
  • from ID March 2, 2014Music Background:
    Live Audio Engineer

    Great Precision, Better than Driverack PA for the $!

    Peavey VSX-26: Review

    I prefer to buy these over a dbx Driverack PA. (Recently sold my Driverack PA)

    Compared to my Driverack PA:
    1) VSX-26 has (2) more Parametric EQ's on every output - (5) total
    2) VSX-26 can dial into any specific frequencies & delay unlike the ...PA's only jumping / fixed options
    3) VSX-26 can delay about 35x's longer than the ...PA's 10ms making the delay actually use able for something other than close proximity speaker clusters. Example: feeding back of room, fill speakers.
    4) VSX-26 responds slower in navigation, annoying. (Setting the delay to exactly 19.75 ms was especially wearing on my patience - repeatedly overshooting that setting in a hurry.)
    5) VSX-26 preset loading disables audio pass through & loads slower than the ...PA
    6) VSX-26 has far fewer built in presets to save to (8) so it is most convenient in that number of regular revolving locations.

    I have twice now been in situations where churches, years after purchasing the Driverack PA, wanted to add rear, fill speakers.
    1) Obviously the ...PA is completely incapable of this with the short delay (10ms - 11ft.) limitation.
    2) Both units place the only 1/3 octave EQ on the input. So when feeding front & rear / delayed speakers, or multiple speakers with overlapping frequency outputs, neither unit is ideal since adjustments at that stage affects both Front & Rear speakers / multiple speakers with parallel / overlapping frequency response. At that point in the audio path, EQ adjustments have a 50/50 chance of being beneficial to both / all the sound at the divisions of the listening areas. This is why the (5) parametric on the VSX-26, (2) more than the ...PA are so critical to compensate for exactly what ea. speaker / listening are needs.

    I did notice the first time I plugged a USB stick into the VSX-26 it disconnected audio to all active, odd numbered, outputs. (Reloading the preset restored audio.)

    Currently I can't think of a scenario, where I actually care about the ending audio results, that I would ever consider buying a current dbx Driverack PA model in this price range over the VSX-26. (Especially for permanent installations where the ability for precision is important.)

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