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Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
  • from UT May 19, 2016

    This is a necessity

    VEPro has significantly increased my creative output.

    I use Pro Tools 11, Focusrite 18i8, and a large EWQL template (Strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, stormdrum, Ra, silk, gypsy, pianos, etc). All on one computer (no slaves), I can run up words of 7 instances of VEPro on its server as stand-alones (haven't tried more yet). Each instance of VEPro has atleast 2 instances of Play and my computer and pro tools runs smoothly.

    Before VEPro, with the same computer and set up, I could barely run 1 instance of Play and I would have to print or freeze tracks so that pro tools wouldn't crash, even at my largest buffer size. Sometimes even with just a piano from EWQL loaded pro tools would crash if the autosave happened while I was playing.

    I recommend VEPro to anyone that wants to use professional quality plugins and industry standards. The program is very straightforward and easy to use. Don't let your DAW hold you your computer's performance down.

  • from February 18, 2016Music Background:
    Film/Game Composer

    Huge Workflow Enhancer and Time Saver

    If you're using a lot of sample libraries, this is a piece of magic.

    To me, the fact that this runs as a standalone application to your DAW is what makes it amazing. Generally whenever I open a project I have to wait for all the sample libraries to load, but with this product I can easily switch between 2 pieces without having to wait for the sounds to load; just have to load them the one time.

    This in turn let me create a huge orchestral template that I can easily manage which has chained into an increased workflow. I have hall my articulations laid out for me and set up so that I can actually spend time COMPOSING rather than going through sounds.

    Highly recommend this purchase and taking the time to set up a template(s)

  • from There October 7, 2015Music Background:


    If you use Cubase just buy this. If you use Cubase then you know how limited the engine is and how you can essentially get 3 to 4 heavy instances of PLAY or LASS or something comparable before you'd have to turn your buffer up to 1024 or 2048. Well now with HUGE projects that I was constantly rendering in place or freezing the tracks I can now open and run at a like 192. WITHOUT A SINGLE DROPOUT. And one more thing to clarify this is on the same computer I was running these tests. So cubase and VEP were on the same machine and I had improvements like crazy. When you server this thing out the gains are exponential. Its the best $200 you can spend. Stop looking up specs for computers and fix the problem at the source its the programming. And the programming in VEP is very solid and smart. You will immediately just get the layout its way straight forward and designed to pair with cubase well. I wouldn't recommend it with logic because the bussing is kind of stupid in order to get audio to your servers. But other than that just buy it.

  • from September 4, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Engineer - 10 years

    Essential for composers

    All DAW's come with decent plugins but unless you have a really high spec computer you'll struggle with virtual instruments. Vienna takes the load of the DAW so you can use more instruments.

    In my opinion this is vital to any serious composer user and should really be a priority over our plugin addictions :)

  • from August 5, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Director for On The Level Games, composer, producer, engineer

    Can not stress how good this is!

    I work with this plug in nearly every day and to say it's just a plugin is limiting it's true girth! I have a template in protools 11 that has this guy laid out with everything I could need ready to go! I even went so far as to layout my solo instruments and my sectionals as separate chanels. And the best part is I still can run multiple instances of NI and any other Virtual instruments I need. The ability to use plugins INSIDE of the VI mixer really makes it easy to handle transients easily before it even hits my main mix. Just a fantastic tool! Very versatile...I've barley scratched the surface I feel and I've been using it for 4 years!

  • from New England February 17, 2015Music Background:

    Why I buy things like this from Sweetwater...

    Funny, but the only reason I'm writing this is because I opened my mail to contact Sweetwater support for this very product. I'm having a minor issue that's driving me buggy and I just now gave up trying to do it myself. And, I'm smiling because if I'd bought this just about any place else, I'd be up the creek without a paddle. As it is, my problem will be solved by the time you read this. This is why I've been buying things here all these years. Makes you feel smart when you buy here, and I know that sounds like pr but it's just the truth. The man who made and continues to make this company has my respect.

    Buying the Ensemble Pro 5 doesn't feel like buying a Porsche, but as soon as you use it, you realize there's a lot more to this than you're led to believe in the promos.

    The Vienna String Library company in general has a very grandfatherly feel to it, and the videos that explain the product reflect this. And, if you go on YouTube, there's a 'performance test' that doesn't look that impressive. Well, prepare for a shock. The Ensemble Pro 5 software is very friendly and flexible, so much so that the descriptions I heard and read didn't really do it justice. It's deep and beautiful.

    Set-up is tough, not because there's anything difficult. It's a wonderful piece of software and a joy to use. But the instructions left my ADD-riddled brain spinning. I didn't find a start to finish here's how you do it checklist, and this is a product that really deserves one. I run Omnisphere, Trilian, UVI, and a bunch of Steven Slate plugins with no hit on my DAW. I have now mixed my Omni strings with my new free VSL strings, and wow. The VSL strings come with their own free reverb, and it sounds great.

    I'm running everything I want on one rather old computer and Logic is just cruising. Easy to love.

    Now I'm going to customer service, where someone nice is going to figure out where I've lost my way this time. :-) Hope this helps.

  • from June 26, 2014

    Amazing Tool

    I bought this product because I use Cubase as sequencer and I have EWQL libraries and unfortunately there is some kind of incompatibility issue between the 2 products. I read online that using VEP5 as host for EWQL Libraries in Cubase the issues would go away and actually it did... The tool has a higher than normal learning curve since you need to understand how the server component works and the slave and the libraries etc. but once you grasp the concept it is a great tool that will help you with reduced loading time of libraries, it makes your DAW much more stable and actually can help with your music creation workflow providing a platform where you can save your libraries configurations. And on top of all you don't have to use any of the Vienna music library to work... it works with any library and any plug in... VERY SMART TOOL!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

  • from Manhattan, New York February 19, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Producer

    A Beast

    It brought me comfort knowing i can use up to 32 virtual instruments in my pro tools rig while maintaining my buffer size at 64 you can't do that with no daw out there alone so this is a must have for sure if you like to produce, thanks again Patric Dennis.

  • from Shelton, WA USA January 18, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist composer and sometimes performer

    Beautiful Software!

    I had some initial issues that were due to my improper installation and then a current Apple issue with networking Macs using Mavericks but once those were resolved VE Pro 5 gave me a big boost in CPU and sample library organization. I'm also using Apple's Target dispaly mode for screen sharing between my iMac (VE Pro 5) and Mac Mini (Host DAW-Metro 7). This gives me the 27" display for VE Pro 5 and Metro 7 plus another 24" display (HDMI out on the Mini) with Metro 7 using screen spanning.

    I highly recommend VE Pro 5 as an eloquent alternative to a potentially expensive computer upgrade and for any level of computing hardware with the added benefit of on demand sample library access and being able to use your 32-bit plugins in your host.

  • from Albuquerque, NM USA January 5, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician, award winning composer of orchestral music

    Vienna Symphonic Library - Vienna Ensemble PRO 5

    The Vienna Symphonic Library is probably the best orchestral sounds on the market short of having a real orchestra to play your music. However, their documentation is really poor. I've had the program for a month now and still cannot get it to integrate with Sibelius 7. At this point I'm not even sure that I've downloaded everything that I'm entitled to. It is really a shame that a program that obviously has cost the company a lot of money to create the best sounds possible is hampered by such poor documentation. As a user of the product I feel like I'm left out in the cold to figure it out on my own. I'm getting there slowly and am absolutely blown away with how great the product is. Believe me, the learning curve is steep but the final product will be well worth your efforts to learn how to use it.

  • from USA October 28, 2013Music Background:


    Seriously the best thing i have ever purchased....it helps me manage all my plugin in one instance....i can quickly change instruments and auditions different sounds ....while easily play or stop my session within the Vinnea ensemble pro server...Also read the manual...i dident and took me 1 hour to figure out how to set up my midi....but overall super easy to use ....Cant emphasize anymore...

  • from Plainfield, IN August 26, 2013Music Background:


    VEP and PT 11 is like peanut butter and jelly!

  • from North Dakota August 21, 2013Music Background:

    VEP Pro 5 - Great

    This is a great program that works just like you need it to. Any time my CPU load gets heavy, I utilize VEP Pro to give me some more play. I also have used it successfully with Komplete 9 in PT 11. Works just fine. No issues whatsoever. This is use on one computer. I am not slaving any others.

  • from Delaware March 25, 2013Music Background:
    Composer for TV and Film

    This Rules

    If you're a composer who is sick your host computer being brought to its knees from multiple soft synths, this product and a mac mini is the way to go.

    Seriously. Spend the money on the middle Mac Mini and get the fusion drive. Then load this and your library of sounds.

    Just read the specs, look at the other reviews and believe. You get three licenses, and you'll need to ask for 3 Vienna Keys. Load it up, turn everything on and start composing...instead of buffer managing. I mean, seriously. You're in the middle of a fast string run and then your host computer says "Sorry theres been an [insert annoying error here]". That was the last straw for me, that error...over and over. Never again.

    Keep rocking.

  • from Covington, La USA October 3, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Nice software

    This software has allowed me to combine a dual core PC running multiple (PC only) VST synths, linked to an older Mac Pro Quad core running multiple AU instruments, all controlled by a Mac Mini dual core running Pro Tools 9 with it's collection of RTAS instruments. Setup was a bit complex but after researching the manual a few times, I was able to figure out the proper start up sequence and software programming proceedure for each computer to make it work, and it works great, but keep your network cables short. I've been wanting to combine my multiple machines into the same project for a long time and this software seems to do the job smoothly. For large projects that require multiple "CPU-Hog" virtual instruments, this is the answer. I run multiple U-he, Ivory pianos and RTAS synthes with no pops or frezzes in Pro Tools 9.

  • from United States September 21, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Project Studio Owner

    Great Concept! Great Implementation!

    VEP5 is great for composers and electronic musicians using many VIs.

    I'm running Pro Tools 10 on my Intel quad PC Desktop and VEP5 32-bit on my Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz, 4G laptop. I connected the two computers via Ethernet cables and a switch. This is a temporary setup, but I had to mention it to show that VEP works well even on a modest machine.

    ProTools 10 native normally chokes my Quad after adding lots of CPU/RAM hungry VIs like Kontakt at 64 and 128 samples. It's fine to mix at 256 or even 1064, but when creating music I need to keep buffers set to 32, 64 or 128. This is where VEP5 comes handy.

    On my laptop I run many instances of NIs Kontakt, Battery and IKs Sampletank, Sonic Synth etc. My Pro Tools sessions have no VIs, but many midi channels triggering the instruments thru VEP on my laptop. No crashes, no errors. I can premix all instruments in VEP on the laptop and only return a stereo channel in Protools. However I tend to sub group instruments in VEP e.g. Drums, Percs, Brass, Keys, Synths etc. and return about 8-10 stereo channels in ProTools.
    These can be monitored on Auxes, Instruments tracks or recorded directly to audio tracks. I also use Sonar X1 64bit (which can load a large number of VIs) and still benefit hugely from VEP as I can keep all VIs loaded on the laptop while changing sessions.

    I must mention that like UAD plug-ins, there appears to be a minimum threshold needed before VEP operates smoothly. On my machine, even one instance of VEP5 gave slight pops & clicks at 64 samples in ProTools 10. At 128 samples, those problems disappeared and from here on out - my above statement applies: your host computers' CPU/Memory is the limit.

    In summary the concept is really simple and provides a stable expandable solution for anyone who already invested in Virtual Instruments. The closest alternative is Roland's new Integra7 sound module, but that costs $2,000 and only gives 16 simultaneous instruments.
    VEP5 + a decent used computer < $600.

    Also note that VEP5 runs Waves plug-ins and other VST from other manufacturers.
    VEP5 returns up to 768 (384 stereo) channels back to your DAW. Good luck if you use that many!!
    And no, I don't work for VSL I just love when programs like this work as intended.

  • from Canton MA July 11, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician / engineer with a LOT of equipment

    Why doesn't everyone use this?

    I'm surprised I don't hear everyone raving about this software. Maybe it's because you have to buy a Steinberg Key even if you only want to use a trial version?

    Even if all you do is run a handful of high quality VST instruments from your DAW, you are still VERY likely to benefit tremendously from this software. It allows you to SEPARATE your VSTs from your DAW and put them in their own app / server. Then your DAW doesn't waste time as much time communicating with your VSTs AND your DAW has simpler memory and processing concerns to handle. It makes a HUGE difference in what your DAW can handle.

    It also allows you to save your "rack" of VSTs separate from your DAW so you can fire up another DAW or audio app and use those same VSTs without having to reload them!

    When you get into more complex configurations it allows you to use 32-bit and 64-bit VST instruments AND audio effects across multiple 32-bit and 64-bit VST host applications (DAWs) on multiple machines on both the Mac and PC platforms. A 32-bit DAW can call 64-bit VST and vice versa... doesn't matter. And it works flawlessly with the dozens of VSTs I use. If your VST maker followed the VST spec, it will work in VEP Pro!

    There other apps out there that allow you to do basically the same thing but I guarantee no matter who you are it will take you many, many hours to get them to do the same things VEP Pro does. The first time I used it I got it all to work in about 10 minutes. It has made a dramatic improvement in everything I do, thus this review.

  • from Los Angeles June 14, 2012Music Background:
    Radio producer, composer, conductor. Master of Music degree.

    Ensemble Pro has solved my 32 vs. 64 bit plug in issues

    As with everything from Vienna Instruments, this is rock-solid and obviously designed by people who understand real-world music production. I can run my 64 (and 32) bit plug ins from any host, 32 or 64 bit. And at the same time.

  • from Sherman Oaks, CA December 30, 2011Music Background:
    Composer, Percussionist

    Huge workflow enhancer

    I can't believe I didn't buy this sooner! Tried the demo of VEP5 a few days after it was released, and within minutes knew I had to buy it. I frequently have to jump back and forth between Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic and Pro Tools. Not having to wait for all of my sample libraries to load when switching projects and/or DAWS makes life so much easier and way more productive.

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