Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B - Second-tier Keyboard Stand

Second-tier Keyboard Stand with Bubble Level and Memory Clamps
Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B - Second-tier Keyboard Stand image 1
Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B - Second-tier Keyboard Stand image 1
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Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B - Second-tier Keyboard Stand
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Second-tier Addition for Your IQ-3000 Keyboard Stand

The Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B Second-tier Pro keyboard stand is a great way to make a reliable keyboard rig that's easy to setup over and over. The built-in bubble level helps ensure you won't be dealing with a leaning keyboard throughout your performance. The memory clamps let you set the height once and forget it. And the thick aluminum construction is angle adjustable for positioning your keyboard right where you want it. When you're ready to add that new keyboard, use the Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B Second-tier Pro.

Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B Second-tier Pro Keyboard Stand Features:
  • Second-tier keyboard stand addition for IQ-3000 stands
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Built-in bubble level keeps your keyboards from leaning
  • Memory clamps offer setup consistency
  • Highly adjustable
  • Works with Ultimate Support V-Stand and IQ-3000 stands
Organize your keyboard setup with this VSIQ-200B Second-tier Pro keyboard stand.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 17909

Customer Reviews

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So Happy With This Purchase!

I had the original V stand and was searching high and low for the second tier attachment which I was never able to find. I eventually sold it, and after consulting with Phil Schwan, decided to buy the upgraded version with the new second tier attachment. I also have the On-Stage KS7365 which is solid, but takes such a big production to set up. I’ve always liked the V stand and I’m so happy with this new setup, and it looks awesome! Certain features on the new V stand were improved, and the second tier attachment works perfectly for me. It has brackets that secure to the back end of the V stand, and then you place the second tier arms onto the brackets and adjust everything which eventually makes it so easy to set up and take down. The brackets are made with a built in leveler (to make sure your adjustment is accurate) and a quick release locking type mechanism to hold everything in place (make sure this is tightened so that the brackets won’t shift when locked.) The second tier arms don’t actually secure to the brackets, you simply choose the height that you want and then attach a collar which keeps the second tier arms at a certain height, you could then easily grab them and pull them out, and there are grooves to hold them in place and keep them from moving from side to side. I have two full size 88 weighted keyboards and the stand holds them easily. Kudos to Phil for helping me with this purchase! In addition, I also picked up the On-Stage MSA8020 Clamp On Boom Arm which works perfectly with this setup.

Great design, great construction, great solution!

I have owned an Ultimate Support V-Stand for a couple of years now and have sought a solution to adding a second keyboard. I was pleasantly surprised while doing a search that Ultimate was now making the second-tier Keyboard stand. I have to say that this is one of the best thought out products that I have run across. The way that it attaches to the V-Stand, the bubble levels, the adjustability of every parameter and the overall fit and finish of the product well exceeded every expectation. Although, in thinking about it, I am really not surprised because the V-Stand itself is a very well engineered and built product and Ultimate Support speaker stands that I have owned for 25 years have been able to withstand use and abuse and still look and perform like new. Ultimate Support is one of my favorite brands of music products.

They're going backwards, not forwards....

I already had two of the original first-gen V-stands,and one of the original first-gen 2nd-tier stands before buying a new V-stand and this new 2nd tier. I wish that I had bought a second original-gen 2nd tier stand when I had the chance before they vanished from the market. IMHO the newer products just simply are not as good as the previous generation, and it's discouraging to see a new product not improve on the previous one. Specifically the arm lift locks on the main stand are a very different new design and seem less stable on the new V-stand, and the 2nd-tier attachment makes me very nervous about the potential for an arm support to fall off the back of the stand as the entire unit does not fit onto the back of the tube (the back of the tube extensions are too short!), or to swivel. Put simply, while I have 100% confidence in the structural integrity of the original-gen V-stands and 2nd tier (all proven rock-solid over many years of use, they're my favorite stands!) , I only have maybe 50% confidence at best in these new products, and don't expect them to hold up the same. Plus, the level on one of my 2nd-tier arms arrived broken, but no big deal as it's not structural. There are some improvements however in the new V-stand - there are now some locking pins on the lower legs that keep them from moving once they are at full-width extension (a potential problem with the first-gen), and unlike my original stands the new one came with a carry bag. Bottom Line: I wish that Ultimate would drop the current product (except for the locking pins!) and bring back the original product again.

Do not recommend this one.

I purchased this hoping that ultimate support and finally released a second-tier option for the IQ 3000 series and V stand keyboards. Although the idea is excellent, the execution is absolutely not. I had no issues using the stand attachment straight up-and-down, but once you angle the actual tiers ( The part that physically attaches to the back of the stand ) it all becomes extremely unstable, and I nearly dropped a DSI Prophet 12 keyboard this way. I purchased the K and M Omega along with the stackers because this is the single most sturdy two-tiered set up you can buy. After the incident with my Ptophet 12, immediately placed an order for a second K&M stand and stacker. What you may not be able to see here in this photo, is that the second tier option does not actually secure to the main stand, you simply choose the height that you want and then attach a collar which keeps the second tiers at a certain height, you could then easily grab them and pull them out, or tilt them side to side. Sorry Ultimate, you need to go back to the drawing board on this one.
Music background: Keys for worship, recording, pro audio.

Horrible! do not buy it!!!

I just got the second tier. The vertical tube just fall inside the whole and is hold by an external ring but this ring is not part of the whole. Basically you can pull the harm up because is lose, that means is not attached and it wobbles, it is unstable. It is not like other stands where you tied the tube and gets rigid. Not this one. You keyboard will be bouncing all the time. Super mediocre system. I have been using Ultimate since the 90's with the Apache. I had several Apex and V stands and this one is mediocre at best. Not to mention you have to put together a load of pieces that does not make any sense and at the end, the harm is lose any way. Do not buy ANY of those stands until they fix that.
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