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Roland VS-2400CD Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from Arlington, Wash. May 4, 2015

    Roland vs2400 cd

    I gave it a 5 star which should tell it all, awesome...

  • from nashville tn January 25, 2014Music Background:
    pro drummer

    the best thing ive ever had for recording

    I've used foster and Tascam for years and I know this unit is a few years old but I bought it last week and its like mint , what a game changer for me. no more crappy recordings . I cant do now what I have been trying to do for years . thanks roland for the wonderfuf pruducts you make

  • from Louisville, KY January 20, 2008Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Roland is the King of Project Recording

    The VS series kills the competition and the VS-2400 CD is no exception. 24 Digital tracks, on board high quality effects and modeling, automated mixing, CD burning, and too many other features to list. Spend the time to learn how to use this machine and it will be well worth the effort. Buy the DVD manual to get you started. Warning - You will love this unit so much you will get greedy and want even more! You soon will be trying to figure out how to upgrade to the VS-2480!

  • from Columbus, MS October 14, 2007Music Background:
    Semi professional musician for twenty years.

    WOW! just what I needed

    I'm blown away at the intuitive nature of this machine. It does everything needed and then some...I was up and running, and with the additional purchase of the instructional DVD from Roland I was recording in no time flat. If followed to the T, recording at the default settings create a great sound that is easily processed and mastered. I bought this machine to replace my slightly used Fostex V16 recorder since it offered a more user friendly interface. Although new to recording and sound production, it will be a great addition to my music arsenal.

    As a video producer I think my next purchase will be a personal hand held flash recorder for times when VS-2400CD is not ideal.

  • from SF bay Area, Las Vegas May 1, 2007Music Background:
    Old geezer Musician

    No More Frustration

    I remember the old days when I would do some sessions in a major studio in the SF bay. We would get the "B" room with the 16 track. Only major label projects would get the 24 track "A" room. I now have the "A' room in my house!As a LE pro tools user sometimes I have to do so much just to get things working. Check this: The second day I got this unit I sat down and recorded some classical guitar tracks. Mixed them, Mastered and made some CD copys all in about two hours!!!!! I can still import/export
    my pro tool tracks but this has everything I need in one package. Imagine if I told the guys, " someday I am going to have a Digital 24 track studio with full automation and masterting capabilities with all of the outboard racks I need". Too Cool......

  • from Ware, MA April 14, 2007Music Background:
    producer/engineer/mixer/drummer etc.

    You will never find more pro features for the price!

    I bought my first vs-2400 about 3 years ago, and just fell in love with it! Now I just bought a second unit and have them hooked together with the RBC-5 R-BUS cable. That gives me 48 tracks simultaneously, plus I can mic a drum kit easily and send 8 digital signals from one 2400 to the other at the same time. That can be very useful for mixing also. The effects section is extensive and of fairly high quality. The reverbs are full and lush, but do sound a bit Cheesy on drums. Then I got the T.C. Electronics plug-in and the problem is solved! If you want to take full advantage of the technology offered in this unit, you have got to read the manual, front to back. I've actually read it three times and should probably do it once more(over 400 pages). Overall, beleive me, you wont be let down. I'm pretty critical when it comes to good sound, and if you're willing to put in the time and energy, it can sound damn good! I do recommend getting a good tube mic preamp for vocals though.

  • from Minnesota, USA January 24, 2007Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter, guitar player, home recording, live sound

    VS-2400CD Has It All!

    I have been doing home recording for thirteen years using an ADAT 8 track. I finally upgraded my equipment to the VS-2400CD. I now have all the tracks I will ever need for the recording that I do. If you decide to buy the VS-2400CD, save yourself a lot of time buy purchasing the DVD manuel, as well. Why Roland doesn't include this with the equipment, is beyond me. They do include a video that will get you started, but it isn't as complete as the DVD. If you try to take on the VS-2400CD with just the included manuel...good luck! For me, it was confusing due to all the jumping from one section to another that you have to do to understand it (even then it wasn't very easy at times...) If you're not familiar with digital recording like this, it may take a while to really get a handle on it. I've had mine two months and I'm still having to refer back to the manuel from time to time. Overall, this is a great piece of equipment and will do a lot for you.

  • from Southington, CT May 24, 2007Music Background:
    Home Studio

    Nice product, but chances are you will never get the "free plug-ins"

    Good product, but watchout...they (Roland) don't send the plug ins as stated. Call them and they'll say they will; but never do (this will happen over and over). When I asked for Cust Svc. Mgr, they won't connect you. So when I tried to email Roland Cust Svc. Mgr (3 times) they were all ignored.

  • from nj July 1, 2004

    great system

    just got mine about a month ago for my home/mobile studio....the sound is wonderful, and it has so many great features.......this machine can do almost anything a big studio can do, and did i mention it sounds great....i really like the compression, but now with plug ins available i can get a nice UA vintage comp.....tons of editing features, easy to use, and the vga screen really makes it very intuitive.....i wish it had sample rate conversion though....if you record at 96, you cant get it on cd....oh well, the 44.1 sounds really nice.....for those of you out there lookin at the different DAW's, i highly reccomend this one

  • from Vancouver B.C. February 1, 2004


    AS a proud owner of the VS-1880. I am very interested in the new VS Workstations Roland has produced. I have recieved the demo cd for their new VS-2400 just two days ago and must say I am so impressed with the new features I think somehow soon i will purchase this product for my studio..The fly faders and anaylzing feature is incredible!

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