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DPA d:vote 4099V - Violin Mic w/Clip Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the DPA d:vote 4099V - Violin Mic w/Clip?

Questions about the DPA d:vote 4099V - Violin Mic w/Clip?

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  • from Oakdale CT February 11, 2017Music Background:
    Contemporary Violinist

    Pro quality mic does not disappoint

    DPA 4099A violin mic produces a full tonal range and expressive & natural sound, whether in rowdy stage performances or acoustically "sensitive" settings, e.g. weddings/churches. I admit I choked on the price tag, but took Sweetwater's friendly return policy into consideration. No need! I'm totally satisfied with the sound, which is a very near reproduction of the actual instrument. I'm also using it for recording, running through an Art MP Studio pre w/ a GE tube, and and the recordings are clean, clear and warm. Sometimes you DO get what you pay for~!

  • from May 30, 2016Music Background:
    Musician/Sound Tech

    Worth the money

    This is a pro grade/tour grade mic.sound quality is astounding in a live environment.highly recommend.

  • from San Francisco Bay Area April 2, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-pro Scottish fiddler

    Way expensive but a great mic!

    I've been impressed with DPA's technology as well as their customer service. I recently upgraded to the 4099V from a DPA 4061, which I'd been using for live fiddle performances for about 10 years. The 4061 is a good mic and I really liked the ease of mounting (on a hanger under the strings afterlength) but I found my fiddle tone sounded a little thin with this mic so when the 4061 had to go in for a repair to the microdot connector, I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade. The sound from the 4099V is great; much fuller than from the 4061 in live performance (we typically use QSC 8" powered speakers through a Mackie board) and I think the reproduction is good enough to use for recording. The quick mount that comes with the violin version is really easy to use. The mic also seems pretty resistant to feedback. The only issue I've had is with figuring out how to aim the mic so that it doesn't pick up the sound of my breathing--but this would be a problem with any similar mic. Although this mic is expensive compared with the alternatives, for me it's worth it for the sound and the ease of use.

  • from WY January 6, 2015

    great sound, never use a pickup again

    Although it was tough to swallow the price of this microphone and the wireless adapter, it is well worth the improved sound the fiddle gets now. Bought this for my daughter who is in a country rock band playing a lot of loud gigs. Before, with the pickup on her fiddle, the heavy buzzy sound had to be turned down quite a bit at the board until her solos...now it sounds like an acoustic fiddle playing on stage. Band is blown away by the sound quality. Feedback resistance is WAY better than I expected and with a little caution, this mic will work on an electrified stage--especially one with plenty of room.

  • from Washington DC area May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Freelance Violinist/playing for almost 40 years.

    Pure Acoustic bliss!

    I have always used standard pickups. While they can be high quality, they still lack the 100% pure acoustic sound you will hear with this mic.
    I still need to use a pickup when doing outside performances and it's windy, as breezes will also be amplified. I really love the ease of the clip. Say goodbye to frustrating mounting time. It's so refreshing and easy to set up and use. The nice case makes it easy to pack with your gear and know it's safe.
    Just watch having it too close to your monitor, as it will cause feedback. The great people at Sweetwater helped me get the accessories needed to easily connect to any sound system. It's my new best friend, love it!

  • from NashVegas, TN December 22, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Sound Engineer

    Best Violin Mic i've ever used

    Love the 4099v... Instrument sounds very mellow and sweet. Nice and Airy sounding and not harsh like a pickup. still need to be mindful of your stage noise. Using headphones is very important as it will pick up stage noise around you. Received tons of compliments after using for the 1st time from people that know what my instrument normally sounds like with an LR Baggs bridge pickup and a Venue DI. Currently experimenting with both the 4099v and my baggs pickup submixed for the best of both worlds.

  • from Kirkland, WA April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Recording Engineer, Live Engineer

    Best solution for live recordings

    Capturing great sounding string instruments in live settings can be a challenge. Pickups sonic qualities are sub-par. Using traditional microphones on stands is in many cases not possible as they pick up everything else around. The DPA d:vote 4099 series is the best solution we have found. It is so light and small that instrumentalists don't even notice it. More importantly, if you take the time to research the optimal placement, the DPA 4099 series will give you clear and clean audio that no pickup will ever get close to. Price is not for every budget, but you definitely get what you paid for.

  • from Greater New York City area December 31, 2012Music Background:
    Jazz violinist for 35 years

    DPA 4099 violin mic

    Produces a very clean natural sound that allows me to play in a more nuanced fashion. The gooseneck lets me adjust the mic placement to find the perfect sound for all of my instruments. It's a well thought out product that I'm very pleased with.

Questions about the DPA d:vote 4099V - Violin Mic w/Clip?

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