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DPA d:vote 4099P - Piano Microphone System Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the DPA d:vote 4099P - Piano Microphone System?

Questions about the DPA d:vote 4099P - Piano Microphone System?

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  • from Durham, NC September 21, 2016

    Discreet and powerful

    Like most people out there, finding a good solution to mic a piano, not only for recording, but for live purposes as well, seems a daunting task. These little beauties, for me, were the quickest answer. Is easy and unobtrusive to place, with a full, natural sound what you are after? You will find it with these. You can even use them with the lid down! I also use one on acoustic bass, cello and violin, all with different clips. You can buy a pair and by adding different clips, even one for a regular mic stand, you make them useful on a large array of projects.

  • from New York City November 15, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician and Audio Engineer

    Brilliant design and real life savers for live sound applications!

    I record mostly live shows in a small century-old theater in the upper west side of New York City. The performances that come to our stage range from intimate Jazz trios to full scale operas, to world music ensembles, to rock bands. The diversity of music is truly fantastic, yet it makes my job as the house engineer all the more challenged. I've used a myriad of spot mics throughout the years, some boutique, some just regular work-horse mics, and the challenge has always been the same - since we work in a small space that seats 100 people, a solo spot mic inevitably pics up another instrument in close proximity. I'm a real fan of organic recording, but when mixing post performance, there are often more times that I wish I had a little more isolation for a specific instrument. Enter the DPA 4099s. I won't say that the capsules completely isolate an instrument from others in close proximity, but thus far, they really have been life savers in several settings - more specifically for those players who can't seem to stay close to their spot mic, or for when the opera diva goes from stun to kill and an important complimentary line to the singer from an instrument has been drowned out. So, in live show applications they really do shine, and the sound captured is as high quality audio as one could hope for. When I first got the mics, I spent time in the theater just trying them out on guitar and piano. Without too much effort, I found some truly gorgeous sounds out of both instruments initially with just the 4099s, and then even better sounds by blending the intimate signal from the 4099s with various large diaphragm or pencil condensers for capturing the room and the instrument. I can see how these mics will work beautifully in a studio setting as well. If you are looking for that next big purchase, consider buying three or four of these mics instead of one expensive mic. It's a smart investment and they produce brilliant results for both live and studio applications.

Questions about the DPA d:vote 4099P - Piano Microphone System?

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