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DPA d:vote VO4099-G - Guitar Mic w/Clip Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the DPA d:vote VO4099-G - Guitar Mic w/Clip?

Questions about the DPA d:vote VO4099-G - Guitar Mic w/Clip?

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  • from Menifee, CA April 24, 2017Music Background:
    40+ years professional

    Best sound for live acoustic guitar

    This is my second DPA mike for use on acoustic guitar. This one goes on my Taylor 12 String.
    These are absolutely the best way to go for professional live stage use. I have tried everything from the
    built in systems to the Fishman and LR Baggs pickups (the Baggs is good but not like this).

    The only drawback is the DPA clip for acoustic guitar....they are maybe OK for someone sitting is a coffee house playing on a stool but NOT for real live shows....One you must do is put the clip on and then I use electrical tape (three pieces) to keep the mike in place (and not damage the guitar)

  • from Charlotte, Mi. October 30, 2016

    DPA d:vote VO4099-g-Guitar Mic w/Clip

    I recently drive to Sweetwater for my 1st time and was floored by both the facility and the fantastic, friendly customer service I received. I was even given a tour and saw their world-class recording studio ! Wow ! While I was there, I purchased a DPA 4099-G condensor mic for my live acoustic guitar performances and it sounds killer !!! Totally captures the true sound and character of my prized Collings D2H acoustic guitar, and makes for great sounding recordings taken straight from the board at our live shows. I'll look forward to making the drive from Charlotte, Mi. to Sweetwater again very soon !!!!

  • from Hawaii September 29, 2016

    Super Fantastic Mic

    This is the finest small mic I've ever seen or used. Absolutely fantastically designed, engineered, and sweet sound. I'm ecstatic! But I prefer you don't buy one - then you'll sound as good as me and I don't want that.

  • from New Jersey April 20, 2016

    Excellent Mic

    This microphone is excellent. I use it for my Martin 000-28, Taylor 522e 12 fret and my custom made Ken Potts Koa Ukelele from Maui. All of my instruments to not have electronics. This microphone attaches to my instruments easily and I am now able to plug into an amplifier and jam with friends. As others have stated, the microphone is very sensitive. Just make sure you point the microphone toward the sound hole and find the "sweet spot". It was an expensive purchase, but worth every penny.

  • from NE LP Michigan October 10, 2013Music Background:
    Pro-Am musician, home recorder, sound person

    Very nice sound

    I use this microphone on a martin D28 that has a built in bridge pickup. I special ordered a duplex cable, 1/4 inch for pick up and microdot for the mic. The cable decreases stage clutter. This combination makes the guitar sound incredible through the pa.

    The microphone comes with an xlr to microdot adapter. This adapter also has a built in low cut filter.

    The dpa comes with a clip to fasten it to the guitar. Placement is critical for the fullest sound. It works best for live performance. It doesn't have that pickup sound. It adds the lifelike tone to the pickup in my guitar.For recording it sounds a little thin. It is relatively expensive, however, this is the solution to make your audience hear the true sound of your guitar. I recommend it highly. You can achieve fairly high levels of gain before feedback. I would suspect you can use it with other instruments with the correct clip/holder.

    As always Seetwater and Alan delivered great service.

  • from East Coast March 15, 2017

    Excellent performance mic for acoustic lap guitars

    When I can afford to buy 4 more of these mics I will! The fidelity is superb. The highly-directional supercardioid pattern significantly minimizes feedback issues, even in high-gain scenarios. I also insert a UA610 mic pre in the signal chain before I go D.I. or plug into my performance amp (a Fishman Performer). I routinely play on multiple acoustic guitars because I tune each one differently since it's not fun to bore others (and myself) with re-tuning as many as all 6 strings when performing (or even practicing). With the DPA mic's well-designed and handy goosenecked clip, I can quickly switch guitars with minimal hassle. The only mics that come close to the DPA VO4099 are big bucks studio condensers. My guitars' face (and thus, soundhole) projects upward to my ears and the unique tone of Weissenborn lap acoustics is very hard to capture with a mag pick-up (including the mag/mic combo models) - you'll just have to trust me on this, I've been playing acoustic lap for decades. With two of my guitars I'm using the DPA in combo with an L.R. Baggs pickup since I can easily add effects to the pickup signal and still keep the purity of the DPA mic feed. The thin, delicate mic cable and "MicroDot" connector assembly of the DPA is a concern - but so far, I haven't been invited to sit in with Thrash Metal bands and play through Marshall stacks (but I could). If you play acoustic- and like me - you're a Tone Junkie, invest in one of these. This mic will raise your performance game, monumentally.

  • from New York City November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician and Audio Engineer

    Excellent on Guitar, but works well with other instruments

    When I purchased the DPA 4099G, I also purchased the DPA4099 Piano pair too. My initial review can be found on the 4099 P page, as I gave a general review of all of them at the same time.

    That being said, these mics are really smart investments, and for anyone who runs live sound or records live shows, I'd encourage you to buy several of these rather than investing in one boutique microphone. I record live shows in a theater space in the upper west side of New York City, and the range of shows runs the full gambit from classical to jazz to rock to world music. The challenge, since we're a small theater, is in isolating instruments in the mix. The 4099s have helped tremendously with this. I won't say that they completely isolate the instruments from others in near proximity, but they make the post performance mix down much easier. The design is brilliant, and the time spent getting the desired sound is minimal. So, for live sound folks, it's a quick set up, and even shorter amount of time in finding a sweet spot. Guitarists (and other held acoustic instruments) have a little more freedom of movement too. I also recommend that if you can only afford the guitar mic, consider buying a few of the other clips. That way you can interchange the mic with other acoustic instruments.

    If you can afford more than one, DO IT! You won't be sorry. The smiles from the players at how quickly they like what they are hearing is a real perk.

  • from Princeton NJ April 30, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Nice Mic

    I am using the DPA 4099 with a Shure Wirless ULX and ULXS4 to a Bose L1S system . I think the mic is fantastic for use with my Flamenco guitars. The key and this is very important is placement. Just a little bit away will cut boom/ proximity effect , up/down bass side or treble side and it's like you are using eq. With this being said if you spend the time getting to know the mic and your guitar you will find the sweat spot. For me. I mount the mic clip on the bass side about 1-2inches from the fretboard/ neck. With a slight leaning towards the sound hole hovering around the 13/14th fret. I also add a Schertler DYN-G to get a bit more volume with out feedback. This system allows me to be wirless and no pickups or electronics mounted on my guitars. I play in restaurants, bars, clubs, weddings, private events, wineries. It's a great mic and works well just spent time getting to know it. Added bonus no mic stand and moves with you.

  • from Chapel Hill, NC USA August 14, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Performer, Composer and Teacher for over 40 years.

    DPA d:vote VO4099-G Guitar Mic w/Clip

    Great sound. This takes a little getting used to as far as placement goes. There is no place to put it where the sound is optimal and you won't occasionally brush the mic with your hand. still I am confident I am not too old to learn a new trick.

    Any complaints I had were I believe the mic had been opened before I got it. Things were a little funny in the case. It worked fine so I can overlook that.

  • from Mineral Wells, TX July 25, 2012Music Background:
    Piano, Church choir, guitar hobbyist

    DPA Guitar Mic w/Clip

    The main shaft seems to have been strengthened. That makes it perfect for my needs.

  • from Ft. Wayne, IN July 24, 2015Music Background:
    Dedicated Hobbyist (20+ yrs)

    True Acoustic Tone

    I have had the DPA 4099G for a few months now and have had the chance to use it at several events. I use it on a Golden Era Martin 000-18. I have to say that I am AMAZED at how true it reproduces the tone of my guitar through a PA. This IS what I have been looking for!!
    As other reviewers have stated, you do have to find the sonic sweetspot on your instrument...but that is easy. I fished the thin wire in between the layers of material on my guitar strap. The XLR adaptor also mounted quite nicely on the strap near the end-pin.
    This mic is best used in a solo, or small ensemble application. Using it with a full band will likely pick up other nearby instruments (especially percussion). I have not had any PA related feedback issues as long I am BEHIND house speakers. I highly recommend in-ear monitors, as floor monitor feedback threshold is rather low.
    The attachment system is good, but still needs some improvement. This and the price tag being the only negatives keeping it from a 5 star rating. However, if true acoustic tone is something you won't compromise....this is the ONLY solution! You get what you pay for!!

  • from August 5, 2014

    EXTREMELY Clear and clean

    The good: It's so, so clear. Depending on where you place it, you can get any sound you want. The mic is RESPONSIVE, the slightest move gives you a whole new range of tone. I clamp mine to the upper bout of the guitar with the mic over the 13/14th fret angled slightly toward the sound hole and it's the best sounding PA'd acoustic I've ever heard. You won't be disappointed with the sound.

    Be aware: IT PICKS UP EVERYTHING. If you're a singer, it's going to hear you. No, it's not full volume but it's there. In some ways it's cool because it's a nice chorus/stereo effect. However, it compounds feedback issues. If you're running a loud stage with lots of your acoustic/vocals in the monitors, you are likely to have issues. IT PICKS UP EVERYTHING.

    All in all, this little mic lets me play my beloved guitar with no electronics without having to stand in front of a microphone. In my situation, it's worth it. However, if you don't have that incredible, sans-electronics guitar that you just don't want to go on stage without, you probably just need to buy yourself a nice $600 guitar with a pickup.

  • from United States July 24, 2013Music Background:

    Very natural sounding mic

    I purchased this mic to amplify my acoustic guitar for stage use. It really is a fantastic mic. I ended up having to put in a pickup in the guitar anyway which was disapointing. The mic alone just wasn't giving me enough body. I now use this mic and the pickup signal and blend them together and for me it was the solution I was looking for to get that "your acoustic but louder" sound on stage. Very nice product. I didn't give it 5 stars because the wire that connects the mic to the preamp is very thin and looks to be fragile. So far no problems!

  • from Minneapolis MN October 6, 2016

    Mic doesn't stay on the guitar

    I purchased the VO4099-G - Guitar Mic w/Clip a few months ago, but I have to say, I'm really disappointed by the quality of mic clip for the guitar. I own a gypsy jazz acoustic guitar and I've been trying to use this mic at my gigs but it keeps falling off my guitar, hitting the floor and causing a huge feedback through my amp.

    The mic sounds good but the clip socks. I regret spending the money on this mic.

Questions about the DPA d:vote VO4099-G - Guitar Mic w/Clip?

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