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Squier Vintage Modified '51 - Vintage Blonde Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified '51 - Vintage Blonde?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified '51 - Vintage Blonde?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from WV October 17, 2015Music Background:
    13+ years playing guitar

    Great Guitar, Love It!

    This is a great guitar! I've been wanting one since they came out the first time. I got a demo vintage blonde model from here. Its a very nice guitar, plays good and sounds great. I'm not a fan humbuckers at all, i usually hate them, i was planning on changing it out to a single coil of some type, but i'm actually liking this one! And the neck pickup sounds great to be a ceramic magnet strat pickup. As others have said, it is a bright sounding guitar, but i like that, i don't use a tone control much if at all anyways so its perfect for me. Guitar was packaged very very well, it was packed in the squier box then wrapped in bubble wrap in another box, thanks for the catalog and the bag of candy, was not expecting that! Overall great guitar, my only complaint which is no big deal, i can fix it in a few minutes, the frets could use some polishing, i'll use some 0000 steel wool (masking each fret off first) and polish them right up, you can feel them when you bend the strings. No big deal, everything else is perfect! I've been playing for 13+ years and I know quality when i see it! Whats unique to me about this is, strat body - tele neck. Great guitar!

  • from Richmond, VA July 11, 2015Music Background:
    Casual / Hobbyist

    Oh Yeah Baby!

    Wow. I am loving this guitar BIG TIME! Got mine from Sweetwater about 4 weeks ago, and I really like it. I am giving it 5-Stars, because how could I not- after paying $179 scooteramas for it. I stole it. It's not a 5* guitar, if it cost double or more. I'd give it 4 though- at that price. But for this price range, and even a little more, you just can't beat what you get in this little package.

    Why I love it: First, it came to me perfectly intonated, and the neck is really nice. Slim. Easy feeling, and I dig the satin finish. You can really dig into the strings, and no problem- even with the cheapo factory strings. I'm betting it's even better if you change em' out. And the next thing about it is the electronics. The volume knob is awful- like others have stated. No biggie. I just slipped a new one on there- with a locking pin. Problem solved. But I love the 3-way selector knob where the tone knob would normally sit. Cool feature- and I don't use a tone knob much anyway. I always have it cranked all the way. I adjust at the amp. So there is no tone knob- but I don't care. But the best electronic feature is the pull-pot volume knob which allows coil splitting of the (bridge) humbucker. I have got to say that this is the best coil split I have ever messed with. I have a Les Paul with it, and have had others, and not even close to this. My usual complaint is that there isn't much difference between full / regular, and split. What I love about this set-up is.... there is a ton of difference when you split the coil. Much thinner sound when split, as hoped, and it then delivers that Fender type sound. Very wide distinction in sounds. And I almost never like a neck pickup- but again... this one rocks. The neck pickup is sweet by itself- and even sweeter in the middle, with a split HBckr. Warm, and sily smooth- with just the right amount of grit.

    I mean, it's crazy, but this might be the best (combined) sounding guitar I own, in terms of tone and versatility. And the kicker: It's a sexy Baby! I love it. Get one at this price- before it's too late. Heck- get one even if it goes up.

  • from Passaic, NJ October 5, 2014Music Background:

    Just awesome!

    My second guitar from Sweetwater and its just awesome! Great beginners guitar and great quality! Too cool! Thanks again Sweetwater for your excellent service!

  • from Victorville Ca August 22, 2014Music Background:
    guitars since 1982

    It's stupid how cool this guitar is.

    I bought this guitar to use as a game control for rocksmith. Didn't want to have an expensive that others would be using.... But wait this guitar is very good and fun to play... one of my favorites. May even buy the vintage blond....

  • from United States July 9, 2014Music Background:
    touring musician


    I've been playing and touring with the early 00's version of this guitar fer almost ten years.... I think that is the best Squier guitar in production. This version has an added bonus of stringing through the body instead of through the saddles which is a plus. I would highly recommend this geet to anyone. Just played a show last night putting the guitar through both my old Lab Series amps... the L7 and L5 and it sounded like a dream!

  • from Southern California May 12, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    It Took Some Doing But I Love This Guitar

    I must first write that I really like this guitar; it’s a great addition to my Guitarsenal in that it has its own tone not to mention the look of this one is way too cool but as with any guitar at this price point, it’s best to expect some set up problems and mine was no exception.
    I received the guitar well packed and undamaged. On visual inspection, I found 1 small blemish on the face just below the controls and 1 small nick at the base of the neck where it joins the body. Both defects are minor and a non issue for me. This guitar is very light, easy to sling on your shoulder and comfortable against my torso. On further inspection I noticed some issues that would normally prompt me to return the guitar and Sweetwater offered to cherry pick a replacement for exchange but I decided to fix the issues myself because I do my own set ups anyways and this guitar just felt good. My set up and repairs included the following.
    All six tuners were very loose, and they bumped against each other when tuning. A 9mm wrench took care of this problem.
    The bridge intonation was a little flat at the 12th fret. A couple turns of a Phillips screwdriver on the bridge saddles and all are good.
    The neck pickup was sitting cockeyed in its opening. To adjust this, I had to remove the pick guard (11 screws) and remove the 2 screws that held the pickup. The screws were installed at an angle which forced the pickup against the side of the pocket, causing the problem. If I were to drive them in straight the 2 screws looked long enough to penetrate the back of the guitar. Using some shorter (3/4 inch) wood screws solved the problem and was able to set the pickup flat in the pocket. In this position, the pickup sits about as high as I will want it and will be unable to set it any lower.
    I had noticed the pick guard vibrating while test strumming the guitar unplugged, and found the problem when removing it to fix the neck pickup. All 11 of the screw holes were stripped and the screws were just sitting in place. I took some toothpicks and some glue and filled each hole, let it dry a bit and then reattached the guard being sure not to over tighten. No more vibration.
    All of the frets were scratched and the fret ends were very sharp. It took some doing but I leveled them off, smoothed the ends and polished the frets.
    The neck on this guitar has a unique feel, very light and a bit slick with a satin finish and I t felt to me that there was a very fine powder on the neck. I used some lemon oil on the back and on the fret board and that did the job, No more powder feeling. The neck pocket and neck are well fitted and needed no adjustment, the relief was spot on.
    The strings provided on the guitar are strings in name only so, New strings.
    The components on the guitar appear to be of decent quality except for the volume pot which feels a little bit cheap. The electronics are hard wired, no pc boards.
    After the set up, I plugged her in and was blown away with the sound and the feel of this guitar. In regards to quality control, I hope the one I received was the exception and not the rule. I also purchased a Squier Jaguar short scale bass that other than tuning was spot on so it may be “Luck of the Draw”.

  • from United States March 8, 2014Music Background:

    Just Buy It.

    I have the guitar on my lap as I'm writing this review. You already know
    how much I love this beauty.

    Never heard of Squier 51 until I looked through the Sweetwater Catalog.
    This is definitely one of the best purchases I've ever made.
    Out of the box, it only needed some tuning and fret filing.
    I look at this as a high end cheap guitar, which I believe
    is better than a Low End expensive guitar. I enjoy playing
    this over my friend's MIM Thinline Tele.

    - Tone variety from the coil split setup. Blues, Jazz, Rock. You name it.
    - Hot and responsive pickups make me think this is an american reissue!
    - Sturdy! No flimsy hardwares. Everything is snug fit.
    - Good intonation
    - This guitar feels so alive. It resonates all over the place!
    - Sustain

    - Lower 3 strings usually go flat from "extreme" bending.
    - Honestly, the neck felt pretty cheap.

    Future Plan:
    - Upgrade to Locking Tuners
    - Replace the pickguard with Gold or White Pearloid
    - I'm a sucker for glossy necks, so maybe I'll replace the current one.
    - Replace the nut with TUSQ.
    - Live gig after upgrades.

    Don't worry about the case.
    You'll play this so much that it probably will
    never see a case in its life.

    Thanks for the candies.

  • from Yuma Az April 13, 2016Music Background:
    Bands, jammin 40 yrs

    Squire 51 mod

    This guitar was bought on a whim. I have an American standard telecaster that I love but that age old question of how would a humbucker sound on a telecaster got me to try this guitar. I tell you folks I couldn't be happier. The pickups sound great And the guitar (after a little neck work) plays great. I am haveing a lot of fun with the new sounds and I don't have to tear my Tele apart. Would highly recommend this for a second guitar.

  • from Upstate, NY May 27, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent Value

    This guitar is great value for the money. Very nice neck, good wood used throughout, the overall finish is good, and the pickups also sound great.
    Even with just the one volume control the pickups aren't overly aggressive and harsh. They are also well balanced volume wise between the neck and bridge.
    The only negative I would say is that the setup is poor. On mine the action was very high and the neck pickup can't be adjusted without taking the pickguard completely off. This can be fixed easily with a drill and a couple screws so that it can be adjusted like a traditional strat pickup. After a proper setup though it is the perfect strat / tele hot rodded hybrid!

  • from Bourbonnais, Il. January 22, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar player, luthier

    Squier 51

    Wow..so much fun to play. With the coil tap and tone/pickup selector you have a lot of different sound options. I bought the see thru blonde that is very cool looking if you get consistent wood grain under it. The string thru body is 100% better than the older model with the top loader bridge.Most of the older ones are very buzzy because theres not a lot of downforce on the saddles. I have a 2005 also. The older ones are crazy money on ebay.. just buy a brand new one for cheap..its a much better guitar anyway.
    The thing I hate the most is the knobs. Push on plastic .I doubt if they will last.
    bottom line... if you want a great playing, cool looking guitar for cheap this is it.

  • from louisville , ky May 6, 2014Music Background:
    live sound/lighting engineer. hobbyist guitar player

    really tempted to get one

    I don't own this (yet) but I love my original 05 '51. It took quite a bit of file work to get the fret ends smooth, but I love the feel of the neck on this thing now. I have several much more expensive guitars but this is the one I pick up daily. yep, the knobs gotta go, but I have no complaints w/ anything else including the nut. The one on mine is just fine. I like the color on this new one and the string through body should be a nice upgrade. Dang it, and I was going to get a tele, but might have to get one of these too.

    Oh the 4 starts is based only on my experience w/ the original. Honestly its one of those few things I've bought that always makes me smile.

    I would not buy one w/ the intention of swapping a bunch of parts like necks or pickups. Get it for what it is. File the frets and maybe get better knobs and you're good to go.

  • from Lexington, NC January 17, 2014Music Background:
    Outlaw country, Texas blues..... 20+ years

    Upgraded from the original version!

    I received mine from Sweetwater today, even though it doesn't come with the 55 point evaluation. The setup from the factory was perfect, nice low action with no buzz! I had an original 51 from 2005. The difference is this neck has a silky satin finish, instead of laminated... the fixed bridge is now a through body string routing, as to where the other was fed through the back of the bridge, much better! The pups are hotter, this time around, just seems better all the way. The only reason I gave a 3.5 rating is due to the poor job they did on the body finish, the vintage blonde looks more like a watered down yellow. You can see thru it! My other one, was a true vintage blonde, but over all I can live with that, planning on relic' n it anyway..... It's worth three times the amount!

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified '51 - Vintage Blonde?

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