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DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews

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  • Nathan Parker

    The DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro allows me to still have background vocals even when my singers don't show up! Its high-quality preamp lets me plug my mic in, dial up a preset and have instant four-part harmonies. With DigiTech's MusIQ technology, the harmonies follow the chords I play on my MIDI keyboard, and I can control patch changes and expression easily via the optional foot pedal inputs.

  • from Shreveport Area July 28, 2013Music Background:
    Working Musician/Sound Tech 40+ Years


    Unbelievable! Right out of the box, some of the presets were exactly what I needed. It's loaded with great presets, so it won't take long to get it dialed in for most anybody's requirements. With very little reading, presets can be edited and moved to new locations. For musicians working solo and duo gigs, this is a MUST HAVE! And with Sweetwater Sound's 24 month interest free financing, payments are less than 24 bucks a month for both the Vocalist and the footswitch.

  • from DC Metro February 21, 2011Music Background:
    Born again musician after 30years of not playing

    Back Up Plus

    I have been using the Vocalist Live Pro for 2 years and it is absolutely amazing ... easy to program and to control in a live situation. I have it programed to our set list and have the left pedal set to advance to the next setting, middle pedal set to hold on and right pedal to punch in backing vocals & harmonies. We are a two man band using midi tracks for percussion and various fill and the Vocalist Live Pro expands our vocal range and contributes significantly to our over all sound.

  • from State College, PA April 4, 2010Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Digitech Vocalist Live Pro-is the best one yet!

    I bought this unit about a year ago and it exceeded my expectations. I have used it pretty heavy since I bought it and itís been 100% reliable. The OS is solid, no quirks built in. It has a nice color screen that is easy to read in a dark club. Very good build quality, front panel controls operate smoothly. It has 4 outputs so individual voices can be mixed separately when recording or live. Also has an additional output for the lead voice to send to FOH sound man so lead vocal is never overpowered by harmonies. Digitech licensed Lexicon effects and a Soundcraft Preamp, so thereís proven quality built in.

    I provide MIDI data via a separate track on my sequencer so the harmonies are 100% accurate. It is also possible to sing Acapulco with no MIDI data by selecting what key and what scale to use for a song; the unit can be set for what vocal intervals you want (above and below) to accompany the lead vocal. It also has MusicIQ that works pretty well for a guitarist that provide chords to the unit while they sing. I prefer MIDI data for the best accuracy.

    The factory presets provide a nice variety of usable harmonies that can be edited and saved to a User preset. This unit comes with USB connection and with the free software, you can backup your User patches, and then reload them in different locations that are more convenient, or put in sequential order.

    This unit has a hot output so the unit is very quiet even when you crank up the vocals. The User Interface is easy to operate, even though this has a ton of great features built in. You can walk through each category and select what you want and save it. I suggest looking through all the specs to get a handle on how many great features it has.

    It sounds great. No chip monks in this box. Many people that have heard me play asked me how I got all the voices and asked if I was using real audio or recordings. Very realistic. This unit is a bargain for the price, considering what it can do.

  • from Barbados January 24, 2010Music Background:
    pro musician

    The best piece of kit in a long time for vocalists

    i owned a voiceworks plus but no more too difficult to get my head around . as a vocalist of long standing Tc Helicon pales compared to digitech . they also lack good support to customers especially off mainland USA never will i buy their products again, digitech all the way especially the live pro,

  • from Monterey, TN U.S.A. October 8, 2008Music Background:
    Vocalist, Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer

    Replace Your VoiceLive or VoiceWorks With This!

    I was so pleased to see another reviewer who felt the frustration with the TC Helicon products that I did relative to their ease of use. I personally replaced my VoiceLive with this rack mount piece and haven't looked back since. The big rub for me used to be that TC Helicon has always had superior-sounding harmony voices, and noone else really came close to matching their quality, so an artist like me was forced to choose between high quality-sounding harmony vocals on a TC piece and the ease of use of most Digitech pieces. Well, Digitech has not only closed that gap, but they just flew by TC Helicon with the introduction of this piece. Have you noticed the recent price drop of the VoiceLive?? Wonder why?? This Digitech piece gives you spot-on harmonies, and it knows when to change keys so that you don't have to spend all the time programming key changes into your pedal, and then praying that you remember to tap the footswitch at the right time during the performance of a song so that your harmonies are in key with where you are. Digitech hit the ball out of the park with this piece, so if you are having any hesitation as you debate whether or not to buy it, pull the trigger. I am a vocalist with close to 20 years experience playing with various processors over the years, and I can tell you personally that this piece is worth every penny.

  • from Columbus, Ohio September 27, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Musician, Songwriter

    Digitech Vocalist LIve Pro

    I normally don't do reviews, but this box deserves it since there currently aren't any available. I just bought this box to replace a TC Helicon Voiceworks that was to difficult to be productive in a songwriting environment. This box is truely plug and play. No more trying to figure out how to program what scale mode you're in. Who has time for that non-sense. This thing reads the chords from your guitar and does it on the fly. Just like I play...on the fly. The box voice deffinately improves my vocal qualities which are limited. The harmonies are great when you select the appropriate preset and have the proper level of backing voices. It also has voice models to sound like other artists and genders. Another nice feature above the TC is that this box has 4 outputs so you can seperate lead vocals from harmonies for recording or whatever. Very, Very, Very easy user interface..not like the TC Helicon. Too much good to say...Try One. Certainly some of the best bang for buck I have spent lately.

  • from Eufaula February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Song writer studio and live sound engineer pro musican

    Now that's harmony

    Love this for live and for recording. Phantom power is a plus foot pedal works great effects are good reverb not studio quality but not bad

  • from Binghamton NY July 7, 2014

    Great Unit with simple controls

    Originally ordered a TC Helicon Voice Live 3. Sent it back and exchanged it for the Digitech VL Pro. I like the controls on the digitech better then the Voicelive 3. To control volumes and reverb you have to go into menu's on the Voicelive 3 but on the Digitech the controls are a simple knob on the front of the unit. Much easier to control on the fly. It also sounds very good and comparable. I just like the ease of use better on the Digitech.

  • from October 29, 2011Music Background:

    Sounds like a tin can

    Both the harmony and the reverb seem to be very low quality. I don't think the preamp is very good either.


  • Josh Wellington

    Adding the Vocalist Live Pro to your rig is like adding four backup singers to your bond (except the Vocalist fits into a single rack unit). With the Vocalist, you get up to four voices of harmony AND a ton of onboard pre/post effects, to help create the perfect sounds.

    All of the settings are easily accessed by the simple controls on the front of the unit, but it also supports both MIDI and USB (with a free preset librarian) to add further control. With MIDI you can send program changes to alter effects and patches on the fly. You can also backup all of your presets to your computer via the USB connection.

    The Vocalist incorporates DigiTech's MusIQ chord tracking program, which automatically selects harmonies based on the chords that are coming into the system (from a guitar, keyboard, etc). When I tested out the MusIQ, I sang an E into my mic and played an E-Major chord on my guitar, and it quickly voiced the harmonies for that chord. I continued holding the E and switched my guitar chord to A-minor and it immediately revoiced the harmonies to fit the A-minor chord. I played through a bunch of other chords around E and the MusIQ was spot on in every situation.

    There's no easier way to add harmonies to your vocals (especially such perfectly tuned harmonies). If you're a singer, the Vocalist Live Pro needs to be in your rack.

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