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TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Reviews

4.0 stars based on 46 customer reviews
Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play?

Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Tom Reed
    from Odessa January 11, 2017Music Background:
    Worship pastor for 45 years

    Awesome Product

    This was the equipment I have been looking to enhance voice for concerts...Simple, Easy to Use, Easy to Program. Went the extra step and purchased the MP-75 TC-Helicon mic to use with VoiceLive Play. Couldn't have picked a better product. The harmonizing effect is superb. I will get lots of use from this combination. Brent Leuthold at Sweetwater has been an awesome rep in helping me choose the right equipment.

    from Los Angeles July 16, 2016

    Git Choo One!

    I use this with Mixcraft and others programs. Its wonderful! My favorite setting is the Barry White one. When I did one rap song for fun, It sounded just like Snoop Dog and Ice T was backing me up! I love the fact that you are in control of certain aspects of the sound so if you think it sounds cheezy you can alter it to your liking. I can also use it along with other sound enhancing vst plug ins and create some unique effects. Recordings are crisp and clear and and has low noise in the background. Git choo one!

  • Daniel Klassen
    from Manassas, VA June 25, 2016

    5 stars equating price

    It will take some tinkering around to get the harmonies to work the way you want them to. The effects are solid, navigation is simple and easy to learn. For $250 you will not find a better processor. This box has some serious capabilities if you know what you are doing.

  • Robert Gillum
    from April 18, 2015Music Background:
    Currently Ragtime Robert at Disneyland, 39 years before that in piano bar

    VL Playtime

    This is amazing. I have recorded duets with myself over the years, always difficult and time consuming. The Voicelive Play gives me so very much more than that in such a small package.It seems a bit intimidating right out of the box but you will find your way around quickly. The set up instructions are easy to follow.
    Love this!

  • Zxandar
    from January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Recording and Live Sound Engineer

    TC Helicon Voice Live Play is totally awesome

    This unit does it all and sounds amazing. This unit is easy to use. Very good solid construction. The only thing that could be better is a 1/4" input for guitar but was able to use an adapter.

  • Zack
    from CA,USA December 29, 2014

    Just buy it

    I have owned the voice live touch 2 which is better how ever this is way cheaper and it offers almost the same features. you give up a few but it is definitely worth the money.

  • Jim Ehrlich
    from Longmont,Colorado USA November 22, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    If you want great quality for your vocals the TC-Helicon Voice live play is great unit

    I am a one man band I have the Roland V accordion and use the live play it really works great I had the old version the harmony GXT the Voice Live Play unit blows that one out of the water so to speak. I 'm really impressed had a little trouble with the old unit feeding back this has more control over that problem. and the quality of my voice thru that unit is superb. All I can say is wow!!

  • Sam Strait
    from Friendship, Wi., (USA) November 10, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer, Hobbyist, Studio Recording Artist.

    Just what my studio needed.

    In the past, I have tried other harmony boxes, but since the were mainly designed for guitarist, I couldn't get the proper sound out of them, but this is totally for the singer alone (Awesome), now I can set my own key without having to play a guitar through it!. Although the best way to get top quality sound out of it is to use a condenser microphone through it.

  • dave
    from goldcoast aust October 8, 2014Music Background:
    singing gigging singing and singing..i live music!!

    rock cover band application

    we play anything from acdc,eagles,collective soul,to black sabbath,im the singer my bandmates harmony-backups are real iffy!!bought this pedal for extra vocal filling eg double reverb delay and general harmony with effects...i record every practice session we do just so i can tweek and greteek what we do along the way-this thing has made us progress from a good basic coverband to a cranking awesome coverband,just remember when setting up ur presets=effects b4 hand... give em that little bit more ..because when the instruments kick-in it takes a little away from ur vocals,,delay and doubling make a huge difference to a singer...thank good tc helicon are here to help us out!!p.s get a mp75 mic too so you can adjust and add as you sing without flickin the dials onya pedal...cheers guys!!!

  • Robert Deatherage
    from Nixa, MO August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician 20+ Years

    Thank you TC-Helicon!

    The vocal floor pedals I've used in the past have been just awful! Poor dynamics, low resolution effects and poor construction. This pedal is just what I needed! Its sounds as good as a rack full of high end processors but its small and affordable. You can chain all the different effects at the same time with no problems (a lot of rack units can't even do that). So easy to use I was programming new patches in the first few minutes of use without reading the manual. Built like a tank with a bright large easy to read screen. I cannot say enough about the quality of this product.

    P.S. Sweetwater is the best!

  • Kevin Elliott (sounds good)
    from Athens pennsylvania March 11, 2014Music Background:
    live sound engineer

    awesome little box!


  • Rick
    from Boston February 1, 2014Music Background:
    Home Studio, gigging musician

    Wow - so that's what vocals are supposed to sound like!

    I was slightly skeptical about the voice live play but now that I've used it in a couple of different applications, my skepticism has changed to whole-hearted endorsement.

    For live use with a PA my vocals now sound very well produced. Even without using the harmony features, it will really improve the sound quality of your vocals. Nice compression, good reverb sounds, delays are nice, EQ give a a bit of air on the top end. My voice sounds really nice through my PA. The compression evens out the dynamics and my voice sound balanced and "louder" without having to sing louder. I sing blues, funk, classic rock type songs so I use the pitch correction very subtlety and it is helpful. The auto tune effect is fun but not my style. It works well if that is a sound you are looking for.

    I like the fact that the sound I dial in at home can be taken with me to gigs when using another PA system. Your vocals will still sound great no matter the engineer. In the same way my line6 HD500 adds the magic to my guitar sound, this now does the same for live vocals. The harmony parts sound very convincing but to my ears need to be used selectively. The "hit" button is a great idea for adding some "extra sauce" to the chorus or bridge of a song and then being able to change the vocal dynamic back in the verses. It is the missing piece in our live sound. Before it was, the vocals sound decent but now they sound exactly how the produced version sounds, but live. That is the extra something that most live bands never nail down. It is easy with the voice live play.

    The built in ambient mics are supposed to automatically id the key of the song and they do a fair job but not spot on. I recommend making patches set to the key of the song you are playing. I have yet to try this but I could take a line out of my POD HD 500 into the aux in and that should pick up the key. I'll have to experiment with that.

    The shocker for me was using this in my studio with a very nice condenser mic (AGK414). Worked really well right into Logic Pro (recorded in stereo) I went from the output of my mic pre into the Voice Live then out to the apogee ensemble. Voice sounded great on recorded tracks. Straight ahead with a little slap for lead vocals then used the doubling feature in stereo on the background vocals and it worked really well. Had a nice polished sounding vocal track that needed very little eq ing or compression. Noise floor was great no hiss or noise from the voice live play. If you want your live vocals to "pop" as well as the ability to add great sounding background vocals and harmony with the press of a foot switch, then I suggest picking up a voice live play. It has made singing really enjoyable since I purchased this unit!

  • Shawn B
    from KY January 8, 2014Music Background:

    VoiceLive play

    still figuring out the ins and outs of this thing but it has greatly improved my bands ability to perform

  • Bruce
    from San Francisco, CA June 10, 2013Music Background:
    worship leader, band director

    Works for horns, too!

    I had a hair-brained idea that the tones created with a sax are similar to the human voice in how they are generated (air over a reeed vs. air over vocal chords). Why not use a vocal processor? I've set mine up with custom presets to play tight sax harmonies similar to James Hunter tunes. I think I need a second on of these because I want to sing through it, but the horn sounds too good to give up the one I have.

    Another benefit—the tone of my horn is greatly improved, I'm now learning how to shape it with the processor. I heard a live recording of myself and finally heard a tone that rivaled the tone on some of my favorite sax solos from professional recordings.

    Take the time to really learn how this processor works, and it really becomes a very creative piece of equipment.

  • Ian
    from May 17, 2013Music Background:
    Band Leader

    Love It!!!!!!!!!

    This is amazing. use it all the time. i'm rating 5, because you can't rate higher.

  • Terry Hoffman
    from Kansas August 13, 2012Music Background:
    Active Musician Vocalist

    You Will Fall In Love With Your Voice!

    I had always looked at these vocal harmony machines and wondered if they really worked all that well. My son and I have put together a duo act and, it really has come together nicely. He plays bass and I am playing guitar and doing vocals. We added a drum machine and that took us to another level, so I decided to try this unit from TC Helicon to add some effects and harmony to the vocals. I was so blown away the first time I kicked in the harmony that it almost scared me! WHAT A SOUND!!!!!! This unit is so easy to use it's almost effortless and, that's what I'm talking about because I am not a knob tweaker or diddler. Get it set and perform I do not have time to mess with stuff on stage because I concentrate only on my performance as it should be. Anything that I have used in all my years of performing has had to meet these requirements or it was gone. This little gem is beautiful and I would highly reccomend it to anyone wanting to add some real sweet sounds to their vocals.

  • Daniel Miller
    from Houston July 13, 2012Music Background:
    Hobby also prior Live Sound Engineer, electrical engineer

    voice live play

    I started learning this. It is amazing what it will do! So many things.
    Simple to use on a simple level. But goes quite a way. Features and smoothness I haven't seen in other voice processors in the same range. Loops, harmony, pitch change. Compression. De essing. variable amounts of PITCH CORRECTION. Has amazing horsepower for the price. Voice live touch does a little more, longer loop,
    8 part harmony voices not I think 3 (how many do you need?). You can change a preset and save it keeping the original. Its simple to reset and simple to also download more presets from their web site or do hardware upgrades. Rugged. Well built. Silent, no fan.

  • James Benshoff
    from Wilmington, NC July 11, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Review of TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play

    Amazingly capable and easy to use. Exactly what I was looking for to take my vocals up to the next level. Just used mine on a solo gig, and got great reports from my audience on how good the vocals sounded (am I'm not primarily a vocalist, more of a keyboard player who sings!).

  • Kirk Schiefelbein
    from Batin Rouge, Louisiana April 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician ,worship leader,voice coach

    My TC Helicon Voice Live Play

    Amazing effects for any vocalist. You will love how your voice will sound.
    Very user friendly.I recommend this to anyone who loves to sing.
    It's my new love affair.

  • Mike Tatro
    from January 20, 2017

    Needs proper rubber feet

    Functionally, it's all that and a bag of chips. Love it.

    But this thing totally walks around on the floor, which makes it VERY EXTREMELY hard to use. As a singer (and guitarist), I shouldn't have to be looking down at my feet trying to figure out where the Hit button went so I can cue in a harmony. Carpet, hard floors, it doesn't seem to matter. This is a major design flaw.

  • RM3
    from Montana January 21, 2016Music Background:
    40 years

    Great job!

    The VoiceLive Play does a great job with vocals of all types, and they make it easy to control and use. Once you have it figured out, then using it live works out great. Being able to update online is another great feature. The presets work very well, and if you really get to know the product, you can set it just the right way for your own voice.

  • Jason
    from Charlotte, NC November 14, 2015Music Background:
    11 years with bands degree holding music teacher

    This thing is loud!

    Really great unit. Exactly as advertised. I checked out a few before deciding to buy this one about 3 weeks ago. I play in an electronic rock band and we have alot of effected vocal tracks on our album that I would like to reproduce live. Our practice space is far from the ideal testing ground because it is small, metal and square so feedback, volume level due to the drums, etc. The guys were reluctant to the idea as well but once they realized I had a gain knob on the side to adjust my own volume from the pedal; well they haven't kicked me out yet. It does push a MUCH hotter signal through at "normal volume levels" (green light on the gain indicator to show no peaking) so let the sound guy know at each show to turn you down before plugging this thing in. Other than that, effects sound professional and it does what I need it to do. Worth the money

  • Mike G.
    from July 18, 2015

    Great vocal processor!

    Tons of features and easy to get going with the presets. I found a few presets that will work for me and added them to my Favorites list. On my set list, I note which setting to use for which song and, since there are only a few settings in my list, it's quick and easy to use the foot-switches to scroll through the settings.
    The effects produced by this pedal have a high quality sound to them. Many of the presets have titles which 'suggest' the names of popular songs, and do a good job of replicating the coloring needed for your vocals to sound like the singer in that song. This device is capable of effects from the most subtle to the extreme, and that range is well represented in the presets. Of course you can create your own presets, but I haven't ventured there yet. I was concerned that the tone would,t be good enough for gigging but I was pleasantly surprised. Well worth the money!

  • sterling
    from Hemet, CA August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Old blues garage & bar bands - harmonica lead singer

    Nice & Easy

    Very nice, easy to use and operator friendly!

  • Jimmy Watt
    from Michigan November 1, 2013Music Background:
    Acoustic Guitar/Singer-songwriter

    Review of TC Helicon Voice Live Play

    I have found that, like most things, the more I use the TC Helicon Voice Live Play, the more I like it. I expected an instruction booklet that would take a degree to understand. I got very easy to read, easy to follow instructions that ended with now just play with it until you find your sound. I do a solo acoustic guitar act and the Voice Live Play has so many voices and harmonies that I had no trouble finding the ones that fit my style. It just adds so much to my overall performance. It is so easy to use live on stage and I highly recommend it for any performing vocalist.

  • Frank Bello
    from Huntington, NY June 11, 2013Music Background:


    Nice device. Has lots of features and is really fun to work with. Makes my voice sound better that's for sure. My wife heard me singing the other day and actually came into my practice room and praised the singing improvements I've made :) Only negative is the fold-out instruction manual is a bit lacking in information.

  • Gordon Penny
    from Bryan, OH September 26, 2015Music Background:
    Church / family / kids/ musical arranger


    After only 20 minutes of getting it out the box, I was having a great time with the effects and harmonies. I plugged my keyboard in through the aux and my condenser mic (which was phantom powered by the box) sounded fantastic. very easy to edit and tweak. the looper was fun too! I took it to mono to double the initial 15 (stereo) seconds you get. the synching of the loops was a bit tricky at first, but it doesn't take much work to get crystal clear sounds playing right back at you. for the price, its everything an amateur player / home recording guy could want. I could confidently get a set together and play clubs with this thing. inspiring, exciting! got my songwriting blood flowing again, and that's a good thing. :)

  • Joshua
    from West unity, ohio usa March 9, 2015Music Background:
    percussionist, vocalist, guitarist

    Helicon tc vocal pedal is awesome

    This pedal right out of the box was great. Setting it up was quick and simple. All the effects are easy to sort and use. Using the pedal for just a pre amp and kick on the vocal effect when you need it is very nice. Most of the effects need redone to make them actually work is a bit much but when your done you can up to 200+ fully customized vocal patches and set them up the way you want. All in all great pedal.

  • Doug Jackson
    from Denver, co July 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    Loving it. thank you.

    It works just fine on my trumpet,,,,,like Miles Davis.

  • Robert Kociban
    from Barnegat N.J. January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Just a Karaoke singer,& I play some Guitar Chords.

    VoiceLive Play

    I receaved my VLP from sweetwater promptly,& in good shape.eventho it was an openbox item.I am not technicly savvy(or a good speller)anyhow,the employes at Sweetwater were very helpful.It was nice to get to speak to a person in short order.Not be put on. hold.Paul Eckert was so helpful & curtious.If he could,nt answer a question,he put me through to support.And a gentleman there help't me out.I am very happy to be a Sweetwater customer

  • Pierre
    from Cary, NC December 12, 2013Music Background:

    Good sound, tons of options

    I do home studio projects but my voice is not exciting. I have been using voice processor for almost a year now and I could not live without it.

    I'm not using all of the effects, but I certainly use the pitch corrector as well as the magical EQ with compression/de-essing and all.

    That by itself is great, however it is highly configurable with stereo output and tons of effects.

    Most important, it sounds good..

    Compared to the Mic Mechanic, this one is silent and is more appropriate for recording.

    The best about it though is all the effects and the presets plus the room for more presets or your own or downloadable presets.

    Among the effects there are reverb, delay, chrorus, harmonies, amp modeling and so on.

    It adds clarity to my voice and makes it less dull, and the pitch correction was a saver and helped me getting much better pitch. I'm really going from a really bad signer to quite acceptable. Of course I practice a log.

    I use the amp modeling to add serious dirt and roll off high frequencies so I can use this with harmonica withoug a special mic or amp and it sounds really warm.

    There is also a practice mode which tells you how close you are to the pitch and gives you a score. My dull voice and poor pitch has actually improved seriously by using this unit because the pitch correction causes some phase shifting when your voice is not to the right pitch due to the resonance of your own foice in our skull. Hearing both raw and corrected really help getting your voice to the right pitch and at some point you no longer need it because your adjust to the right pitch. That's great.

    It also has some cool crazy extreme effects, which may be convenient live especially for those who wants to recreate some weird funny sounds such as the distorted vocal on 21st century skyzoid man, or the narator on Joe's Garage.

  • John Baker
    from Battle Ground, WA March 28, 2013Music Background:
    performing and recording singer/songwriter

    Great Vocal Effects

    The vocal effects are pristine and there are plenty of them. You can go with the canned presets, or customize your own (which I do). Most of the vocal effects you might hear from recordings you can dial in without much work.

    I ended up going with this unit rather than the GTX (added guitar effects), as I found the guitar features in the GTX to be lacking compared to other stuff on the market.

    The VoiceLive Play is also built like a tank, with silent momentary switches, ample display, and a rotary encoder for dialing through presets and options quickly.

    If you need vocal effects, from extreme to subtle, this is a very versatile and affordable solution.

  • Reese Hodge
    from Cda. Id. January 3, 2013Music Background:
    40 years - a weekend warrior-- bluesman

    This unit works great!

    It definately makes your voice sound better . It is simple to use. The only problem I have is the harmonizer effect. If your notes are not perfect the unit responds with a yodel kind of effect. I recomend this product to all singers. It is a sweet unit.

  • Christy
    from louisiana December 20, 2012Music Background:

    VoiceLive Play Review

    Bought this to use for my young children to sing at church. I am very pleased with the product. It has alot of different voice settings. I have used just for a short while but it looks like they will have alot of fun with it.

  • Chooch Schubert
    from Virginia, USA June 2, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great unit, but I wish there was more control

    Overall I'm very happy with the device. It is solidly built and extremely easy to use and program. The controls are logically laid out and it's got all the inputs and outputs that I need.

    I do have some things I don't like. Primarily that there isn't very fine grained control - especially over the core tone. It's designed to be "easy" to use, so all of the settings are very basic/shallow and rely on the presets.

    The overall sound quality is great, and like with most things, the effects sound good when used in moderation. Many of the harmony and other effects tend to "sound" like effects when it's just you in a room singing - there is a "digital" sound that's obvious you're voice is being processed.

    For some of the effects this makes sense because they are supposed to be extreme (T-Pain style auto-tune, alien and robot voices) but for others it's distracting. When playing with a full band this isn't as noticeable since the natural reverb of a room or club masks it. Because of this, it would only be useful in a live environment, not in the studio which makes sense having the word "Live" in it's name and all :)

    More about limitations:
    According to the manual, you can set tone on each patch/preset as an "effect", but there is no such configuration page in the settings (the manual says there are eight effects, but there are actually only seven - the missing one being Tone). I updated the firmware to the latest version, but it's still not there. For overall tone you don't have any kind of EQ, gate, or compression settings - just a handful of presets, which is disappointing.

    The advertising leads you to believe that the ambient mics will pick up the sound from the stage and atomatically set the key for harmony and auto tune effects. While this is true, it is limited to a single instrument being close to the unit; ie: it's not going to work sitting on the ground in fron of you with the whole band playing, it would need to be close to a single guitar amp, or keyboard. Since it takes aux in, this is kind of useless. It is isn't a big deal, really, but a let down. I primarily play bass in my band and do background vocals, so it doesn't really apply to me.

    Definitely worth the money, and some of my gripes may be fixed with future software updates. Depending on your needs, some of the other pedals in the line may be more appropriate. Even with the limitations, this is perfect for a lead singer, or a backup singer like me who isn't doing solo performance with a guitar or keyboard.

  • Michael Parker
    from Roanoke, VA July 15, 2016

    Good gear for quieter gigs

    I've used the VoiceLive Play in a few gigs now and I would say that as an effects pedal, it really gets the job done. Lots of nice presets, tons more to download online to craft whatever sound you're looking for. You can adjust almost every element except directly EQ'ing, and the interface becomes familiar very quickly.

    BUT, as others have mentioned, there are some significant problems with feedback which can be handled with a good mic (I used an Audix OM7) and sound setup. Further, the harmony algorithms, which are a major feature of this device, really struggle in loud, live settings. Unless you have a really good sound guy who can send a monitor signal directly to the device, I wouldn't plan on using this for harmonies in gigs bigger than a coffee house setting.

  • Andy
    from Wisconsin September 14, 2015Music Background:
    30 year touring rock musician

    Works as advertised

    This is the second TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play pedal I have owned. The first was a VoiceLive Play GTX for voice and guitar, although I only used it for voice effects. The first unit was a reconditioned used product that worked well for about 9 months and then completely died. I had reprogrammed it with my own effects and really liked how it worked. This new unit is very similar to the GTX version and was easy to reprogram with my inputs. Very sensitive effects levels so you can dial each effect in to precisely what you need. I use this effect pedal in live performance while playing guitar in a rock band, so there is a lot of pedal switching going on between and during songs. If you set it up properly, the VoiceLive Play can be as easy to use as a programmable multi-effect guitar pedal during live performance. It seems to be sturdily built for road work. The quality of the digital effects are good, similar to other multi-verb processors I have used. The myriad of pre-programmed effects are fine, although none was a perfect fit for me. Provided this one lasts a good long time, I would give it a high overall rating.

  • Ray
    from Montana April 25, 2017Music Background:

    VoiceLive Play

    I am a drummer doing a one-man-band. I use MIDI backing tracks and supply drums and vocals for a 50's, 60's and 70's pop rock venue. I am also an electronics engineer and my biggest complaint is the really inadequate documentation for this unit. The user manual sucks - very little detail. There should be a clear description of the architecture of building a preset. IMHO the pre-built presets are for the most part useless.
    I am currently using a Digitech Vocalist for harmony generation and an Alesis Nanoverb.The Digitech does an adequate job but you have to tell it the key signature. I was interested in the VL unit because of the Aux in feature from which signal the harmonies could be derived. It also has reverb/delay. That being said, I could reduce the number of boxes in my electronics setup and simplify button pushing between songs. I have looked at many YouTube vids on the VL and none of them detail the building of presets. I'll keep fiddling and sooner or later will get things working. BTW - Sweetwater is a great company! (no - I don't work for them)

  • mimi nes
    from burnsville, nc April 9, 2014Music Background:
    lead front vocalist

    voicelive play

    I'm in a band with guys who don't live close by. We get together every other week, so we really haven't had a chance yet to really figure this thing out. We've tried some of the effects like doubling, etc. and really like them. The harmonies seem a little hard to match what an individual vocalist might do with his/her voice.

  • Customer
    from April 9, 2016

    Not for pro in live band

    Not for pro.your voice will be thin and not cut through the mix with live band and feedback issues.. but effects are good.

  • Customer
    from January 5, 2015

    save function unpredictable

    Save function unpredictable, after tap twice does not always save the same settings.

  • Jay
    from May 22, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Pitch correction problems

    I was very excited about this product. It seemed to have everything I needed. I've used it in three live shows now and I had problems every single time. There is just way too much feedback. The unit seems to pick compress the vocals too much. I turned on the pitch correction function that's supposed to 'gently nudge' my vocals to the right note, but every song the tuning suddenly jumped randomly up and down.

  • John
    from New Iberia, LA February 22, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician

    A Fun Toy But Not for a Pro!

    First time I heard the harmony effects I was amazed. Actual sound of unit not as smooth and natural as advertised in TC videos online. If you are a pro with a good voice TC voice pedals will add a digitized sound to the output vocal tone. You can reduce it, but you can not remove it. Harmonies simply sound digitized, thus not natural. Yes it can change the color of your output vocal sound, but the trade off is there will be a noticeable degree od digitized sound. That is unacceptable for pros who want the very best clean and natural sounding vocals. Next, support offered by TC is a 1 put of 5. Called several times. Always and answering machine. Tried emailing. That was better. Explained in detail what I wanted the pedal to do after extensive research, reading the complete manual and experimenting with unit for over 20 days. Response from TC was, "did you read the Manual!" Manual is simply not detailed enough or user friendly. You will find le,arning the ins and outs of this pedal will take a lot of time, but in the end the sound has a citizen quality I don't like. Better off with good mic, mixer and quality sound equipment to bring out what is special about your voice. Finally processor drags at times and misses correct harmony in transitions.

  • Customer
    from April 6, 2012Music Background:
    Professional singer/songwriter


    This unit didn't work for me. I found the harmony's to be very artificial and effects average. If you are a pop singer with a bad voice that you need to disguise, this may be your thing. If you have a good voice and pitch, save your money for a decent reverb unit.

  • Customer
    from March 20, 2017Music Background:
    Live Rock Sound Man

    Not For Live Rock in Small Venue

    I work sound for a regular working rock band. Most of our gigs are small to medium venues. The TC Helicon gives the vocalist total control over his own effects, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the vocalists ego and skill. if a vocalist really has an ego problem, combined with sometimes not so great talent, then this toy will be a sound mans worst nightmare. The sound is over processed, over compressed, high EQ. Result is constant struggle to tame monitor feedback, which I finally did by lowering the highs and mids (do not add any effects or compression from the board). Most will read this and say, it's not the device it's the vocalist. True, but good luck when you are the sound man and you have to deal with a vocalist using this device. Maybe great for a one man band or keryoke, but I am waiting for the day when this device meets with an unfortunate accident or mysteriously disappears.

  • John
    from December 8, 2015Music Background:
    professional vocalist/bassist

    Sounds Great But...

    I used it with my acoustic guitar and at first it worked great then it would alter the guitar sound for a split second when activating it. I got a new one and the same thing happened. I never tried it with a non acoustic guitar, but that's what I play.

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