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DigiTech Vocalist Live FX Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from ATX May 1, 2016

    The Ultimate Vocal Tool for Live/Home Studio's

    Did a review on this unit over a year and a half ago, wanted to upgrade some love for the Vocalist Live FX. In a home studio environment,this retro-looking pedal does some serious lifting. You can add vocal tracks to recordings that sound stunningly professional, for a mere 200 in spending gitas. Amazing deal from Digitech. The incredible Gold Channel is the real thing as a vocal channel strip. Portable from studio-to-studio,gig-to-gig...always the same, set up to your personal vocal style.Easy to navigate, and the ability to record/loop a vocal phrase, then experiment with effects and settings is super useful. And cool, too. The dbx technology, Lexicon reverbs, and top-notch effects, make the Live FX the best bang-for-buck deal out there... well made, too. When used with a tube pre, even a low end unit, more sonic magic. A keeper unit...Buy two!

  • from June 27, 2015Music Background:
    Performer and recording engineer

    Multible vocalsts

    We have 3 vocalists and purchased 3 live fx units. After tweaking each voice we have absolutely incredible power, compression, mix, pitch correction, feedback control, presence, and balance. Our only question is " why did we wait so long ? " We've used other processors in the past and this is the best yet. Try it out and you'll see an incredible improvement in your vocal performance.o

  • from Seattle, WA October 10, 2014Music Background:
    professional musician for 51 years......

    Digi Tech Vocalist Live FX

    Just terrific!!! I've owned several different versions of the Vocalist over the years, and this is by far the best! No plugging in a guitar, or Midi source..Just plug in your Mic and sing. Great sound, great effects...

  • from TX October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Been playing live since 1981,recording since 1986

    Made in the USA quality with Top Of The Line effects

    I must admit I had reservations on purchasing this unit, having had a couple of less than stellar Digitech items in the past. I had previously owned a TC voice pedal (definitely high quality gear there!), but hesitantly wanted to try out the new USA made Vocalist LiveFX. Bought in a 36 month financing, multi-item deals. I am SO glad I decided to go with this vocal pedal! The chassis not only looks good, it is solid all the way. The effects are absolutely studio grade...the desire of every vocalist to have total control of their sound is fully met with this effect pedal! The stock pre-sets will get you professional vocals right out of the box, satisfaction guaranteed. The unit sounds so good with a basic SM57, while going all out crazy awesome with a decent condenser mic. I now prefer to use it as a top notch vocal pre in a majority of my recording sessions; this thing is super noise free, too. The warm tone and top notch effects are worth every penny I paid for it. Warm pre-amp, super perfect compressor and EQ settings, and also provides studio grade reverbs. The harmony, double, and modulation effects are the most useable I have ever heard in a live floor unit, without any doubt. EZ to use lay-out, too...very sweet! If you sing live, this is a MUST HAVE item. If you record, you'll be double surprised at what this unit will do. A HUGE plus,this pedal! Buy ONE!

  • from montgomery, al November 1, 2013Music Background:
    vocalist for 10 years

    digitech vocalist live fx

    awesome unit. effects are top notch. harmonies sound real and its easy to program!!!

  • from West Orange June 11, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Gigging Musician

    Simply the Best on the Market

    I have been using the top of the line Digitech Vocalist Pro rack mount for years now, so I am quite familiar with Digitech's products. IMO, they stomp any other company's products on the market in terms of sound quality, ease of use, and producing natural sounding harmonies, once you know how to arrange them. They were the first to introduce the MusicIQ technology, creating harmonies from guitar chords and/or midi input. Now, with the introduction of their footpedal models, the Vocalist Live FX and Vocalist Live Harmony (BTW, I don't see any reason to buy the Harmony pedal when the FX pedal can do the same + FX for the same $), they've upped their game even further with a technology called LiveAdapt. And let me tell you, it's absolutely amazing. Turn it on, perform, and you instantly have on pitch harmonies, time tempo delays, effects, etc. that sync up to your performance via a small microphone in the unit that senses the key you're playing in! A revelation for singers who don't happen to play guitar or have no other means of generating harmonies without having to pre-determine/pre-program keys. Incredibly simple to use, you have 100 user patches with A/B channel switching, so in a sense you have two channels per patch which can have separate effects assigned to each. You also have a set list creator on board for putting your patches in order according to your sets, as well as downloadable Librarian software for organizing your patches and set lists on your computer. Sound quality? Fantastic. IMO, despite the deeper editing capabilities of the Vocalist Pro, the harmonies and effects on this unit just sound better right out of the box to my ears. There's a global mic preamp (Gold Channel) with multiple settings for compression, pitch correction, sensitivity, etc. as well as an excellent collection of effects from delays, reverbs, modulation, distortions/filters, etc. AND an on board looper! I never thought I'd even bother with that, but it's been great for certain songs that require additional effects or samples. (I use it to recreate the echo bleed effect in "Whole Lotta Love", airplane sounds in "Back in the USSR" etc). So why not a perfect 5 star rating? Because, as great as this unit is, I'd love to see a revised model that offers some additional features that were overlooked or could be added to improve:

    1. Gold Channel effects are separate from rest of effects and therefore global across all patches and cannot be revised on patch by patch basis. Why? Seems like you should be able to do that.
    2. When switching from A to B within a patch, you cannot have separate effects settings for each effect on A or B. (i.e. whatever you created for your reverb is global across both A/B channels per patch, so all you can do is either turn it on or off).
    3. Loops are destructive and gone once you power down unit. Would love to have some onboard storage ability or added SD card slot for storing loops.
    4. No control over pan or levels of harmonies. You do have certain parameters you can tweak, such as humanize (makes harmonies a bit more imperfect and therefore more natural sounding), but you can't adjust, say, the 5th above to be louder/softer than the 3rd above if you wanted to. Not a biggie, just a bit spoiled after using the Vocalist Pro for years, which allowed you to pan individual harmony vocals and send them to separate outs too. you also can't isolate your lead vocal from the harmonies on the outs as you could on the Vocalist Pro, so all you can do is adjust your harmonies level to your lead.
    5. No on/off switch. You simply plug it in and it turns on. To turn it off, unplug it. Again, not a biggie, but just odd to me.
    6. Add Midi. Yeah, I know I'm asking for way too much, but again, the Vocalist Pro can do it. I guess I'm looking for an updated Vocalist Pro.

  • from March 26, 2016

    Digitec vocalist

    Its everything it said it was I did think you could hook a guitar yhrough it but you cant on this model. Other than that its perfect

  • from Spring Arbor, MI April 13, 2015Music Background:
    Mr. Muckabout

    I Sound Better Than I Should!

    Excellent effects and ease-of-use make the Vocalist Live FX an incredibly handy tool for either live use or just fooling around with the kids. The reverbs alone are worth the price! The A/B switch, along with both up and down switches, make this very flexible for having multiple parts within each song. If it had MIDI control (to accept changes from a sequencer), this would be unbeatable. As it is, it's merely fantastic!

  • from August 28, 2016

    Strange effect

    In the effects bypass, I still hear a vocal doubling, I can't find a way to get rid of it and nothing on line about it. It is bad enough that I am considering returning it.

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