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DigiTech Vocalist Live 5 Reviews

3.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Brent Lacasce

    The DigiTech Vocalist Live 5 has been an absolute game-changer for me as a vocalist! Without ever cracking the manual, I've had it bouncing from doubled unisons to Eagles-style 3 part chords, to lush five-part harmony, in real time, with amazing realism, while the harmonies line up perfectly with my guitar! The onboard pitch correction is fabulous (although Iíd like to think I donít need it!), and the guitar and vocal effects are spectacular. Anyone who plays solo should check this rig outó It's on stage with me all the time now!

  • Chip
    from Rockford, IL July 7, 2015Music Background:
    Performing since 1966.

    DigiTech Vocalist Live 5

    Performing over 150 shows per year as a solo act, it's important that my sound is a "FULL" sound. With the DigiTech Vocalist Live 5, I get that result every time that I use it! So glad that I invested in my show! My audiences love the sound of the DigiTech! And do I!

  • Joe turnbaugh
    from Milan, MO USA June 20, 2011Music Background:

    Digitech live 5--'fan'tastic

    This processor will simply do it all. And I mean 'simply'! Whether you want a little or alot, the preset patterns cover a wide array of effects, and for the 'even pickier' perfectionist, it's easy to slightly or drastically alter any and save effect changes to suit you're style.

  • Dave
    from Tennessee February 28, 2012Music Background:
    Home studio and Guitarist

    Vocalist LIve 5

    I've not even started messing with the controls on this thing. Just playing with all the presets out of the box and it is amazing. Very happy with choosing this unit. Lets see how it does when I start twisting dials.

  • Allan
    from United States January 14, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player and singer for over fifty years.

    Teaching an old dog new tricks

    I've had the Digitech Vocalist Live 5 for about a week now and I'd say I'm pretty well up on the learning curve. The unit is easy to hook up and the principle of what it does is easy to understand. But, the trick is learning what type of harmony that the unit does fits with what you are trying to play and sing. There's all kinds of combinations of guy and girl and different styles and groups of harmony that you can use in what you want to play in this unit. I like that it has so many choices because I like a lot of different styles of music so that feature is very good.
    I like the way it sounds but I do notice that I have to focus a lot more on what I'm singing and playing to make it sound good. That's really my fault for developing a lot of bad habits in singing and playing without an electronic device tracking my every move. It does force you to sing on key. Even though it has pitch correction in some modes that's not always the only problem a singer can have. For example, if your voice cracks or you clear your throat, all of the voices in the harmony do the same thing. Now that's a form of togetherness that vocal groups don't usually achieve.
    I also notice that there is just a slight delay between the note I sing and the harmony notes. I think I can forgive that since I understand that it is analyzing your voice dynamically and matching and adjusting to the chords of the guitar while you play. Its pretty busy. It makes you concentrate on ignoring that and staying in time to the song you are singing. I don't think the delay is enough to be noticed by an audience but it is noticeable when you are learning to sing with it. I think after this week of playing with it I'm just about over that problem......but it took some getting used to.
    Overall I like the way it sounds and the easy way of operating it. I just have to learn what harmonies are fitting to each song. I think any singer will be able to have a lot of fun playing with it and will develop better singing habits when using it.

  • Ed Dutton
    from Plymouth, Ma November 21, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro

    Vocalist live 5 hard to record

    I cannot get a clear harmony when trying to record to Mixcraft 6. It is not Mixcraft 6 that is the problem. I believe it is the signal from the guitar thru Live 5 and the mic picking up the guitar. Two signals causes the distortion. I cannot find a way aroud it.
    Other than that it works ok. Still trying out the preset and adding my own.

  • Gary W. Trim
    from Austin, Texas September 12, 2015Music Background:
    60 plus years of playing the guitar.

    Digitech Vocalist Live 5 Complicated

    I've owned the Vocalist Live 5 for nearly three years, however, I've spent the majority of time trying to learn how to use the equipment and I'll admit its been one big failed attempt. The owner's manual is horrible, complicated and confusing.

    I've asked Digitech to develop an educational video on a step by step procedure for actually using the equipment (settings, features, effects, etc). However, they have not responded to my request.

    I've seen several demonstrations on YouTube of folks with a guitar and singing with the aid of the Vocalist 5 but they are totally worthless. This does not show me how to use the equipment. I've been playing in bands for over 50 years, so I'm NOT a total novice with music equipment.

    I would like to use the Vocalist 5 with my Fishman SA220 amp, which is awesome. I purchased my Fishman from Sweetwater about a year ago.

    If anyone knows of any training videos for the Vocalist 5 equipment, I would truly appreciate knowing about them.

  • brian blrvins
    from north wilkesboro n.c December 20, 2014Music Background:

    hard to set up

    the sounds that you get are not life like, I've had mine for two years and I'm still not happy. be prepared to go to college for two years on how to understand the manual. the guitar part is a joke also. I would love to find something else but I don't want to waste any more money on junk.

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