Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion - Standard Library

Orchestral Percussion Sample Library - Mac/PC Standalone, AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU
Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion - Standard Library image 1
Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion - Standard Library image 1
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Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion - Standard Library
Delivered By Download

Premium Quality Orchestral Samples

NOTE: This product requires a Vienna Key (not included) to operate. Contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer if you have questions.

Digital orchestrators rejoice: the Vienna Symphonic Library has a major set of upgrades on its hands! The Vienna Instruments series expands on the previous libraries and offers embedded intelligent Performance Algorithms in an easy-to-use VST/AU plug-in to orchestrate an inconceivably vast array of samples. For the first time, hundreds of articulations can be combined in one Preset and on a single MIDI track. Vienna's proprietary Performance Detection analyzes intervals, repeated notes, patterns, and even speed in real time and automatically summons the appropriate articulation or nuance.

VSL Percussion Standard Library Includes:


  • Timpani - A: Single hits normal and secco
  • 1-3 upbeats
  • Rolls normal and strong dynamics (1, 2, 4, and 6 sec.)

Drums - Toms:

  • Snare Drum - A: Snare on and off
  • Rimshots, single hits, Performance repettions, rebounds, upbeats, upbeat rolls, rolls normal and dynamics
  • Snare Drums a4: Snare on and off
  • Rim and normal, single hits, upbeats, rebounds, rolls
  • Field Drum - A: Snare on and off
  • Single hits, rolls normal and soft
  • Bass Drum - A: Soft and hard mallets
  • Single hits normal/secco, performance repetitions slow and fast, upbeats, rolls normal and dynamics
  • Taiko Drums: Single hits
  • Rolls normal and dynamics
  • Tamburin - A: Single hits, performance repetitions, upbeats, tremolo normal and crescendo

Cymbals - Gongs:

  • Piatti - A: Normal and slow hits
  • Damped fast and slow
  • Performance repetitions
  • Piatti - series B: 13", 18", 20" and 22" cymbals
  • Muted and open hits, scrapes
  • Cymbal standard - A: Drumsticks and mallets
  • Single hits normal and damped
  • Performance repetitions,
  • Tremolo normal and dynamics
  • Finger Cymbals: Low and high finger cymbals
  • Normal and side strokes, rubs
  • Tam - A: Single hits, normal and hard sound
  • Tremolo
  • Scratches
  • Tam - series B: 60, 100, 130 cm tam-tams
  • Various beaters
  • Single hits and rubs
  • Tam - series C:
  • Gongs: Soft and wood mallets
  • Single notes


  • Celesta: Single notes, sustained, normal and soft sound
  • Glockenspiel - A/01 Metal Mallet: Single notes
  • Rolls
  • Glissandos fast, chromatic and diatonic, up and down
  • Glockenspiel - A/02 Wood Mallet: Single notes
  • Rolls
  • Xylophone/01 Wood Mallet: Single notes
  • Rolls normal
  • Xylophone/02 Soft Plastic Mallet: Single notes
  • Rolls
  • Vibraphone/01 Medium Mallet: Single hits without, with slow and fast vibrato
  • Rolls
  • Glissandos fast and slow, diatonic and chromatic, up and down
  • Vibraphone/02 Soft Mallet: Single hits without, with slow and fast vibrato
  • Rolls
  • Marimba/01 Hard Mallet: Single hits, normal and secco
  • Rolls
  • Glissandos, fast and slow, diatonic and pentatonic
  • Cross glissandos
  • Marimba/02 Soft Mallet: Single hits, normal and secco
  • Rolls
  • Glissandos, fast and slow, diatonic and pentatonic
  • Cross glissandos
  • Woodblocks: Wood mallets
  • Single hits, tremolo normal and dynamics
  • 1-4 upbeats
  • Templeblocks/01 Wood Mallet: Single hits
  • Rolls
  • Lithophone small: Single hits


  • Tubular Bells - A: Medium, hard and soft mallets
  • Single notes
  • Tubular Bells - B: Medium, hard and soft mallets
  • Single notes
  • Plate Bells: Single notes
  • Cencerros: Soft felt, soft and medium yarn mallet, wood mallet
  • Single notes


  • Triangle: Triangle A
  • Single notes, performance repetitions, 1-3 upbeats, tremolo normal and dynamics
  • Crotales: Metal mallet
  • Single notes
  • Thundersheet: Thundersheet A
  • Various techniques
  • Steel: Railway rails
  • Single hits, tremolo normal and crescendo, 1-3 upbeats
  • Castanets: Single strokes
  • 1-4 upbeats
  • Tremolo 1 and 8 sec.
  • Performance repetitions
  • Waterphone: Single notes, bowed straight and modulated
  • Log Drum: Hard mallets, single hits (AB switching left/right hand variant)
  • Soft mallets, single hits and rolls
  • Misc Percussion/01 Windmachine: Sound variations 1-7
  • Misc Percussion/03 Ocean-Drums: Ocean drum A and B
  • Short, long, and motion sounds
  • Accents
  • Full samples and excerpts
  • Misc Percussion/10 Spring drum: 2 spring drums
  • Various techniques

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Tech Specs

Software Type Symphonic Sample Player
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format Standalone, AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Manufacturer Part Number VSLV10

Customer Reviews

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Must–Have for Composer's Toolkit

A worthwhile investment, even for VSL Special Edition customers. While I was happy with most of the SE samples, I found the percussion to be just so-so. I recommend VSL basic and extended percussion libraries. The Timpani L2 B was not only impressive sounding, it had many useful articulations including hard, soft and wooden mallets. For Sibelius users, VSL custom data includes presets that you can activate with staff text instructions. For example, "hard" will switch to the hard mallet timpani articulation. Fewer articulations respond to staff text than are available with the entire collection but you should still have all you need except for highly specialized effects. And for those you can always apply keyswitches in Sibelius to play back the desired articulation, a tedious process but not at all difficult. I also liked the sound of the tam-tam better in the collection, as well as the cymbals. Using the staff text "soft" gave a very pleasing cymbal roll and you can always switch back to "stick" when needed. It's also easy to switch from snares on to snares off when writing for snare drum. The only thought I had is what else am I missing by not investing in other VSL collections--are the samples that much better than what you get when you buy Special Edition and Special Edition Plus?
Music background: Classical Pianist, Composer
See also: Orchestral Software, Vienna Symphonic Library, Vienna Symphonic Library Virtual Instruments: Orchestra