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Roland VG-99 with GK-3 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Charlotte NC April 21, 2010Music Background:
    35+ years of playing/home project studio engineer

    Truly amazing

    I am 47 and have been playing and recording for decades. I have spent thousands of dollars on effects that you have to manually change for each song. I have used the Line 6 PODX3Live which gives you the capability to store presets. This is truly the coolest device I have ever seen, heard and used. Anyone who says that this COSM stuff just doesn't match the real thing is crazy. They said the same thing when digital recording hit. That no way can it match analog recording. Well every studio uses digital recording now. With the software that comes with the VG-99 it is so simple to create and store endless patches and to program the FC-300 foot control for each patch. Then save them to your computer. This is truly the last effect processor I will ever buy! Oh and did I mention it comes with guitars!!!!!!! Oh my it will blow you away!

  • from Phoenix, AZ November 16, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Limitless possibilities

    First off, I was thinking of making a technical review...but I'm actually going to spin this to the "pro-sumer" audience who might be trying to decide between this or some other, less expensive multi-effects unit.

    For years, I've been the budget conscious musician who likes to go pick up little odds and in's here and there.
    I've had single pedals, multi-effects pedals, rack mounted units for touring use, and the list goes on. They served their purpose, and I really enjoyed them for a while.
    But as with any musician, we grow, and our tastes mature.

    In the last year, I've had a paradigm shift in the way that I look at gear. I became very dissatisfied with the standard fair of tones and effects that every kid in guitar center buys. (Nothing wrong with Guitar Center kids...I'm just saying ;-)

    In stead of having thousands of dollars worth of low to medium level equipment laying around that only gets me low to medium level quality...why not downsize in quantity, and make quantom leaps in quality. So I decided to just purchase a few really high end units that will do EVERYTHING that I need.

    Enter the VG-99.

    I've owned a whole line-up of Boss, Ibanez, Dano, Zoom, digitech Rat, etc. through the years...

    This unit single-handedly replaces all of them.

    The sheer amount of sounds that you can get out of this unit make it worth the price of admission. Combine that with a computer based editor, MIDI control, Alternate tunings, all the effects you can ask for and any instrument that you can get a sample or MIDI info on, and you should be sold.

    I play progressive rock and jazz fusion, so I like having TONS of sounds and the ability to experiment.
    This unit does that and more.

    It makes playing the guitar that much more fun, because now you can play any instrument you want with the guitar as the "interface."

    The key, as with any multi-effects unit, is knowing where to put it in the signal chain.
    Don't get me wrong, you can plug this unit straight into an amp and it sounds awesome, but for those who are concerned because you have a boutique amp and a killer axe and you don't want to loose your tone...don't be concerned.
    I've got a Gibson Explorer and a custom, hand made electric running into a Mesa Boogie Dual Maverick Rectifier...so I want to keep my natural sounds for sure.
    For the guitar, you can still use your normal pickups along with the MIDI, and you can blend the sounds.
    For the amp, you can turn any "modelling" off, and just use the unit in your amp's effects loop.

    The D-beam and the Ribbon controller open up whole new options for controlling effects in real time.

    So the bottom line is this:
    If you just want lots of effects all in one place and you just want to plug in and go, then maybe you should go with a GT-10 (which is still a great unit).
    If you are like me, and you want to take a little time to truly create new sounds and to not be limited to just guitar sounds or normal tunings, then this is some of the best money you will spend.

    If you record, you cannot go without this unit, because it gives you any sound you want at your fingertips.

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