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Roland VG-99 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Nick Schenkel

    I've worked with several guitar synth modules over the years, and the VG-99 is one of the finest. The flexibility and depth that Roland has packed into this unit is incredible. The entire GR-300 synth engine is there. Guitar modelling at an unrivalled level is standard on this unit. If you can dream it up, the VG-99 can deliver it. Simply amazing.

  • from Ottawa, Ontario November 30, 2007Music Background:

    Best unit going!

    My only complaint is the price is a little high once you add the necessary foot-controller.

  • from TORONTO, CANADA November 17, 2007Music Background:
    Solo artist, studio owner


    Great unit. the only drawback is the Nylon emulation. The top three strings on the Nylon cut out when finger picking softly. This has already been confirmen by other users on the vg yahoo users groups. Hopefully this will get fixed with the first software upgrade. Other than that this is the mother of all guitar boxes. Throw away your Line 6 stuff and grab this baby...I did. Dont wanna use the COSM guitars? No probs. All the FX and amps with the exception of the poly fx can be used on your real guitar. The D-Beam is a kewl feature. If you check out the Paul Hanson demos on the Rolan site, be aware that the patches he uses in the demos are available for download from the VG-99 user group at yahoo. Thankyou Paul!!!!! I wish more companies would do this.
    I do a one man show with midi backing tracks and the 99 alows me to travel with only my strat. I use to bring a Takamine acoustic as well, but the airlines are starting to frown on bulky carry on items so the 99 is a God send in that area. The FC-300 is a must buy as it just adds so much more functionality to this system. Its got two assignable expression pedals, each with a stomp switch. If you like being able to switch your wah wah on in the traditional way....this will do it. Its also got a ton of EQ....5 x 4 band eqs. 10 of the 20 bands are parametric. Everything in this unit is just so darn tweakable.
    What else can I say.....JUST GET ONE.

  • from Brookfield IL October 6, 2007Music Background:

    I've Played a demo unit

    I have a pre-order with Sweetwater. I played a demo at GC (It which shall not be named). Let's just say - I was totally blown away. No regrets. Anxious for my Sweetwater 99. It is so much deeper and richer than the VG-8 (which I had to run through a lot of anaolg pedals to warm up). The acoustics sound really good. The little D beam is quite cool. Go and try a unit - you'll want it right away.

  • from Cleveland Ohio September 26, 2011Music Background:
    A little of everything


    I love the sound pallet possible with the VG99 but and here is where the deviation 5 starts comes from, they have to solve the noise issue when you move the 13 pin cable around. This is the major weakness of the box. I no other complaints. The issue is well known and all over the web. It is not enough of an issue to not recommend the box.
    PS: makes line6 into a toy.

  • from December 5, 2007Music Background:
    Retired Pro Stage Musician, Now A Recording Hobbyist

    Mine's On Order

    Spent a day playing one, then a week with a friend who has one. Loved turning my T5 into a 12 String, as well as into various guitars, Sitar, & Banjo. The Nylons do suck, but I didn't try them much.

    The Amps & effects are all good. I will be using this primarily for recording so I can dispense of CPU draining plugins. Would have cost me more to upgrade the computer then buy various amp modeling plugins that I didn't consider sounded all that good.

    I always try to buy from Sweetwater 1st

  • from Columbus,OH October 20, 2007Music Background:
    Classic Rock,Heavy Rock,Metal, Live Performance/Recording Musician

    Great Sound, Hard to get, and to expensive!!!!!!!

    I played it as a demo and it sounded great! The price is a little to high but I Just had to have it. The VG-99 Gives you any sound that you coud ever want. It also produces that full live sound that so many guitarist are tying to find. I play this through the latest Marshall Amp that just came out which is a JVM410 100Watt Head and the A&B stack of the 1960 Vintage Cabinets. Talk about full body live killer sound. Anyway the only draw back to the all new VG-99 is trying to get your hand on one. I Tried to get one at Sweetwater but they couldn't get them for 3 to 4 weeks. I went to another guitar shop and they have them in stock!!!!!(Yeah Baby) I now own it and Wow this thing rocks!!!! When something is new out on the market no one wants to wait to get it. By then every has one, and then it becomes norm.

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