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Vox VFS-2A Footswitch for AC15 and AC30 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Vox VFS-2A Footswitch for AC15 and AC30?

Questions about the Vox VFS-2A Footswitch for AC15 and AC30?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Bethesda, MD January 26, 2017

    Works with AxeFX MFC-101 Too

    This is a very well-built switch...all metal and quite sturdy. I use it to control my Vox AC15 and it doubles as add-on switches for my AxeFX IIXL+ foot controller (MFC-101). At this price, this switch is hard to beat

  • from March 7, 2016Music Background:

    Very Nice

    Perfect match for my AC30, Works great and fits nice on my pedal board.

  • from March 27, 2015

    Ac15 foot switch

    It works great. You really can't use the amp correctly without it.

  • from Rochester,NY January 11, 2014Music Background:
    plat what I want, hve played in many bands but at 56 I mostly get together with friends and Jam at home

    Well worth the money-A necessity!

    If your going to spend as much money as it cost to have one of the best and most professional Amps made to me, it becomes necessary to have at your foot the controls for Revereb, Tremolo and Top Boost at your feet. It works like a Charm and though it would be nice to have it included at lease it's only 30 bucks. The only other thing you need is a cover and there are plenty of people on Ebay who will make a cover designed for your amp for cheap money and that's important to keep the dust out of your amp, it'll lengthen the life of your tubes. Back yo the switch, works like a dream and as another reviewer wrote just get a silver sharpie so you can mark a V and a T to see them when you gig in a dark club. This Footswitch is a must have if you own an VOX AC30 or VOX AC15 C2. It'll save you time and effort and make it easier top change your tone with the click or two of a Footswitch. Worth every Penny!!!!

  • from December 1, 2011

    Works amazing!

    Perfect functionability for my Vox VT30, except after owning my Vox for 6 years, the input jack suddenly fell apart 3 days after buying this :( That's my luck! I'll have to get it fixed, and I should probably change the tube out in the amp, but this switch has no flaws or noise. Also the LED's on the amp change in unison so that is very useful. And I didn't mention this, but the 1st button changes the channels, and the second is the effects on/off switch, so this really is like 4 buttons compacted into 2! Great product.

  • from South Euclid OHIO August 10, 2011Music Background:
    Semi-proffessional Musician

    vox vfs-2A

    The new Vox VFS-2A switching pedal allows me to move from reverb/Tremolo in less than a second and there is no level loss or power loss.
    The vox VFS-2A is the PERFECT compliment to my new AC-15 C1
    You guys at Sweetwater are THE BEST!!!!

  • from Fort Wayne, IN June 13, 2011Music Background:
    Lifelong musician

    A Perfect Match!

    Factory switch for my Vox AC30 amplifier. Waiting for me at the front door. Has never failed to deliver reverb or tremolo.

  • from Greensburg, Indiana October 26, 2016Music Background:
    Celtic/Rock/Blues guitarist


    It do what it do! I'm happy with my purchase!

  • from Pacific Northwest April 19, 2016


    Shout out to Ed Needler for years of helping me find the right gear.

    This switch is a MUST to use the amp as it was intended. It can be used as a lead boost, but I use it to switch between clean and gain channels relying on a micro amp in the effects loop for solo volume boost. I'm really pleased with this setup.

  • from Charlotte NC June 4, 2014Music Background:
    Live and studio performance of music in various genres.

    It's exactly what you would expect.

    Does exctly what you'd expect. I use it with my AC15vr, left switch move between the clean and overdrive channels, right switch turns the reverb off and on.

  • from Knoxville TN & South Beach FL. April 12, 2013Music Background:
    Stage Manager

    Works great

    Solid, Works Great, Love It!

  • from Minnesota April 12, 2013Music Background:
    Played for 20 years as hobby


    Fairly heavy duty box. Switches do not cause any popping in AC30.

    One thing I did was take a metalic silver paint sharpie and put a big "V" on one side for Verb and Big T on the other for Treble. I used tape to form the letters which also covered the painted number which were useless. It looks real good and works as described.

    A must if you own an AC30. I now find myself using the verb and trem all the time.

  • from Redding, CA January 6, 2013Music Background:
    Church Music


    The footswitch works perfectly.

    It looks classy too.

  • from October 29, 2016


    works great with my amp, which can be finicky at times. Love the lights that tell me which one I'm on.

  • from March 18, 2015


    Works as advertised!

  • from Woodbury, MN April 5, 2014Music Background:

    This pedal should be included with the amplifier

    The Vox VFS-2A footswitch simply turns the reverb or tremolo on or off. It is not supplied with a Vox AC-15 and becomes an additional $40.00 expense. Aside from that, it is a well built pedal and does it's job very well and includes led lights which light when the reverb or tremolo is on.

Questions about the Vox VFS-2A Footswitch for AC15 and AC30?

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