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Vox V847-A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Vox V847-A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal?

Questions about the Vox V847-A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal?

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  • Patrick O'Connor
    from Harrisburg, IL February 26, 2017

    Wah-W-W-W-Wah, Wah...Wah

    Initially I was going to get a Dunlop Cry Baby but I thought I’d read the reviews of some of the other Wah pedals. I settled on the Vox because somebody, right here in fact, said it was, 'Whoah!' They weren’t kidding either. Playing a single palm-muted string and using this pedal gives you an instant 70’s cop movie vibe. Playing funk chords and letting rip on it… yeah, it’s just what I was looking for. The pedal is weighty and solid, and surprisingly shiny. If you don’t weigh much you may have trouble turning it on and off as it takes quite a stomp to click the on/ off switch. This is my first Wah pedal. Previously when I needed a Wah I was using plug-ins in my DAW and using the mouse to manipulate the expression, which couldn’t be done while actually playing the guitar of course; so, you can imagine how awkward, fiddly, and generally unsatisfying that was. I am very happy with this pedal and look forward to producing funky vibes for years to come. I haven’t tried combining it with my death metal distortion pedal yet…

  • Tony
    from North Carolina, USA April 5, 2016Music Background:
    guitarist since 1987

    Wah with character!

    My first wah was the ubiquitous Dunlop Crybaby... yeah, it went "wah", but it didn't really grab me, ya know? It was just 'meh'. Back to the store it went. Later, I saw a Vox wah and thought I had read something about them(this was years ago when I wore a younger man's clothes ;0p) being used by Hendrix(despite prevalent advertising, the Crybaby didn't exist back then), so I gave it a try, and boy am I glad I did! It didn't just go "wah", it's like it went "whoah!" It wasn't just a foot-controlled tone-sweep, it had 'a voice'... The addition of a power supply jack and a buffer to prevent signal loss have only made a great thing even greater! It is the only wah pedal I use.

  • Novice
    from Wisconsin November 10, 2014

    Just what he was lookin for

    My son has several pedals this one is his favorite.

  • Customer
    from Chicago April 7, 2017

    Great Wah

    It's hard to elaborate here. I've only had one other wah and it's been almost twenty years ago. I do really like how the Vox sounds and reacts. Not much else to compare it to, but I'm really happy to have it in my pedal options chest. Can't stop playing it and will probably over use it and annoy my band mates. I'd say that's a pretty decent endorsement.

  • Ben H.
    from March 9, 2017

    Awesome tone

    Had tried some cry baby models at my local music store, but just found them to my ears to be devoid of character and tone and just plain lacking in actual "wah" sound. Ordered the vox through Sweetwater and the vox has everything the cry baby is missing. Plus it looks fantastic and has a nice bag to store it in! Don't see how you could go wrong with this one.

  • John Ellard, Sr.
    from Texas November 15, 2016Music Background:
    Working Musician

    Classic is right

    This is a great wah pedal. The toe tap switch is adjustable, as is the range. Remove the back from the pedal and look at how it's constructed. It's not hard to chamge the sweep or the pedal on/off switch height. I hope that helps.

  • Cliff Niesen
    from Florida May 29, 2016

    Easy Fix,

    I have read the, "only complaint is it is hard to shut off or turn on". That goes with all new Wah wah, What you are suppose to do is raise that switch so the peddle will touch. This is set up that way because some kids will complain that it keeps shutting off when I play.

  • Larry Collins
    from Lakeview, Ohio July 4, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Hobbyist - 45 plus years

    Switched over to this Wah pedal

    I've used a Crybaby for many years. Guess I was just to lazy to try anything else. But - I'm glad I did! This Vox gives me pretty much what I'm looking for in a Wah pedal. Also - the service is unbeatable at Sweetwater!!!

  • Mike Petraglia
    from Lockport, NY May 19, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Pro singer songwriter

    Vox classic reissue Wah Wha pedal

    Great pedal, solidly built and works well and sounds well. My only complaint is you have to put quite a bit of pressure on it to engage it and there are no LED's to let you know when it's on or off. I'm sure it's because it's the classic design. I'd still recommend it and I'd recommend ordering from Sweetwater, they rock!

  • Vic
    from Auburn March 25, 2017

    The goody

    Exactly what u expect from a vox wah. I've had a bunch of wah peddles over the years and I always come back to the vox. The sweep isn't super long so u don't end up with shin splints but it is still very controllable. In short, it's the only wah u will ever need.

  • Joey
    from January 31, 2012

    Great Wah Pedal!

    This pedal is amazing! The sounds it produces especially for leads is amazing! The only two problems I have with it is that it is very hard to turn on and off and when it reached high notes its a little piercing but overall I love this pedal!

  • David Heilig
    from Sandusky, Michigan May 28, 2011Music Background:
    Student, Hobbyist

    Good Starter Wah

    This was my first pedal and after owing it for two years I can say I like my vox wah. Its highs are a bit piercing but it still offers a good range of tones. My vox had a sweet spot where the tone would change dramatically in just a short space. I liked utilizing it in solos and fast paced rhythms. After a few months of owning it, I noticed that my wah started produce a loud noise coming from the amp when it was turned on. Also when I would sweep it, it made an annoying sound similar to a squishing or scrunching noise. I don't know if something got fried in the circuit or the pedal just went south. I haven't bothered to have it serviced because, being a high school student, I have no money. In retrospect, I wished I would have saved my hard earned money for a better, more expensive pedal that is not so piercing. After owning it for two years and though I like the pedal, I feel I can say that I want to move onto a nicer wah pedal maybe a Budda Wah which from videos I have listened to, isn't piercing, but smooth.

  • Tyler Phillips
    from Wisconsin May 1, 2010Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student, Performer

    My First Wah

    This is my first wah and there are a couple things I don't like about it. One is that I wish there was a led light indicating when the wah is turned on. Sometimes is it hard to tell if you have it turned off or not. 2nd is that when I have my Boss DS-1 Distortion turned on with it, it doesn't sound as punk as I was hoping for. Granted I have only had it a couple days now but hopefully I can figure out how to get that "punk" sound that I like. It is a very fun pedal to use though. Don't decide to not buy this pedal because I said it doesn't sound the greatest with distortion though cuz it doesn't sound that bad, i'm just really really picky on my sound.

  • Sammy
    from Oklahoma May 13, 2016

    On/Off toe button switch from hell.

    I had the exact same issue that Jack listed above had. Unless you're a good 200lb man, you may not even be able to turn on/off the toe switch at all. It takes my entire weight and then some to get this pedal to activate. The very first time I used the pedal, I thought of sending it back because I didn't even think it had an on/off switch. Except for that, this pedal is really nice. Works really well if and when you can get it turned on. Had one of the old late 60s Vox Wah pedals, and it was very noisy. This thing is incredibly quiet. Good pedal sweep. Just the On/Off toe button switch from hell.

  • zach cottongim
    from kingsport, TN December 14, 2015


    Very mediocre. Not friendly for dark stages and certainly not worth taking into the studio. Tried it in a few different places in my pedal chain and I just don't care much for it. Looking to try and self mod it when I find the time. Might be able to get some better tones from it then, but out of the box, there are better things on the market at that price range. On the bright side, it did come with a really cool vox pedal bag that I carry a different pedal in when I gig or head in a studio. I adore my vox amp, just not this pedal.

  • Jack Wolfe
    from Elizabethtown, KY March 10, 2013Music Background:
    70's and 80's Rock


    I bought the Vox Wah pedal new. Over all I like the pedal. Only problem is you don't know if it's on or not. And second it takes a ten pound weight to turn it on. I have to pound on it with everything I got just to engage it. I jerry rigged it with a small bolt under the pedal part to close the space on the button. This allowed me to be able to push a lot less to turn it on and off. Over all happy with it, but could use some improvements. If I knew before hand of the problems, I wouldn't have bought it...!

Questions about the Vox V847-A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal?

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