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Voce V5+ Reviews

    from SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA July 18, 2011Music Background:

    B3 IN A FIST

    This unit should satisfy your basic B3 needs (with the exception of Rotary Simulation. For THAT, you'll need either a Voce SPIN II, or a VENTILATOR, OR, as in my case, a MOTION SOUND PRO 3X on top of a ROLAND KC 350, OR 550, PLUS A SUB WOOFER. It's basic Hammond Sound is as good as any that I've played, it's percussion & vibrato/chorus are adequate. It really sounds good thru a SPEAKEASY VINTAGE TUBE PRE AMP. If you want Jon Lord type distortion, the MOTION PRO 3X & the Speakeasy pre amp (ama) pretty much get it. One thing that is great about this unit, besides it's flawless Hammond sound, is that you can split ANY drawbar registration or preset simply by pushing the little black button to the left of the 4 preset buttons. INSTANT BASS for the left hand. It supposedly can emulate a tri-timbrel config of 2 manuals & bass pedal board. I've tried that relentlessy, with no avail. HOWEVER : if you run a midi cable from both your pedal board & lower manual into a MIDI SOLUTION QUADRA MERGE THEN OUT FROM THE QUADRA MERGE INTO THE MIDI IN OF THE V5+, you'll get either an excellent lower manual plus pedal board, or a split single manual plus pedalboard. (this unit has only 1 midi in) . Also, if you want a volume pedal. the ERNIE BALL JR pedal will do just fine. Simply connect a guitar cord from the Voce audio out into the Ernie Ball pedal audio IN. then audio OUT from the pedal into either the amp, rotary simulator, or whatever is next in your signal chain. this unit has no REVERB . In my signal chain, the LAST item prior to going into the Main amp (or in my case, the Pro 3x) would be any one of the numerous reverb stomp boxes of your choice. I use the HOLY GRAIL NANO REVERB PEDAL, & that works GREAT ! THE bottom line : AS GOOD A BASIC HAMMOND SOUND AS YOU'LL FIND ON ANY MODULE (OR CLONEWHEEL KEYBOARD.)

  • jeff7b9
    from NJ February 25, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    What you need to know

    Sounds great, No Verb, No Leslie sim.

    Great Hammond sound, but you will need to supplement it with the following:

    A) Leslie function- either a motion sound amp (Which I already had) a Ventilator, or a Hughes & Kettner Rotoshpere, etc...

    B) Reverb- I use the EH Holy Grail

    If you are a gearhead and you already have some of the supplementals, then go for it, it sounds awesome. If you need to spend several hundred in addition to the V5+ .. spring for a SK1.
    (yeah I have one of those too, it is amazing and has as good of a leslie sim as you'll find and reverb onboard)

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