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Bugera V5 1x8" 5-Watt Tube Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
  • from Atlanta, GA February 20, 2015Music Background:

    Can't get a better combo for the $

    This is a great amp period. For the money you should get two and run them in stereo, like I do. There is a mod on the telecaster forum that costs $0.80 to add caps to the volume and gain mod. Add that and this guy becomes the boss.

  • from Albuquerque, NM November 5, 2014Music Background:

    Bugera V5 5 Watt Tube Combo Amp

    Sorry but I neglected to mention in my previous review that the amp provides great sound on 1watt and when switched to 5 watts it has all of the volume you need. The amp is solid, built well and is also good looking. I was so impressed with the customer service that I neglected to mention all of the positives about the amp.
    Get one

  • from Albuquerque November 5, 2014Music Background:
    It's my hobby and lifelong dream to play guitar

    Bugera V5 5 Watt Tube Compo Amp

    This is a great amp. It allows for me to be able to get the tone that I desire without having to have the volume where it might disturb my wife. It has a beautiful clean sound and sounds nice and dirty when I desire it to. I've had it for a few weeks now and I am completely satisfied with the amp. I feel comfort in knowing that Sweetwater provides a 2 year warranty and I have never had such a great customer service experience in the 20 years I have been buying guitars, amplifiers and related gear. Bob Mondok and Tony treated me as though I was there best customer. I highly recommend this amplifier and Sweetwater for any musical needs. Thanks guys!

  • from Louisiana October 15, 2014Music Background:
    serious guitarist


    This amp is a great amp regardless of cost. It sounded great right out of the box. It is built really solid. The reverb sounds great. I was praying when I bought this that I didn't waste $200, and having played it I can say that I made a good investment. I probably will get another one so I can run my rig in stereo. If you have been thinking about taking a chance on this amp, do yourself a favor and just go ahead and get it; you won't be disappointed.

  • from NJ September 23, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro

    If you can only have one amp...this is it

    Great sound it a very cool package. I had bought the BC 15 but wasn't happy with the tone. This amp is valve tone for half of what you would normally pay. but it now.

  • from United States February 5, 2014Music Background:
    Been Playing Guitar 50 Years, Hobbyist


    This Is My First Tube Practice Amp And I'm Very Happy With The Tone And Sound That I Get. It Gets Very Loud For Just An Eight Inch Speaker. I Like The Built In Reverb Which Works Very Well. I'm Very Surprised At The Tones I Get With This Amp. I Plan On Keeping It. It's A Great Practice Amp.

  • from Northern Michigan January 21, 2013Music Background:
    Former part time performer and now just a 50+ year guitarist.

    Bugera V5 Combo Amp

    This is a great little amp that I have had for 2 months. I have a vintage 1965 Fender Super Reverb and a 1973 Kustom tube combo along with a Line 6 Spider IV 75 amp. With all these amps at home if find myself playing this one the most. The range of sounds that this little guy produces without having to blow everyone away with volume is amazing. With the attenuator switch on the back you get the same tube tones at .1 watts as with 5 watts. The distorted and crunch tones are there and so is some beautiful clean tones. Having amps with true spring reverb this amp compares very well. I sincerely love using this amp.

  • from United States June 18, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, becoming a Telecaster enthusiast.

    V5 = 5 Stars

    Little expensive for a small amp, but the sound it great and loud for only 5 watts. Used for practice only (only recent look took up the guitar as a hobby) Even a the .1 it seems loud (if turned all the way up) but it is a great practice amp with the tube sound.

  • from Michigan City Indiana February 3, 2015Music Background:
    recording, performing.

    Great sound

    I was very impressed. This head will rock! When I hook it up to my 212 cab, it gets even louder and with more tone. I can play it out in most clubs. Was going to use it as a back up amp but it has the tone to be my main performing amp. Glad I got it.

  • from United States April 23, 2013Music Background:
    engineer, producer, musician

    Get one...!

    First of all, the V5 tends to sell out quickly....for a good reason. Incredible bang for the buck. Great bedroom/practice amp. I did upgrade with JJ tubes, but with only 2 tubes to deal with, experimenting will others will be easily doable. Amp breaks up nicely when you push it and YES you can get some sweet and controllable harmonic feedback and sustain. I actually took it to band practice and the crew was impressed by the tone, output and vintage looks of the V5. Also, plugging this into a bigger cab was amazing! This was a great upgrade from my Vox VT15 which was nice but had way too many features for my usage.

    GET ONE....!

  • from Cleveland OH July 31, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    It's a Blast

    This little guy has great sound. Has a fantastic look and is versatile. It is loud. When I need more I just mike it. I have been playing for many years with a large number of amps, this is my favorite.

  • from Hyattsville, MD April 30, 2012Music Background:

    Great tube amp

    I bought this amp in february to play my fender strat through and it works great now. At first the amp would stop putting out sound after 5 minutes. I contacted sweetwater and they sent me some replacement tubes and now the amp sounds great.

  • from Camden, NY December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Serious Hobby

    Very Nice Amp-Should Record Well

    I've only had the amp for a few days, but I am happy with this purchase so far.I bought this specifically for recording. You would have to mic it otherwise to jam with others. As all amps go, it has it's strengths and weaknesses. I have a '96 Fender Deluxe HR with extension cab, and a Fender Excelsior, a Orange Micro Terror, and a Squire SP10. They all do something good, but I'm glad I have the V5 now because it does something good too. Its' .01 watt setting is awesome for crunchy tube distortion without shaking the paint off the walls. The 5 watt setting is great for the semi clean tone. It doesn't clean up like a Fender, but it's hard to make the Fender growl like this amp can easily do. See what I mean? For under $200. I couldn't resist. I bought a Demo and got an even better deal.Can't comment on longevity yet. I hope it stays together as long as my other amps have. Thanks to Mike Hammond for the service for these past years. Happy Pickin' !

  • from United States November 18, 2012Music Background:

    Great Bedroom Amp!

    Dollar for dollar, the Bugera V5 is an outstanding buy. At low to moderate levels it exemplifies why tube amps are still enjoyed today by those who play through them. The sound is three-dimensional with rich layers of overtones and chime. It makes my high-quality, solid state amp seem lifeless in comparison.

    Admittedly, at higher gain/volume the small speaker shows its limitations and the vintage grind isn't as rewarding, but it's built more for solo practice, informal rehearsals or jam sessions.

    For what the amp offers. you owe it to yourself to try the V5 out and compare it to a like solid state amp. You will be pleasantly surprised!

  • from New Orleans, LA. December 19, 2011Music Background:
    Bedroom musician and tube enthusiast.

    Five watts of fun

    If you read up on how some of those classic tones you know and love were created in the studio, a small, low-power tube amp is likely a key part of the equation. To get a tube amp's sweet spot requires cranking the volume to levels not practical for your hearing or keeping the wife happy. Enter a low-watt tube amp. Bugera did a good job with this little guy. You get authentic tube tone at a reasonable volume. An attenuator is included to bring you down to one watt and even further down to a tenth of a watt. Make no mistake though, five watts is definitely loud. Try the V5 at full blast on the five watt setting in the middle of the night and see how long it is until the cops come knocking. I'm a considerate neighbor and find even on the lowest setting it is still too loud.

    But once you do have the opportunity to crank this little guy, let her rip.

    Now, I gave the V5 four stars, because corners were understandably cut. The Output transformer is pretty puny, and does hamper the tone. The V5 is a great platform to customize, but the PCB will set limits to what you can modify. Search the web and a bright cap mod is suggested as the V5 does sound a little dark. With no EQ onboard, you'll need a pedal to tailor the sound to your liking. That being said, you do have a wide range of tones at your disposal through the Gain and Tone knobs.

    A digital reverb is included and is pretty convinving. Not a reverb tank but it is a nice addition.

    For the record a 10" speaker will fit in there. I've got a Ragin' Cajun in mine. Other mods are new tubes and a transformer upgrade.

    But stock you'll like the V5. It's a fun little amp. Just plug in and go. You have a lot of choices these days for a low-watt amp. Give the V5 a try.

  • from Washington State, USA February 13, 2012Music Background:
    Amature guitarist and Hobbyist for 30+ years

    Feature Packed, But the Sound Leaves More to be Desired

    I own an number of small low wattage tube amps. I purchased this amp based on the features offered in a small all tube amplifier. My expectations were a bit high and I ended up a bit disappointed.

    On the positive side this amp is well constructed and has the look and feel of a vintage "boutique" tube amp from the 60's. Simple and easy controls include separate volume and gain along with a single use tone adjustment. Digital reverb is a nice touch and sounds fantastic. In addition, the amp has a nice three way power attenuator allowing you to switch from the full 5 watts to 1 watt or .1 watt for bedroom volume while running the tubes hot. There is a headphone jack and ext. speaker jack as additional options to the stock speaker. Overall, this is a nice package of features compared to most small tube amps.

    On the negative side, I was a bit disappointed with the sound. Clean tones at lower volume are fine. As the amp gets cranked, there is a distinct lack of body and drive in the tone. The distortion tends to break early and seems thin t me. The amp is loud enough for small venues or if you mic. The amp takes pedals well too. This would be a fine amp for a beginning guitarist based on the features, but for those more advanced, the tone just doesn't cut it. For the cost, I would recommend spending a few more dollars and getting a Marshall Class 5 combo. While the Class 5 lacks reverb and is a bit larger, the tone is fantasti, and, in my opinion, blows this amp away hands down in sound quality.

    For those who buy this amp, I recommend at least upgrade in tubes. I am pleased with the overall look and features of the amp and for me this is the perfect platform for extensive modding. I think Bugera is putting out a quality constructed product and I love the features offered here. So, overall, this one is nice out of the box; but don't expect to be blown away at the sound.

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