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Truetone H20 Chorus and Echo Dual Effect Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Truetone H20 Chorus and Echo Dual Effect Pedal?

Questions about the Truetone H20 Chorus and Echo Dual Effect Pedal?

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  • Customer
    from Washington DC June 30, 2016

    H20 True Tone Delay/Chorus

    I use this pedal at every rehearsal. It's my go to chorus and delay. It's great for lead and shredding. If you want that EVH brownsound for chords, this is the pedal that can do it.

    I have seen a couple of reviews about static in the delay. I want to address that to help anyone who bought this pedal with that issue.

    I too had the exact same problem. It's not your guitar or your amp that is causing it. But there is a solution.

    When a guitarist sets up their pedals one of the things that has to kept in mind is delay before dirt or distortion.

    If you plug your guitar into the in jack and then connect a second guitar cable to the amp input, when you stomp on the delay switch, you are in essence delay the distortion.

    That is not desired. In fact the delay pedal has a number of good uses. One of them is for subtle delay in signal for guitar solos including with distortion.

    Think shredding 80's metal solos.

    The solution is to check the back of you amp for an effects loop. If you are lucky enough to have an amp manufacturer that offered an effects loop option great.

    Simply plug a cable from the input of the H20 into the input of the effects loop. And another connecting the output to the output.

    If your amp doesn't have an effects loop then you might think about investing in a reasonable amp that has an effects loop as a feature.

    There are a number of good tube amps with an effects loop.

    What its basically doing is putting the delay and chorus on the line level and allowing your guitar signal to be just the guitars tone.

    Once you connect the H20 Truetone into the effects loop you simply grab another guitar cable and plug the guitar into the input sans or without any effect in front of the chain.

    With an effects loop you can put all of your effects in the effects loop chain ,including volume pedals, wah. Everything.

    The end result is a much more professional sounding delay, and what a sweet sound it is.

    The quality is studio quality live.


  • Dennis Downey
    from Hinckley, Ohio November 29, 2015

    really happy with this

    No tone suck, having the buffer is a fantastic option. Lots of vintage sounds with modern capabilities. No volume dropoff!!!

  • Jeremy Beavin
    from Charlestown, IN March 29, 2014Music Background:

    An outstanding Effect Box!

    The pedal is slightly smaller than I expected. Smaller than my VOX Ice 9. This is a bonus for many as pedalboard space is tight for many. I use a small amount and don't mind the size, heck the small clone has one of my favorite size boxes.
    Anyway, it seams nicely built and has a great paint job.

    I connected it the normal way, one in one out. You can connect it several ways, and these are made clear on the included instructions. I plugged it in to my daisy chain after my od and distortion. The switches are soft, which I prefer.

    Sound disclaimer;
    I played through my '64spec Tele, into a 40watt pignose tube amp.
    I play rock, chord heavy, of or dist into clean amp. I use chorus a lot. Certianly an amateur, but anyway...

    This was my main reason for getting this. I use chorus a lot. I have tried a few, but to this point my favorite is my Modtone Aqua Chorus.

    The chorus is outstanding. A ton of range, great adjustabilty.
    The detune switch gives a crazy spacey effect. Tons of fun with this side.

    I typically use delay in two ways, one a short slapback almost reverb sound and a longer more floyd like delay. Ths does both very well. It does not 'color' your tone in anyway.

    Great range on the delay as well.

    The amount of adjustability all around this pedal is outstanding.

    The extra features are unmatched in a pedal in this price range. You have multiple connection options, as well as the ability to change either side from buffered to true bypass.

    This is a winner and has a home on my pedalboard. It has sent several other pedals to the for sale shelf.

    I was a little afraid at first buying a brand new untested product, but Visual Sound has come out with a real winner here!

  • Jake
    from Terre Haute, IN October 7, 2015Music Background:
    Worship, rock, blues

    Love this pedal!

    I love this pedal. It has a great range of effect tone. I have a use for this for every set I play from very mellow ambient tones and swells, to upbeat warbly grooves. I'm in love with this pedal.

  • William Charney
    from El Mirage AZ April 25, 2015

    H2O Chorus and Echo

    Do like both these tow pedals. Lots to offer on both sound wise and I am still tweaking to find my sweet spot, for sure...........

  • jon farrell
    from sandusky, ohio December 31, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician, live sound engineer

    just as great as i hoped it would be

    I saw a demo on this pedal and was greatly impressed so I bought one, i just love it. I've always been very picky about chorus pedals, this one has it all covered,the tone control along with the intensity switch allow me to dial in just what I want. the echo side is also so sweet, easy to dial in just what I want, the only problem I have had is I seem to constantly hit both foot switches when only meaning to engage 1, this could be due to not being totally used to this pedal yet; ,are the switches too close to each other, is my foot too fat ? I don't know, but this pedal is just great !!

  • Cameron Gainey
    from Wake Forest, NC March 9, 2015Music Background:
    Almost 15 years studying, performing, composing


    This pedal was disappointing. It's economic and a veritable Swiss army knife, but the quality is a bit lacking.

    Pros: Intensity switch (really awesome). Width and depth controls. Chor/Vib knob.
    Cons: Lowering speed kills intensity! Noisy, overpowering detune switch (cool feature, it's just too heavy). Rather synthetic sounding vibrato.

    Pros: Analog! Level knob (wet only). Short/long switch + delay knob = ease fine tuning.
    Cons: STATIC IN THE ECHOS. Repeat knob goes to "infinity" at only ~2 o'clock. Delay not long enough (only ~400ms).

    Another pro overall is that each effect has inputs that allow individual wiring.

    Sweetwater has sent me two different pedals, but the echo still has static in it. And it's not Sweetwater's fault--I played an H2O at a local store, and there was the same issue!! In the end, I'm happy with the overall chorus sound, but the pedal as a whole was a disappointment. I hope later to get two individual pedals of higher quality.

  • Rick
    from Pittsburgh May 20, 2014Music Background:
    Rock->Blues->Jazz->Country->Combination of all of these performer.

    Not the Level of Quality I Expected

    When I purchased the H2O pedal, I really wanted to love it. Having watched a couple of on-line video reviews, it seemed to me that this would be the best chorus pedal I could find, with a delay added in as a bonus. Unfortunately, I found the switches to be very electronically noisy. I accompany yoga classes as a regular gig and I can't afford to have an effect pedal that switches on and off with a noticeable, abrasive electronic click. Also, I found the chorus effect a bit too tone-coloring. The battery access situation was also less user friendly than other pedals. I took it back and purchased a TC Electronic Corona Chorus, with which I am very happy. I still love my Visual Sound Route 66 and would not hsitate to try other VS pedals, I just don't think this version came out of the oven quite right.

  • John Meeks
    from USA ca April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Grad of MI and LAMA. and berklee song writing

    Not what they say

    I could not get a clean echo more of a delay. chorus is no way close as the tc electronics this is not for your clean side put did sound ok on the distortion side not what I recommend for clean

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