TC Electronic UnWrap Plug-in - TDM

Stereo to 5.1 Up- and Down-mixing Plug-in for Pro Tools - Mac/PC TDM
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TC Electronic UnWrap Plug-in - TDM image 1
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TC Electronic UnWrap Plug-in - TDM
Delivered By Download

TC UnWrap - Algorithm for Up-mixing Stereo to 5.1

Since they first unveiled the Finalizer, a processor that initially had mastering engineers a tad worried about their positions, tc electronic has been synomomous with high-quality mastering solutions. Perhaps the one thing that had the mastering engineers the most worried was the presets that gave just about anyone access to a finished sound. Now tc has turned their attention and expertise to the area of 5.1 mixing and have come up with UnWrap, a plug-in processer that can up-mix stereo to 5.1 automatically. Surround mixers beware, or be joyous (as you'll soon see), tc electronic UnWrap for Pro Tools TDM is here.

tc electronic UnWrap TDM at a Glance:
  • Transparent up-conversion from stereo and LtRt to 5.1
  • Customized up-conversion presets for film production and music mastering
  • down-mix back to stereo with no sonic penalties

Transparent up-conversion
This full-version mastering and film up-converter algorithm offers a high level of sophistication with unprecedented control and resolution. An abundance of parameters facilitates the conversion of stereo and LtRt sources to 5.1 while remaining faithful to the original mix's width, timbre, spaciousness and other significant factors. With its wealth of controls, UnWrap is a benchmark in film and music production. Whether you lack time to do a conventional 5.1 mix or a multitrack source simply doesn't exist - UnWrap facilitates smooth and fast stereo to 5.1 up-conversion.

Custom Presets
UnWrap includes customized up-conversion presets for film production and music mastering and comes with settings to complement it all. Add to the default presets the ability to time-align all channels at sample precision, widen or narrow the image, control the amount of Center and LFE channel to be used, change filters and envelopes, and you begin to get an idea of the power of this plug-in.

Once processed, the 5.1 output can be subsequently down-mixed to stereo again with no sonic penalties. Take a preset tour to spark your creativity, or start a new up-mix from scratch. Processing is double precision, capable of running at any sample rate between 48 and 96 kHz - both are included.

tc electronic UnWrap Features:
  • Transparent up-conversion from stereo to 5.1, and from LtRt to 5.1
  • World's first high-resolution up-conversion algorithm
  • Precision aligned outputs for subsequent down-mix
  • EQ and contour styles for center and surround channels optimization and control
  • Additive, perfect down-mix and PONR presets included
  • For Pro Tools TDM

Tech Specs

Software Type Stereo to 5.1 Up- and Down-mixing
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format TDM
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel/PPC
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.4
OS Requirements - PC Windows XP
Manufacturer Part Number 947018901

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