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M-Audio Uno Reviews

4.5 stars based on 39 customer reviews
Questions about the M-Audio Uno?

Questions about the M-Audio Uno?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    Do you still have a few older modules lying around the studio? The M-Audio UNO is the de facto choice for any caliber of musician who needs to hook up one MIDI device to their computer via USB. This is also perfect for the Sibelius user who's using a keyboard controller.

  • from Northern California March 3, 2017Music Background:
    weekend warrior bass player and guitarist in a worship band

    M-Audio Uno

    I got this to update firmware on my Strymon Timeline Delay. Works perfect. Make sure to download the current drivers for your OS from the M-Audio website for best results. Easy to use and plug and play simple.

  • from Warren, Pa January 24, 2017

    Worked great with CASIO CTK711EX

    The UNO arrived the day after ordering. I am running WIN7 on my laptop and the driver disk included with the unit wouldn't load so I found the appropriate driver at the M-Audio sight. I was up and running
    in just a few minutes and have resurrected my older CASIO keyboard.
    My friend just scored a beautiful KORG I3 and I suspect he will be getting an UNO as well

  • from Chicago! March 9, 2016Music Background:

    It Works!!!!!!


  • from FL February 22, 2016


    Works great, it did not come with detailed instructions however and i had to call Sweetwater for support. That is why i buy all my recording equipment from them. I always know if i have any issues they help me through it.

  • from January 15, 2016

    Pretty good!

    So it's absolutely functional and does exactly what I need it to do! The only problem I initially had was that the software drivers that came with it were out of date so I had to go online and download the drivers compatible to my Windows 8. After that I had no problems!

  • from November 12, 2015

    So great!!!

    So far so good.no problem! Just connect, gonto m audio website search for your software.and its all good. Dont buy those cheap ones on amazon!

  • from May 25, 2015

    midi cable

    I would say "blown away" but can't get that excited about midi cables. But they're great - I had some old cables (1990's) that were much heavier. I'm glad these are more streamlined.

  • from California May 13, 2014Music Background:

    A good buy

    Simple. Does what it says it does. No fuss.

  • from Lake Tahoe area April 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician and composer mainly keyboards and guitar

    Nifty little interface works good for simple data transmission

    The UNO arrived safely sealed in a blister pack and it is a cinch to use. I upgraded the firmware in my Gen 1 Peavey Vypyr 75 with it and everything went well. I like the way it easily stows in my cable bag and it will come in handy any time my computers need to connect with a midi device. I see it coming in handy on road gigs because the quality is high so it should hold up to the abuse such things invariably are subjected to in the course of setting up and tearing down sets. It obviously doesn't compare to the audio interface I have in my home studio but for simple, reliable data exchange and computer based midi control its well worth the money to have around.

  • from East coast USA March 5, 2014Music Background:

    USB MIDI that works

    M audio UNO works in my setup. Another product I tried didn't.

  • from Montour Falls, NY February 25, 2014Music Background:

    A midi-usb interface that works

    Worked to upgrade the firmware on two of my Peavey products, the AT-200 Guitar and the Vypyr 60 Amp.

    Worked flawlessly on a laptop with Windows 7 32-bit, but would not work on my Windows 7 64-bit Desktop. I believe this was a Peavey-issue though, as the 64 bit device drivers installed without errors.

    Nice long cables on this unit minimize the pain of herding all your equipment together to make connections.

  • from Elburn, Il February 6, 2014Music Background:
    Worship team member


    Just read the pop up screen when you install the disc and make sure your pick your correct system and this thing will install no problem. After that the possibilities are endless

  • from New York December 20, 2013Music Background:

    Great piece of equipment.

    Every think works just perfect. It had some small issue with the software , however it work beauitful.

  • from Anderson In November 26, 2013Music Background:

    M-Audio UNO

    I just plugged in and it worked
    No latency at all
    All around easy use and configuration

  • from Los Angeles October 10, 2013Music Background:
    40 years performing, Keyboards

    Works fine with Yamaha S90 ES

    This M-Audio UNO interface has been serving me live on stage and at home for about 4 years now. Not a hitch, or lag. I would buy another in a second. Don't know why Sweetwater says it's not compatible - maybe that's official word from Yamaha to cover it's...?

  • from Boston, MA May 24, 2013Music Background:
    Performer/Synth programmer

    Has trouble working with high volumes of messages

    This thing will work fine for just playing a keyboard into your computer, but doing much more than that and it will end up dropping messages. I do live stuff where I'm sending input from multiple keyboards into software, and mapping them back out to different channels, and I frequently run into dropped messages when using this interface.

    The Roland UM-ONE works fine no matter how much I throw at it.

  • from Louisville, Ky December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Key board and guitar

    M-Audio UNo

    Easy to install price was right. Delivered on time.

  • from Louisville, Ky December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Key board and guitar

    M-Audio UNo

    Easy to install price was right. Delivered on time.

  • from San Francisco Bay Area July 28, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro, Home Recording Studio, Singer/Songwriter/Composer

    Exactly what I needed

    This product is awesome. It does exactly what I need it to do. I can now compose with my Reason 4 software using my CasioTone CT-360. A very inexpensive start to home studio composition. We are really enjoying it! I did have to get the latest drivers and make sure I plugged it into the appropriate USB for the device. After that, there have been no issues.

  • from the Shire, Middle Earth June 20, 2012Music Background:
    guitar god of ancient mythological renown

    The M-Audio UNO

    new to midi. cable worked great right out of the box and let me focus on learning midi.

  • from Keller, TX. April 24, 2012Music Background:
    30 yr. musician

    M-Audio UNO

    Purchased this product to connect a guitar processor to a computer. Installation was easy and everything works great. Product came to my door really fast and support from Sweetwater has been outstanding.

  • from Annandale, VA April 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Product

    This is one little giant machine. It works perfectly fine with my old Korg O1/W FD and Cubase 5. I just needed to visit M-Audio's website to download the newest driver (otherwise it won't work in Windows 7). All 16 track sequencer is activated and I never though I could use my old Korg O1/W FD as a midi controller for VST instruments. I love it.

  • from Atascadero, CA April 4, 2012Music Background:
    Singer/Choral Conductor

    As Advertised!

    This item is definitely "as advertised". It's great. All I did was plug it in and it works. It arrived quickly and the folks at Sweetwater even called to make sure it arrived timely. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from Moultonboro, NH February 13, 2012Music Background:
    Piano Technician

    M-Audio UNO

    For my MIDI piano applications, this unit is perfect. Easy for customers to use, and compatible with their computers.

  • from Debary, FL February 11, 2012

    Works Great

    This has been working great with my MacBook Pro and Line 6 HD 500. I haven't had any issues and works exactly as expected.

  • from NW Ohio February 8, 2012Music Background:
    Musician & Recording

    Works As Expected

    The first one I received had what seemed to be a smaller MIDI connector and was immediately replaced by Sweetwater - one of the many great things about this company. The second fits better and works as expected. Without it my M-Audio Radium49 controller was useless with my Macbook Pro. Now it works like a charm with Pro Tools 10, Logic 8 and Garageband. Thanks M-Audio and Sweetwater!

  • from Hodgenville, KY September 30, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Arts Pastor

    Works Great!

    When you have to order equipment on a budget there is a happy median between affordable and dependable, this product is both! I'm running an old 88 key radio shack electronic keyboard into a new iMac and the UNO is the perfect bridge.

  • from August 10, 2011


    it works easy to use.

  • from Kaiserlautern, Germany June 2, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist Producer

    A great product for a beginning producer.

    This MIDI-Interface is perfect if you want to start making music but only have an old Casio keyboard laying around, a problem with playing on the computer keyboard all the time, and some software to produce with.(This, in fact, is my EXACT situation)

    The interface is very small and compact, about the half the size of a small glass, so it is no space waster and has plenty of cable to hang around your equipment.

    The latency can be an issue at first if you just use the output on your computer. However, using something like ASIO4ALL can quickly fix that. The interface is plug&play, but it did come with drivers which I have not installed because I had ASIO installed already (as I said before).

    So, overall, It is better than just using your computer keyboard and is definitely worth the money paid for it. Also, if you get something like a synthesizer, you can use this to output midi as well to control the notes. Either way, You will not regret buying this at all. It is a terrific interface so it will be in my setup for a long time.

  • from Richmond, VA December 2, 2008Music Background:
    Recording/Mix Engineer and Music Composer

    Great Yet Affordable Midi Interface

    I purchased my interface to use for my experimentation/introduction to FL Studio. I'm not a point and click composer so I like to have use of my midi piano controller. I installed the software and it was as simple as plug and play. I don't use it anymore because FL Studio didn't work out for me.
    I have migrated to composing in Protools. In conclusion I'll say that if I did need it. I would use it and it would perform with excellence.

  • from columbus ohio October 25, 2008Music Background:

    The UNO

    This good product.The reason I gave it the 3.5 rating is because whenever I try to load samples onto my keyboard it doesnt recognize the midi connection.But other than that its a good midi interface for the price.And it's simple to use all you have to do load the drivers and plug & play.

  • from McKinney, TX USA September 15, 2008Music Background:
    Remix Artist, Film Composer, Programming Wizard

    Uno is Number One! A Great little Interface.

    I was concerned when I got my first USB interface, the MIDI Sport UNO, I was concerned that the 2-way nature of USB would limit my MIDI transmission capability. Boy, was I wrong. This little interface was always pumping information from my keyboard, to my software, back to my hardware synthesizer without a blip of latency. It was very easy to configure to my PC, and, of course is also powered by USB. If you need to connect a legacy or older keyboard to your computer, this little interface is one word...perfect.

  • from Cherryville, NC December 14, 2007Music Background:

    Excellent Cable

    This is a great device to buy incase you don't have midi ports in your sound card. I bought it because it was the cheaper to buy it than to buy a whole new sound card with the midi ports in it. I have had this device for two years now, and it still works fine, it works with Reason, FL, and pretty much everything that accepts midi signals. The only problem I have had is that sometimes the signals dies out, and I have to unplug the cable from the USB port and plug it back in, Then everything works fine again.

  • from Asherton Tx December 13, 2007Music Background:
    Engineer (live and recording) guitar player

    works buy it

    works great have not found a single problem with it. I have been useing the Uno for the past year and a half. I have been using it with Cubase SE and my Emu keybord controller and my D4. The only thing i did not like is that both ends were black and it was hard to read wich was out and wich was in. But now with the two colred ends now more problems. I gonna buy myself another for my labtop!

  • from Mississippi September 4, 2007Music Background:

    Doesn't work with Vista

    It worked great with XP, but as of today I can't get the Vista drivers to load. I would classify myself as an expert PC user. They just won't load.

  • from Hanford, CA April 24, 2007Music Background:

    Worked for me with my akai 4000s ewi

    I bought this way before i had my aki 4000s ewi. I wasn't sure it would work with uniquest software, but it did. My only mark down by 1/2 a star was because mine came with both midi plugs black without any indication as to which was in or out, so I had to follow the wire and mark one, no longer a concern as I see that they now come with different color plugs.

  • from May 4, 2006

    Mine works great with Yamaha controllers!

    I've used my Uno with a laptop and a new Yamaha P60, an old Yamaha DX9, and a Cooper switch box. I have no problems whatsoever. I've used it for about a year within the Cubase SX environment etc., and it works exactly as expected.

    I saw Sweetwater's notice about incompatibility and contacted M-audio's tech support staff, who informed me that *some* Unos used to have problems with Yamaha. Those that have such problems can be fixed. Obviously, that particular tech issue has been resolved.

  • from IPR institute of production and recording August 1, 2005

    didn't like

    The uno did not work for me at all. Installation gave me troubles(something with the drivers) and my software didn't see it as a MIDI input. I would not recommend this product, I would say spend a little more and get something of higher quality.

  • August 1, 2005

    Uno is Number One.

    Very excellent piece of gear for the musician or engineer that works on very linear projects. Easy to install. Easy to Use. No settings outside your DAW or Notation Software to deal with. Not the piece of gear for someone with multiple MIDI pieces obviously but simple and powerful

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