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Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Nylon Reviews

3.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Nylon?

Questions about the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Nylon?

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  • Mike Hooban
    from Arlington VA USA April 10, 2012Music Background:
    amateur player on and off over 50 years, mainly classical and acoustic

    Traveler Ultra Light Nylon

    Got this for a trip to Europe, so that I could practice and kick back while there. It's small enough to slide into the back pocket of my roll-around backpack, which also contains my laptop and electronic gear, with about a foot of the neck sticking out. Plenty of room for a Honeytone portable amp as well. No problem with carrying it on the plane, and it was easy to slide out and put it beside the back pack in the overhead compartment. Got a strap to help hold the guitar in place. Fingerboard and neck feel just right, and play pretty much like my Alvarez. The body is thinner and a different shape (obviously) than what you get with a regular guitar, and takes some getting used to, but overall it's very manageable. You need to get used to not being able to rest your right forearm on the body of the guitar, since there isn't one. The sound was fine, again somewhat different from a regular classical guitar, but still very nice, and with the amp you can adjust volume or go to headphones if desired. This was useful staying in a hotel in London and a short term apartment in Paris, both with fairly thin walls. Overall it was a great pleasure to have it along, well worth the minor adaptations you have to make to its size.

  • Ken Wishaw
    from Australia May 25, 2012Music Background:

    slippery little bugger

    I have started to play classical guitar in the true legs apart form. I am hoping this will let me continue to practice while away with the Army, because there is no way they will allow a full sized guitar.
    The quality of construction is superb, perhaps even overkill.It will certainly travel well.
    The sound through my Vox headphone amplifier is great but string noise is excessive.
    My reservations and points for improvement stem from the precise positioning required to play in true classical style. AS it is at present it cannot be done with this instrument; firstly because the knee rest is slippery, it needs some nonslip material on the bottom,and secondly without a right arm rest it is impossible to get the right hand stable for high speed finger plucking.
    If you are just a strummer the guitar is fine, if you are serious picker, perhaps this is not the instrument for you.
    I am truly mystified why there is no right upper arm rest supplied with this guitar. Most other traveler guitars come with one. If any guitar needs one it is this one yet it is not an option.
    I have tried to contact traveler about this but their web site doesn't allow contact.
    If anyone has a solution let me know!

Questions about the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Nylon?

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