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Schecter Ultra III - Vintage Red Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Schecter Ultra III - Vintage Red?

Questions about the Schecter Ultra III - Vintage Red?

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  • Gaston Leroux
    from Riv, CA March 16, 2014Music Background:
    Semi -pro guitarist

    The Mutant Spawn of a Fender Jaguar , Gibson Firebird and a Gretsch Astro-Jet!

    I have the older model in vintage white . I am currently lusting after the red one and praying that Schecter doesn't do a Burgundy Mist , Shell Pink or Sea Foam Green anytime soon or I will loose it !

    I have no actual complaints about this guitar besides it's weight---this is one serious hefty ,hunnka -hunka plank!
    The retro cool pawn shop looks will lure you in and once you start playing you cannot put it down! This axe has 3 slider switches that help you cut a pickup out , coil tap or stick in some nasally out -of-phase flavor to your tunes !
    The bigsby is ready and willing to throw down "Rock-a-billy style or get your Surfs Up!
    Super cool guitar!

  • Ratmonger
    from San Diego January 18, 2013Music Background:


    I can imagine guitar geeks sitting around deciding what kind of new guitars to make. The people who came up with this are beautifully crazy. This guitar was risky: retro body, Bigsby, 3 vintage-type pickups that can also do hard rock; high quality wood and electronics. I'll tell you one thing, it works. This guitar is a masterpiece.
    It was set up and ready to go out of the box. Smooth playing, great Jazz, Blues and Rock tones. Every detail appears to be perfect. I hated to put it down to go to bed. I have over 30 guitars, from vintage Les Pauls to Strats, and a few Jazz guitars. I also have a Schecter Hellraiser. I love that for hard Rock and Metal, but I was afraid this Ultra would be another guitar like that. It is not, but it does have Schecter quality. You may not like the way a Schecter plays or sounds (if you are wacko), but you CANNOT say a Schecter is not quality. I am very impressed by this guitar and I applaud Schecter. I have never given a guitar a "5" rating, but this guitar is a great value. Well done! Thank you.

  • Dan Whitman
    from Toledo, OH USA February 12, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, songwriter

    Favorite guitar to play

    I bought my Ultra III simply because it looks like a cool guitar and I was impressed by what it had to offer for the price. I was able to find a vintage white one for sale on the Internet and made a good buy on a used one. First of all, it is heavy but I find that it has good balance when I am playing it so I don't really notice how heavy it is. I have a Telecaster, a Gretsch hollowbody, an Epiphone es-135, and a Guild and The Schecter has become my favorite guitar to play at gigs. It can sound like my Telecaster or I can get an excellent rockabilly sound like my Gretsch. The three pickups really offer a wide range of sounds. The neck action is set very low and it plays smoothly with no string buzz. Great guitar for not a lot of money.

  • Cal
    from Seattle February 5, 2014Music Background:
    old rock dude


    Just got mine about a week ago. I was able to snag one of the "demo" models out of the Deal Zone for a great price. I could find no issues with it, it did look like it had been played but that was on the plastic wrap over the pick-guard. The guitar was set up perfectly, good strings etc. etc. The only string sightly flat was the G string, I tuned it to 432 Drop D and found it to be perfectly intonated, no fret buzz, no issues whatsoever. You can not go into the "Major" guitar chain store near my house and pick up any guitar regardless of price and expect to find it in tune or set up properly ever so to get one via Fed Ex and find it ready to play just always blows my mind. This was my 3rd Sweetwater guitar and all of them have been set up perfect. SO on to the actual guitar review. It looks amazing. The Bigsby works very well and the combination of roller bridge, graph nut and locking tuners results in no tuning issues. The neck is very fast, comfy and easy to bend. The pickups for the most part sound quite good. If you play a lot of hard rock like I do the bridge pickup is a bit thin but that's not a big deal. I am giving it 4.5 only because I don't care for the 3 way slider switches, 3 way mini toggle switches would have been much better. The sliders are stiff and a bit of a pain to navigate if you change tones often in the middle of a song. All in all though this is an amazing piece of gear and worth every penny. I have a dozen guitars some are very cheap and some are very, very expensive and this one can easily hold it's own with guitars costing 4 times as much.

  • Kevin
    from Illinois June 26, 2013Music Background:
    wide-ranging rank Amateur

    Incredible Value

    First reviewer has it right in every way; it's a tank - in the nicest way. Acquired mine from my son, quite a while after he flung it long distance across a stage during a band practice "conflict". He continued to play it hard and in shows, with a headstock crack going into the neck - played perfectly. I buy it off of him, take it to local luthier for evaluation. He takes all strings off, the headstock just falls off!! He glues it back on - very simple task, near invisible, and it plays like brand new again. No neck adjustment, nothing.

    Half a point off only because the bridge pickup has a hard time holding up its responsibilities - have to compensate pretty hard externally. Highly recommend this: substitute with the Seymour Duncan "Seymourized Mini-Humbucker SM-3b" (or some other hot bridge pickup), cut it's selection switch out of the circuit and give it independent control (steal-subst. the tone circuit/knob - the tone control's kinda weak on it anyway).

  • Peter Nelson
    from Columbia Tennessee, USA February 27, 2015Music Background:
    I studied Violin for 2 1/2 years with Nina Chemoliv a top graduate from the Julliard Scool of Music. I play many stringed instruments from all over the world.

    Beautiful looking, weak tone pot

    I returned mine within Sweetwaters 30 day period. I will enplane why below and why I rated it as 1 Strar which means (Just Not Right For Me). My Sweetwater Sales Engineer is Joseph Secu. I like Joe he is friendly and courteous and he will listen to what I have to say even when I just keep talking. He will go to bat for you if there is any kind of problem.
    The Schecter Ultra III in Vintage Red is a beautiful guitar. It was like holding Marolin Monroa while I played her. How's that for a rush? I had concerns however. The Bigsby on mine was not articulate and was verry stiff and I could pull it off. I have another guitar with a Bigsby that works much more smootly. While I could pull the handle off if I really pulled up on it, the diffeence was too much. The "Tone" Pot was very weak and try as I might I could maybe hear a difference in tone when I rotated it around it's entire circle of movement. Maybe on the end of the CCW rotation in about 1/4" of rotation there may have been a subtle change in the tone. I was never sure. So these two reasons where my complaints about this instrument.
    Too be fair The Schecter is a Metal Shredder as well as possible a Jazz instrument. I can play Metal but I consider it the "Dark Side of the Force" (from Star Wars). I am not into Metal for no other reason except I prefer fresh air and sunshine to midnight grunge parties. That's almost a shame because I can really play Heavy Metal like a demon from hell. It seems to be my forte. Too bad that I am scared of pulling souls out from the wood work as I play Heavy Metal. It's too creepy for me as I am 65 years old.
    One other thing. I had sold my Marshall JCM900 and matching JCM900 Lead 1960 A & B Full Stack loaded with Vintage Celestion 30's so I no longer have a rig for Heavy Metal. I forgot all this when I placed my purchase order. MY Bad! Hence I returned my Schecter Ultra IIl. You may love this guitar and have no problem replacing the Tone Pot. Remember it is a "Neck Thru the Body" instrument and the fret board is excellent. The 3 position slider switches look like a good idea in the pictures. I did not like using them, however it's almost impossible to accidentally change the switch position so you won't find yourself playing on the wrong P/U during a riff. Good luck and enjoy yours. -Peter

Questions about the Schecter Ultra III - Vintage Red?

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