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Fuzz/Octave Guitar Effects Pedal with Active Tone Control, Separate Octave and On/Off Footswitches, and Midrange Switch
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Fulltone Ultimate Octave image 1
Fulltone Ultimate Octave image 1

Sorry, the Fulltone Ultimate Octave is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Fulltone Ultimate Octave
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A Versatile Octave/Fuzz Stompbox from Fulltone!

The Fulltone Ultimate Octave pedal gives you fat distortion and fuzz tones, with an extra footswitch for piling on a screaming octave-up when you need it. The Ultimate Octave pedal features an active tone control and a "Fat/Bright" switch that lets you go from girthy mids to a scooped tone with bass-y and bright lows and highs. If you like that psychedelic solo tone that vintage octave fuzz pedals provide, you'll love the versatile, monsterous sounds you'll wring out of your rig with the Ultimate Octave pedal!

Fulltone Ultimate Octave Pedal at a Glance:
  • Long-lasting pots
  • Who uses Fulltone?

Long-lasting pots
Fulltone's custom-made brass-shaft pots are among the strongest and smoothest feeling pots available. These amazing pots are mounted to the interior PCB board via a proprietary "thru-PCB" method rather than having the pot be secured by the pot terminals, drastically reducing pot-related failure. This method keeps Fulltone pedals up and running for the duration of your playing days. Plus, this eliminates the need for a bunch of jumper wires, keeping your tone as pure as humanly possible.

Who uses Fulltone?
The list of Fulltone fans reads like a who's who of guitar heroes. Both Ron Wood and Keith Richards have Fulltone gear in their touring rigs, as does Nigel Tufnel from the legendary British metal band Spinal Tap, and Boston bad-boys Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton. Punk/rockabilly mainstay Reverend Horton Heat is a Fulltone convert. Other notable Fulltone users include Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, Jack Bruce of Cream, perennial alt rocker Lou Reed, and Tom Petty along with Heartbreaker Mike Campbell.

Fulltone Ultimate Octave Features:
  • Active tone control
  • Separate footswitches for octave and On/Off
  • "Fat/Bright" adjustable midrange switch
  • True bypass

Why buy Fulltone?
Fulltone was founded in 1991 by session guitarist, composer, performer, and electronic tinkerer Michael Fuller. His pedals were born out of love for music and tone, as well as the frustration at the inconsistencies and the often fragile nature of vintage pedals. Fulltone pedals are 100% handmade in Southern California using the finest components, including custom-made 22-gauge copper wire with no tin coating, Fulltone-designed 3PDT switches, and custom-made brass shaft pots, mounted using Fulltone's proprietary "thru-PCB" method. The end result: Fulltone pedals are built to last and sound amazing.

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