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Steinberg UR824 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Steinberg UR824?

Questions about the Steinberg UR824?

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  • Jonathan Appleton

    As a Cubase user, I was looking for an interface that could both handle a full band and provide deep integration with my DAW. The Steinberg UR824 provided both for me! It has pristine conversion and powerful DSP capabilities, making it the central hub for my studio. And with its lower-than-expected price range, it proved to be an amazing value as well!

  • Sahan Ulgen
    from istanbul December 10, 2015Music Background:
    audio engineer

    Very surprising preamp and performance

    I tested the preamps against apollo and symphony, it doesn't fall even one feet back and even better in some applications. I did another test to see how its converters hold up to lavry and again changed my mind to buy a lavry. The dsp eq and reverb were nothing special and didn't excite me, they both sound very useful but feels like typical plugins running through dsps however the compressor that comes with it is such a transparent and powerful tool that smokes all plugin compressors that I ever used. After all it is a miracle device with this price range! Very hard to beat!

  • Flint Sears
    from Alabama December 1, 2015Music Background:
    FOH and studio engineer, drummer

    Sweetwater customer service

    I have been using Sweetwater for a couple of years now. They are hands down the best online company I have ever dealt with. Justin Sunday is always on top of things and is quick to return phone calls or emails. I have a home studio and was looking to upgrade my interface. the UR824 is simply amazing, I can now do multiple monitor mixes as well as studio and control room busses. The pre amps are super quite and very clean. I also upgraded to Cubase and the two work seamlessly together. The customer service I receive is second to none. I will not shop anywhere else as long as there is Sweetwater.

  • Roy
    from Baltimore Maryland November 12, 2015


    I did a lot of research before purchasing this interface and looked for the best deal under a thousand dollars. A few studio owning friends recommended the ur824. I run and capi preamp into each channel of the ur824 and the sound quality is top notch. The converters are as good as anything I've heard in the sub 2000.00 range and the built in D preamps sound fantastic on their own. I have owned and sold a presonus fire studio, fire studio tube, a 2626 and an RME fire face and finally kept the ur824. There are a million choices nowadays when it comes to mid level interfaces but you can save yourself a lot of research time and experimenting money and just get this. Yes, it's that good!

  • Patrick Duff
    from Wexford PA May 7, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician. Music/TV Producer

    Spectacular Interface.

    I went from using the Apogee Quartet to using the UR824. I don't miss anything in the sound quality...the driver is more stable and the connectivity is outstanding. The reason I bought it was for the onboard effects. It's made a huge difference to the performers who love to hear the compression and reverb...very pleased

  • Scott Bump
    from Franklin, MA January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, hobbyist recording engineer

    Excellent Interface

    Selecting my new interface was surprisingly difficult. There are a lot out there and lots of features to consider. On its own merits, the Steinberg looked like an excellent choice for what I wanted. Since I am also a Cubase user, the possibility of solid system integration was the deciding factor.

    The interface is everything I could ask for. The preamps are excellent sounding, clean and quiet. The outputs are really good. I never expected to be commenting on them, but they really sparkle. It seems very ruggedly built. The DSP in each channel for cue mixing is fantastic. The morphing channel makes it a single knob to dial in great eq and compressor settings at the same time that are way more than good enough for a cue mix. Combined with the fantastic reverb and you have a perfect performance sound very quickly.

    If you are using the interface with most DAW software or as a stand-alone mixer, the included mixer software is extremely easy to use. If you are using Cubase, everything is completely integrated into the Cubase environment. Install the driver and turn on Cubase and there it is. The DSP settings and all features are available right from the input channels in the mixer. No additional software to use. The included VST morphing channel and reverb plug-ins bring all of the excellent record-time features into the mixdown environment.

  • Eric
    from Washington, DC December 13, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Producer & Musician

    Very Nice

    This is a wonderful interface, especially to be a USB interface. I've been using this everyday now and the Pre-Amps & Converters are really up to par! The Pre-D's are clean & crystal clear & the converters are astounding. I'm looking into the Apollo but i am completely satisfied with this unit becuase it has 2 adats that can be use for expansion with 2 more pre-amps, while the Apollo for now only allows you to use just one & this interface you can record actually 16 tracks at 96k which is amazing! If your looking for something nice especially in USB than I will truly look into this & believe me you will not be disappointed in making this wonderful choice..

  • Willie
    from Seattle November 4, 2016Music Background:
    Serious Amateur

    Upgrade from UR44

    I don't give five star ratings. That's for perfection, and nothing is perfect yet. Just so that's clear.

    This is close. The preamps are excellent, and the ability to supply phantom power to two inputs at a time allows the use of various kinds of mics during the same session. I like using a large condenser and a ribbon on female vocals to capture and flatter those vocals. This lets me do that. We typically record "live" meaning that we don't overdub. I went from the four input to eight input interface to allow a bit more control. Given a bit more budget, I would have another one so that there is more capacity for micing vocals two or three ways, upright bass direct and processed, more drum mics, etc. It is endless.

  • Hamid. A
    from Baltimore, MD December 26, 2013Music Background:
    EE & Audio Engineer


    Ive used several m-audio product as well as Apogee and I feel like this is the best bang for buck.

  • Troy
    from Coon Rapids, MN July 16, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Drummer

    Great Multichannel USB Interface

    I needed a multichannel USB interface priced under $1000 and was ready to pull the trigger on a MOTU Hybrid unit. The Sweetwater Rep. asked if I had looked into the UR824 as he thought it was a much better unit in the price range I was willing to work with. Being skeptical as initial online reviews for this unit were questionable as far as the drivers go, I took his advice and purchased the UR824. Before it arrived (which was extremely quick), I made sure to download and installed the latest drivers from Steinberg. When it arrived I just had to plug it in and my PC finished the driver install with no problems what so ever. Operation with the DSPmix app is fairly simple if you have an understanding of signal flow and how to route signals. The UR824 works and sound great so far. I have run some preliminary listening tests with my BLA modded 828 and it seems to hold it's own so far. Thanks!

  • Jason
    from Nashville April 3, 2016

    Not great

    I started using cubase recently. I thought, "hey, let's get the interface that plays nice with cubase!"


    Controlling the interface from withing cubase is very clunky. Routing cue mixes is a nightmare. And you can't choose to use the software mixer (well, not without "hacking" the driver install, but who wants to do that?)

    The preamps? Meh. I have a focusrite 18i8 and the conversion sounds better to me. The UR824 seemed really dark. Maybe that's "colour?" . just sounded muddy to me.

    The DSP? Don't bother.the Reverb just sounds distorted and there is just enough delay to add phasing to vocal monitoring. (I was really excited about this feature. Very disappointing)

    Oh, and you have to link the headphone outputs to a set of stereo outputs. Really?

    Sorry, just couldn't be bothered to keep this thing when my half-the-price 18i8 was outperforming it.

    I wonder if MOTU is any better? perhaps I should just stick with what is working.

  • Data-Bank-A
    from Lowell, MA February 19, 2016Music Background:
    35 years of recording

    Almost Useless

    When you pay a Premium Price for a product you expect Premium Performance.
    This unit does not deliver. Not even close.
    Like so much other hardware, it is brought down by Horrible Software.
    Besides being difficult to install and get running (thanks to the intrusive "e-license"),
    it just doesn't work. You're paying for 8 output channels, but the software doesn't recognize anything beyond the Main Stereo outputs.
    Then, when you're ready to pull your hair out, you try contacting "customer support."
    But that's a joke. There is no support. No phone number, just an email address that gets you a useless response like "Re-Install the software"
    This doggy's going back where it came from.

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