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Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer U-Phoria UMC22?

Questions about the Behringer U-Phoria UMC22?

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  • from March 21, 2017

    Buena calidad

    Lo compré despues de quemar por accidente mi Mackie interface:( Despues de comprarlo, estaba arrepentido en el inicio, primero, porque venía solo con el ASIO for ALL drivers (que es una tontería por parte de Behringer no dar soporte a sus productos), y segundo, porque me enteré, que funciona solo a 16 bits. Cada vez son más los productos de Behringer, que vienen con ASIO4ALL en lugar de drivers propios. Cabe destacar, que ASIO4ALL no funciona correctamente en algunos equipos así que no es solucion al problema.
    Sobre 16 bits. Por favor, es un estandar obsoleto de grabación desde hace 20 años. Debe ser prohibido con ley y penalizar con multa al quien lo este utilizando para grabación.
    No sirve tener 48 kHz de frecuencia de muestréo si lo combinas con 16 bits de dinamica. No coincide con ningun formato.
    Sin embargo, al escuchar el sonido de salida me quedé satisfecho y haciendo prueba de grabación - tambien.
    El driver no me hizo problemas, porque anteriormente he instalado la tarjeta UCA222 que utiliza el mismo motor de audio, asi que se me abrió la misma ventana de ASIO. Actualmente UCA222 viene con ASIO4ALL también, pero yo tenía los viejos drivers de Win7, que me sirvieron para UMC22 (esto sí, no se como se los arreglan la gente que tiene de Win8 adelante).
    En general, es un dispositivo muy simpatico, listo para llevar a cualquier lado en la mochila para unas grabaciones caseras o simplemente escuchar la musica con más calidad. Aunque el diseño es claramente copado de Roland, me gusta. Lo que tienen que hacer la gente de Behringer es dejar a lado los drivers genéricos y escribir propietarios para cada dispositivo y añadir la opción de 24bit de profundidad. No se vale la pena poner un preamp de Midas si lo vas a usar a solo 16 bits.
    Eso sí, con el tiempo considero comprarme el UMC204HD, que es una opción mucho más seria.

  • from norfolk Va March 2, 2017Music Background:
    27 years extreme metal (+rap and r&b production and engineering)

    Behringer interfaces are the best bang for the buck at any price point or feature range

    I own this, and the FCA 610 also from behringer... let's get to the meat. Both boxes have strong phantom power. The FCA 610 reads at 49.85v of phantom power, an all time first for me, as most interfaces skimp on the phantom power and only give somewhere between 12v and 27v, and yes, it does make a subtle difference in sound quality of your condenser mic. This little usb powered box doesn't have a separate power supply so I was expecting it to have low phantom power, but it pegged the meters at 45.8, which is impressive, as its only running on usb 5v power. The noise floor on both units is super low because of the midas preamps. REcording is a breeze, latency is low as can be, the knobs work well and are noise free... the leds work fine, the phantom power switch is easy to find even though its on the back, both jacks are up front, (the lexicon alpha is ten dollars more than this, doesn't have phantom power, and the mic jack is on the back of the unit). Now, I've had alot of recording interfaces, I've been computer recording since 1997. that's a long time. Behringer's new line of interfaces blow everyone away... a/d and d/a conversion is clean, the preamp is clean, latency is lower than most, (both units read 11ms in reaper) There is no longer a need to spend more than 300 dollars on an interface(the umc1820 has 8 analogue midas mic pres in, and ten analogue outputs). now the only "drawback" in this tiny unit is the sample rate only goes up to 48k, which, can be argued is not as good as 96 or 192, but 48k is what most studios use because most plugins work best at that rate, most daws have the least issue at that rate, most software and hard drives perform best at that rate, you can run more instances of effects at that rate, and its equal to "hd audio" blue ray style, and you still have to down sample it to make an mp3 or cd format so anything past 48 sounds better in the studio, but the end product isn't any better no matter how high your sample rate is when recording. So, that said, this box is absolutely perfect if all you need is one or two inputs. I could see this being a problem free interface. I've had my fca610 for over a year and its still just as awesome as it was the day I bought it.

  • from February 14, 2017Music Background:
    Audio Production

    Perfect for the price

    Purchased this to use with FL Studio and Ableton so that I could run studio monitors, as well as have easier access to the headphone jack rather than reaching around my tower everytime I needed to move them. Also purchased a condenser microphone to record vocals and to track live instruments and needed phantom power. This interface was the perfect price for a complete package of all these features. The audio quality through the microphone preamp is near perfect and the volume knob for the headphone out is much more convenient than adjusting it through Windows. The direct monitor is pretty neat when using a microphone, as it give me a decent idea of what the output will sound like once recorded in real time. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reasonably priced yet high quality interface!

  • from jonestown ms February 10, 2017Music Background:

    u -phoria umc22

    it,s a great peace of gear records my vocals really well.and it,s good for on the go recording takes up less speace then my old usb mixer.

  • from Universal City, TX May 18, 2016

    Great audio interface

    I patiently waited to receive this audio interface as it was on backorder for a while. I generally just use these USB audio interfaces as a output for my Mackie studio monitors. I had a $250 m-audio interface that died after a year and had to dump the unit. I then bought a Akai eie unit locally that I always had issues with. It never quite worked right or had good sound out of it, not to mention compatibility issues with my MAC. I've had Behringer equipment in the past with guitar effects units and amps which I was VERY impressed with. After buying it and recieving this unit, it just works. I'm very happy with the price, size and how I don't have to worry about a bunch of complex drivers or setup. I really trust anything made by Behringer, they have never let me down in function and quality. I think this may be the best bang for your buck interface there is. Will try the audio recording later on but I have no doubt it will be flawless.

  • from October 23, 2015

    Why You Should Buy This.

    The difference between this and the $1,000 interfaces? The price. Good stuff. Buy it. Made a whole CD off this thing. :)

    Download the driver for Bheringer and get it running!

  • from November 27, 2016

    Pretty solid interface

    This interface came through as a efficient backup for me when my go to interface had connection issues and was sent for repairs. It works good enough although the driver setup or lack thereof was a little wonky. There is also an issue when switching between soundcards where there's a bit of a pause with an audible clicking heard in the headphones that doesn't happen when any other interface I've used. Other than that, it's does what it's supposed to.

  • from January 6, 2017

    Excellent bang for the buck

    Very solidly built. Metal casing, solid knobs, firm plugs.

    Set up is kind of a hassle, with the ASIO4ALL drivers.

    Once set up, however, it works great. I've been using it with Reaper and I can easily get a usable signal out of my instruments with little to no noise, good monitoring, very low latency. I like it.

    Only bad thing is that the ASIO driver blocks the audio for windows (I use Win10) so if you're using the interface with Reaper or GTR3 or any other program, you can't get audio from, say, your browser (usually to figure out songs I start GTR3 or Pod Farm to plug in my bass or guitar, and then play the song on YouTube to play along. Can't do that anymore).

    Overall, for the price, great buy. Please don't buy the UM2, it's a noisy piece of crap, pony up the extra bucks for at least the UMC22, it's worth it. (I would know, I bought the UM2, sent it back, and got the UMC22 later. Night and day!)

  • from Lawrence, KS March 6, 2017

    Works great... Don't drop it!

    Great little unit for the price. Bought this for my teenage kid to get into home recording. He took right to it and it worked great for him to piece together compositions. Until he knocked it off the desk and it landed on the plugged-in USB port. The stress of the impact bent the port at the case and it came apart internally. Now it's dead and not worth repairing. This thing only weighs a few ounces so I was surprised the port couldn't handle that bit of stress. The UMC22 is very affordably priced so I guess I shouldn't expect too much. So while you should take care not to abuse any of your gear, be extra careful with this piece. I'd suggest keeping all cables unplugged when not in use so as to reduce unnecessary stress on the jacks... and the chance you will accidentally yank it off your desk!

  • from New York November 24, 2016Music Background:
    Recording enginer and bassist


    I purchased this as a small unit for my laptop so it is not my main unit.Really not a good unit they try to get away with asio for all driver which are garbage so many latency issues.

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