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Behringer UFX1204 Mixer and Audio Interface Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer UFX1204 Mixer and Audio Interface?

Questions about the Behringer UFX1204 Mixer and Audio Interface?

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  • Customer
    from St. Louis, MO October 24, 2015

    FANTASTIC, Solidly Featured Mixer

    I bought this mixer as an upgrade to the Mackie ProFX8 - I found the 2-track recording on the Mackie limiting at times. I debated whether to keep the Mackie and get a separate multitrack recording interface, but them I came across this mixer. I was more than impressed by it's true multitrack recording capability in both USB and FireWire formats, and for the recording input / price ratio, it just can't be beat. The mixer is loaded with features seldom found on mixers of this size, let alone price point (I'm a HUGE fan of the LED metering per channel - it's been super helpful to reference levels from and almost always is only found on larger format mixers). I also love all of the routing options, with the ability to bring back 4 tracks from my DAW either into the last 2 channels, or straight into the main mix. The sound quality is top notch, super clean and detailed both for recording and playback. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the mixer for me was the quality of the preamps - they ROCK! I couldn't believe how deliciously quiet they were and how clean they sound. These pre's will make any microphone or source sound fantastic. Overall the build quality is very good, I never feel that any part of the mixer is particularly fragile, and all the knobs have a good-feeling smooth resistance to them. I also like the separate indicators (red and yellow respectively) for Mute and Solo on each channel, one thing that's somewhat bothered me about Behringer mixers in the past. Though there is a lack of detailed documentation / manuals to explain the more obscure features of the mixer (like the quirky Alt 3-4 "subgroup"), the support people at Behringer are extremely helpful and will answer any questions about the features of the mixer. One thing I noticed, though not a bad thing per se, is that at least for my set up, the UFX1204 doesn't play nicely with the ASIO4ALL driver that I use for other interfaces I have. In my DAW, I need to exclusively use the proprietary Behringer UFX driver to get this board to work. So I can only use this board and no other interfaces, or my other interfaces and not this board. Not a big deal for me, but something to note. Also, Maybe it's just my particular setup / computer, but I could not get the FireWire connection to work on my PC. FW works great on my Mac, but not on my PC.
    Overall I think this mixer is an absolutely wonderful product and I couldn't be happier with it so far. Definitely worth every penny. If you're looking for a fully featured small format true multitrack recording mixer, this is the ticket.

  • Tom Kovach
    from Muncie, IN January 16, 2015Music Background:
    Video Producer

    Nice piece

    I've just started using this for my voice overs video traing and it works great. I've only used to the system connected to Soundbooth with no complaints. The sound quality is just what I need. I had a little issue getting the recorded sound to come back through the headphones. There is limited information in the manual; however I called Sweetwater support and bam a few buttons later I was ready to go.

  • Mike
    from Detroit April 10, 2015Music Background:
    Pianist; Worship Leader; 12+ years experience

    Great mixer for a GREAT price.

    I really like this mixer. Behringer has stepped up their game recently, and here, they made an awesome product. There's so much functionality at a low price-point, you just can't beat it!

    I had purchased a Mackie Pro-FX12 -- I returned it to try this one out. The mackie is also a great mixer, but I was looking for something that would be have multi-track simultaneous recording via USB. An added perk on this board is FireWire connectivity. I specifically like that one can send audio from an input (for instance, a laptop) via USB to the mixer and listen that way. I have the mixer hooked up to my studio monitors and it sounds great.

    I think the main difference between this board and Mackie would be build quality. I find the Behringer to be of good quality, but the Mackie just felt sturdier to me (just my opinion). Behringer looks great, sounds great, and does everything I need it to. If you're looking for something simple that operates as a mixer and allows multi-track recording, this is a great option. Don't hesitate to buy this!

  • Larry Cunningham
    from Plymouth, MI October 28, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, musician

    Very flexible mixer/interface

    Very quiet Pre's, I've recorded using Firewire, USB and an external hard drive with very good results. It will record up to 15 tracks individually with some configuration using AUX returns sent to track 13 and 15/16. Kind of tricky, but functional.
    One thing I don't like is the Pre/Post buttons on tracks switch just the EQ to Pre/Post. All FW/USB routing is pre-fader, pre-pan.
    Problem with that is, you can't balance (pan) L-R stereo channels when recording. So, if left channel is overloading and the right channel is a low signal, sweeping Pan control has no affect on levels to L or R side of stereo input. Having the Pre/Post switch is nice, but it would have been nice to place the 'Post' setting to be post fader/EQ/pan so you can control the L-R balance on stereo channels.
    Otherwise, it's pretty darn cool little mixer. We did a 15 channel recording at church, taking direct outs off Soundcraft console, and recorded to Logic Pro. Worked great accept for stereo inputs being out of balance level-wise. Made some adjustments on source console, but it would have been nice to be able to adjust directly on this console.
    Unfortunately, the user guides are very basic and semi-informative.

  • Dee Cronk
    from Baton Rouge, La November 7, 2013Music Background:
    Audiovisual setup, editing for work. Hobbyist at home.

    Audio Visual Tech

    the center lines on the slides could be better defined, and the instruction should eb writen better, Otherwise good!

  • Chris Mammenga
    from Virginia, MN October 16, 2014Music Background:
    Home recording engineer, live sound engineer, musician, songwriter.

    Good Mixer for recording but not so much for live or beginners

    I've had this mixer for about a year now and the convenience of not having to use a computer to track record is awesome. It's helped so much to just be able to plug in the hard drive and then download each track later without worrying about how the mix is affected by what's happening live in the mains or monitors. That said, the instructions that come with it are negligible at best and you can't find anything other than reviews online for it. I still haven't figured out how the alt 3-4 channels work and only recently figured out how to get the headphone jacks to work. It's got a built in talk-back which is cool, no extra cables or amps required you just select where you want the talkback to go and go for it. Also, this is really only an eight channel mixer when it comes to playing live. You can run stereo on the last four channels but only a single instrument, so if you have more than a four piece or need to mic drums you'll need another board and if you use a snake you'll have to adapt all but four of your connections to TRS connectors. It does a full 16 separate tracks for recording though and that rocks. It even does a separate track of your live and monitor mix so if you just want the raw mix it's there. I'm probably going to try the 1604 which has a full eight XLR inputs and three aux sends. All in all its a great little board I just wish they would have given me more instructions explaining how to utilize all the functions. I'll have to call Sweetwater's awesome techs.

  • Greg
    from Pennsylvania July 11, 2016Music Background:
    Artist manager, home studio

    Bit the dust after just two years . . . .

    Bought the UFX1204 as an interface/ mixer for a home studio keyboard/guitar rig and it looks and sounds great. There are a lot of features built into this board assuming you can figure them out, the manual is just a quick start and the company hasn't released one to my knowledge, shame because there are some routing issues that leave you scratching your head. You have to wonder who releases a piece of complicated audio equipment without a manual? Anyway, for home recording an analog mixer/digital interface is a great option. I never got the unit to record to a hard drive or flash drive and there is little documentation to figure out why but it was a decent interface for a DAW. The build quality is questionable since my board came with an upside down SOLO button and two years out the unit 'bit the dust'. Effects meter pegged and most of the LEDs are dimmed, audio distorted and unusable. The unit was not on the road and remained in the same place since taking it out of the box from Sweetwater although it was used daily. That being said if you get one working it sounds really good and for the price at the time of my purchase there was little competition, I now see there are a number of new options at this price point and based on my experience I would look at them seriously.

Questions about the Behringer UFX1204 Mixer and Audio Interface?

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