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Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD Core PCIe DSP Accelerator Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD Core PCIe DSP Accelerator?

Questions about the Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD Core PCIe DSP Accelerator?

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  • from January 21, 2017

    All you need

    The best there is

  • from Las Vegas June 1, 2016Music Background:
    Musician singer producer

    UA quad...

    I use UA plug ins and hard were gear for a very long time.. I'm super happy about this PCI card.. Thanks guys for your amazing work ...

  • from July 8, 2015

    UAD-2 Quad PCIe Card - Fantastic...!!!

    Very happy with this purchase. I now have the ability to track and monitor live performances with very professional sounding plugins.

    I'm now able to insert plugins that create warm analog sound when I record and monitor live performances. I've used many plugins over the years and the UAD system is on another level IMO.

    Due to the low latency with my new setup I can load more plugins while recording / monitoring live performances.

    The Quad version allows me to insert a LOT of plugins without any CPU load which helps me get the vibe I'm looking for when tracking / monitoring so I don't have to start from scratch during mix down which makes me feel more like a Producer when recording.

    Due to the positive experience with the UAD-2 Quad I purchased the Apollo Twin to supplement the work flow.

    Since I've purchased equipment before from Sweetwater / Dave_Walent, I called Dave directly when placing my order and Dave made the purchase go very smoothly.

  • from The Great State of Texas March 22, 2013Music Background:
    Engineer, Studio Owner

    Fantastic Emulations that rival the real thing!

    Just installed our 3rd UAD 2 QUAD card. 4 or more UA plug-ins on every channel is nothing for us now even with high track counts! There is no way anyone but the biggest studio owners could afford to have this much hardware outside the world of plug-ins. The realism of the sound has been proven to be indistinguishable from the hardware being emulated. Even if you get the lowest horsepower card and render your tracks, you'll be impressed with the sound you can get with the Universal Audio plug-ins. Recommend the hardware (UA mic preamps, etc.) for tracking, and the plug-ins for mixing. Oh, and a great mic like the Sure KSM313. Your work will sound better.

  • from Doylestown, PA March 9, 2013Music Background:


    There is no other choice if you want to mix in the box and be competitive with people using tens of thousands of dollars in hardware.

    Being limited to UAD's DSP is a drag, it's basically the biggest, most expensive dongle in the world, but they've never been cracked and they make the best plug-in hands down. They have the only licensed classic Neve emulations, SSL emulations that put Waves to shame and now API too (among a bunch of others). It goes on and on. From the EMT140 Plate to the Lex 224 to the Studer A800 and Ampex....they simply are the best in a class by themselves. So you pony up for the stupid hardware which is still a fraction of the real EQs, Comps and FX.

  • from Orillia, ON Canada October 31, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Home Recordist. Little Guy.

    Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!

    Anything I have ever used from Universal Audio and indeed anytime I have ever communicated with them, I have been very impressed. The UAD-2 Quad is no exception. The card was very easy to install in the ePCI slot in my computer and worked immediately, communicated with UA and I was up and running in a just a few minutes. To work with a company that commands respect from the pros..and yet works so well with the "little guy", is a treat. Keep it up!

  • from TX - Texas May 19, 2017

    Works great

    Easy install, plug ins sound good

  • from Miami September 23, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Producer

    A huge step in the right direction

    For years, the UAD-1 community has been asking why UA wasn't using more powerful DSP chips. Well, UAD-2 is here and it's more powerful for sure. I purchased the UAD-2 Quad, and the difference is quite impressive. I am replacing my 4 UAD-1's for 1 Quad and I have power to spare! Not all plug-ins are available for the UAD-2 at the time of the initial release, so I needed to keep one of my UAD-1's and the integration of both units in the same system is transparent. The new, more powerful UA-2 comes in different flavors: single, dual and quad... My humble advise: buy the most powerful you can afford...UA is planning new plug-n releases and you don't want to run out of power!

  • from Nashville October 4, 2015Music Background:
    Studio owner, producer, remix engineer

    Only works with Windows 7

    Only officially supports Windows 7. Ran okay for me, though, on 8.1 and even on an 8.1 machine that upgraded itself to Windows 10. However, drivers WILL NOT INSTALLl on a machine that is running Windows 10. Pro Tools 12 (including the betas and even alphas) runs fine on Windows 10, as does the S6 host software, and the drivers for Digigrid DLS. And every other device driver and software known to man. As always, Sweetwater did everything possible to help, but the UA folks have nothing to offer but revert the whole studio to Windows 7 so I can run their plugs. No timetable for supporting current OS versions, and wouldn't accept offer to help beta test new drivers (I don't think they have anything to test). Very disappointing, as I have many of their plugins and they DO sound good. Just can't use them in 2015. Again, Sweetwater did everything possible to help - not their fault.

Questions about the Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD Core PCIe DSP Accelerator?

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